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Sep 2011
Jan '18
20 Hours Ago
As the year comes to the end..I would like to share with the community, my favorite dancers in the A... Shout out to papi chulo and all of the regular contributors to this site...Have a great New Year.

1. Blondee - Vlive, Dreams/Diamond club,
There is no way I could start a top anything Atlanta stripper list off without Blondee. I first saw her at Dreams Atlanta, now Diamond club, about 2 years ago. I was there to find another girl on my list (see Kash below). I stumbled across this well known gem. Hr caramel complexion, tight body and super round ass makes her one fine specimen. The blonde hair is her trademark. Despite her being one of the baddest strippers in Atlanta, her dances are very low mileage. However, that doesn't stop her from making money (well she don't get mine). People dance her for hours making it DAMN near impossible to get some dances with her. But like I said, her low mileage air dances are thoroughly enjoyed from across the room and much cheaper.

2. "Mya" - Follies
Mya will always be my OVERALL no.1 stripper in Atlanta even if she totally stops dancing. Currently, I'm not sure of her current dancing status (i.e last word, she dances once per week) but if you ever catch her dancing during Follies day/midshift, she is so worth it. Upon initial glance, you would look at Mya and say she is cute, what's the big deal? While I typically go for dark skin chicks with huge , bubble fake asses, Mya has none of that. She's a light skin (possibly biracial), very petite girl. But what makes her no.1 in my eyes is her overall SEX APPEAL. She sells that shit. She makes you feel like you're the sexiest man in the world and like she wants to fuck the shit out of you. Now keep in mind, you just witness her seduce another dude the same way she is doing you, but she is so convincing you're buying her sale. The way she dances , moves, grinds on you makes her my no. 1 overall dancer in Atlanta.

3. Dani - Follies
Dani IS the baddest white girl stripper I ever seen in MY Life. This Michigan thick ass snowbunny is so fucking fine. Fat ass (fake) with huge tits (fake) with the juiciest poutiest lips (also fake) makes her the baddest white girl stripper I ever seen. Now I keep saying stripper, but she is really a good looking white girl period. I say stripper because I typically don't dance white girls due to their lack of dancing abilities and sex appeal. Dani ain't cheap. When I first met her, she tried to tell me dances on the follies couches (where the pool table use to be) were $20 dances per song. Well, if she wasn't so fine i would have been outraged. I told her she was full of BS, but she was so fine, I didn't mind paying a dub a song. Definitely worth a trip to Follies to see her. But check her IG as she is in other cities too.

4. Carmel (PinUps)
I've known this girl since 2005.. Fit, slim with a fat ass and nice tits. Carmel is by far the finest stripper at PinUps. Caramel complexion. That butterfly on her ass just mesmerizes you. especially when she makes it clap, it's like her ass is flying. One of the most gorgeous faces you'll ever see on a stripper and one of the best personalities

5.Kash (Onyx)
I love them dark. and Kash is fine, slim with a ridiculously fat ass. This country girl dances at Onyx with a lot of other fine chicks. But she wins with me as she ain't as stuck up as the rest of them and her dances are moderate mileage compared to the "AIR DANCES" you'll get with the rest of them.
6. Slim (Babes)
here is another fine dark skin black chick with a ridiculous fat ass and recently augmented tits. The difference here is that she's in a place where there is no REAL competition here. She's by far the baddest chick at Babes. The rest are just "pedestrian". She has a twin that has a fat ass, but Slim's ass is just so damn round and her fake tits are nice too. Great Dancer too.
7. Pocahontas (Follies)
Night shift beauty. I've known this Follies Night Shift beauty for a long time. I remember when her and Fetty Wap's Ex Alexis Sky would be the best of buds running around Follies. They would even dance together. Now while Alexis Sky is in the limelight, you can still get a dance from one of the prettiest dancers in ALL of Atlanta. Natural real tits, nice ass..just pretty as shit with caramel complexion. Mileage with her has declined over time, so tread lightly. She is still worth a few dances...
8. Bella (Follies)
Day, Mid and Night shift. Bella has worked them all. She has always been a damn good looking, but when she got her tits done, she went to ELITE status. Super Round ass, about 5'8 or 5'9" in heels. medium -Dark skin, long hair..damn she is of my faves.
9. Honey- Wax/Blue Flame
This light, high yellow beauty is too fine to be at Club Wax. However, she'll sometimes make an appearance here and there as Blue Flame is her main stomping ground. Helpful tip. Her dances have a lot more mileage for a lot less green at Wax than at "Make it Rain" Blue Flame. She is so pretty. She doesn't even look like a stripper. She just looks like a regular bad ass chick you would see at a regular Atlanta club. Girl next door face with a perfect BBL ass. Not too big, not too fake looking. She's defintiel one to make a trip to Wax or the Flame for.
10. "Amanda" -Cheetah
I don't typically like "snowbunies" (I know, I can't really count Michigan born fat booty Dani), but "Amanda" from the Cheetah is one of the finest, "REAL WHITE" girl . Long Brunette hair and the greatest boob job I ever seen. She is fine as fuck. This Alabama girl is my favorite snowbunny in the Cheetah. ROLL TIDE!! (READ BELOW)

Honorable Mentions or I wish they would strip one more time/No LONGER STRIP or I haven't seen them in a WHILE

Daisy - Shooter's Alley(Closed) light skin, fat ass, huge tits
Mary Jane - Babes -light skin, petite, could dance her ass off
Treasure - Shooters Alley(closed)/Platinum -Best real ass I ever seen. EVER!!
Persuasion - Follies - Everything bigger in Texas,,super fat ass
Lizzy -Follies WHITE girl that could dance her ass off with the HIGHEST MILEAGE DANCES ever.
Mar 2012
Jan '18
Although - this is a discussion topic, I am writing as an article. The topic is important and relevant to us TUSCLers - and Articles have a bit more staying power (discussion threads get lost in the discussion-sea within a day).

ROB is Rip Off Bitch
Flaky Dancer is one who is unable to honor commitments.

Both have undesired results for us. We do not get what we want. In anger we call the bunch either a ROB or Flaky or both. And generally walk away with unfulfilled desires.

In my opinion a ROB is a dancer that does not deliver on her promises "deliberately" (pre meditated).
A flaky dancer is one who had the intent to fulfill the promise when she made - but her life and/or mind is so messed up that when the time comes - she is unable to fulfill the promise - ever so remorsefully.

Obviously we like neither and should move on.
But what if I am fixated and lusting for a dancer and I was let down. If somehow I determine she is a ROB - I should move on because this dancer will always repeat her behavior.
On the other hand, if the dancers behavior is flaky - and I still want her - read on and the offer your opinions.

There a favorite dancer of mine. Her entire body is pulsating with sex. juicy lips, mesmerizing eyes, curvy body, nice ass .... soft spoken. We had OTC sex a couple of times. I need not say how freaky and fun sex is with athletic dancers.
Then I started getting stood up for subsequent OTC setups. Different excuses. I knew it was not a ROB who seek money upfront for their time. I was angry at first - but swallowed it and told myself - she is worth it. I would still get dances from her ITC, buy her drinks and occasionally give her tips (i.e., birthday, housewarming). I learned that when she gets drunk - she becomes frisky and imagines a merry world. Promises flow. At home - reality strikes her. And the club world takes a back seat.

Dancer would work 2 - 10 PM. I told her to leave the club at 8 PM on certain days and we can hang out together for a couple of hours and she'd still be back home the usual time. I'd compensate her well for the time and she could clearly see a benefit. No fine to leave early in this club.

This arrangement is working out great!
ok - it has been only two times. But for someone who has been stood up 3 times for every successful rendezvous with this beauty - that two in a row has got me excited.
If she was a ROB - she would have found another excuse, or would have stolen my money. I took out the circumstances that would result in flakiness and we both have the desired result.

By the way - I have walked away from tons of dancers who I initially liked but did not feel a reciprocating response. I am not a hopeless romantic (although I am a PL). But once in a while one does come across a cheerful, beautiful, party girl that's fun to be around and have crazy sex with. And I don't give up on those pursuits unless something tells me the girl is evil.

Please add your tips on what has worked for you and what has not in pursuit of the girl you want.
How you figured you were dealing with a ROB?
What are the ways of successfully dealing with flaky behavior?
May 2017
Jan '18
15 Hours Ago
I decided to write this article because I just recently had surgery on Tuesday of this week before Christmas and I feel like I'm on House Arrest not being able to go to my Favorite Club and see my Favorite Girl. It's not been an easy couple of days because I am finding myself pushing my rehab more than I should just so I can get back to see her. It's been a pretty GREAT week with her though I haven't been able to spend much time with her.

On Monday Night she sent me a very cool Get Well Gift that I was totally not expecting and then Tuesday she and I did some Online Shopping together right after my surgery just because she knew how important it was to me to get something for Christmas for her. So this article is about how important it is to me to always keep that open line of good communication open with those you may be more special than others Dancer or otherwise. To be honest I don't really think of her as a Dancer I just think of her a Very Special Friend who Dances for her job.

I know in the past some of you have expressed how you enjoy going to clubs for one or maybe 2 girls for all your attention but do you find yourself having such communication where if you had to be laid up you could count on them to be there for you to not only help lift your spirits but make you fight your way back sooner? You may remember in my very first article me talking about friends outside of the club. This is the type of friendship I am talking about. Friends you know will be there in the time of need. Friends who will go above and beyond to cheer you up with a gift and spending time with you after major surgery because they know you can't get in to see them? Friends who make you push yourself to do anything possible to get back and healthy.

I may not have been blessed with Tom Cruise looks but I've always said what I lack in looks I gained in my heart because I am always there for everyone. A lot of that comes from my Depression as I always try to make others happy and do things for them to make myself feel better but in some cases like this it works both ways and I will always appreciate what my favorite girl and Club have done for me as I recover from my surgery and wait for more in a couple of months.

I know some of you will may not agree with this but we all need someone and I am lucky enough to have someone very special with a BIG HEART.

Tip Your Waitress and Be Kind to Each Other.
Dec 2008
Jan '18
January 13, 2018
9 Hours Ago
Been to Tijuana multiple times, but since I am not a wham-bam type of guy, I looked, but did not take up any street girls…until December 30.

Picked out a cute girl that stood near the entrance to Hong Kong. I had seen her several times before and by the time I got up the nerve to give her a try, it was cold, dark, and she had been standing her post for several hours. I thought she would appreciate being chosen from the 40-or-so others in the alley.

I approached and she was very direct. “Sex for $20.” I had not even asked her name. The first flag should have been her telling me her price in dollars. Almost everything I have read said the street girls negotiate in pesos. Indeed, there have been stories where the street girl accepted a lower fee in pesos, because they could not make the conversion to dollars.

I asked her name. Matia I think she said. I asked, “sin ropa (no clothes)?” She said, “five dollars.” Blow job? She said, “five dollars.” So to get her nude, a blow job, and sex we are now at $30. Easily within my price range and slightly high from what I had read elsewhere. “Twenty minutes,” she said several times. I kept telling myself, “it is just an experiment.” So we check in at the hotel desk where I had a room and up we go. I asked if I could take her picture. She said, “no. Pictures are bad.”

She asks for the money up front. I said I would pay after, and she got rather insistent about being paid up front. Again, information from others said I should never pay up front. However, it looked like the deal would fall through if I failed to do so, and that she was willing to let our transaction go if I failed to provide payment. I relented; she won that round.

She strips down and comments about being cold. She has a cute little body. B-cup boobs and no tattoos. A quick inspection and she pulls out a condom. I offer her one of my condoms, since I told her at the front desk that I had them available. She chose to cover me with her condom.

Played with her boobs while she started me up with the blow job. When I raised the flag, she applied a liberal amount of lube and climbed on cow girl. She was pretty good at making me feel it with some great hip action. I continued to play with her boobs, until about 15 minutes I popped. She climbed off and got the roll of tissues from the bathroom, offering me a handful to use to remove the condom.

She wadded up some tissue and wiped herself. Wadded up some more, and wiped again. Despite having a shower and sink available, she chose to practically fill the trash with tissue. I lost count of the number of times she wiped herself. She then dressed and left.

So I made multiple classic mistakes. I probably should have walked away at the very beginning, but I was anxious to complete the experiment.

Bar girls cost a little more (between $40 and $100, depending on the bar, the girl, and the state of business at the time). However, the typical window is 30 minutes, some time is spent in the bar carefully choosing the girl, some time is invested in getting to know her at least a little, and clear negotiations can be accomplished with the help of Google Translate or an English-speaking waiter. And most bar girls at least make some effort to live the fantasy that she is doing this because she likes you…for 30 minutes. Sometimes more.

What say you Puta Busters?
May 2017
Jan '18
December 29, 2017
If you been able to read my articles in the past then you know I bring a different style of writing and I also go to the clubs for a various set of reasons one being I suffer from depression and I find it a safe place as well as a place for me to escape and get my mind off real life much like we all do. We all need an escape, some find going to a local fishing hole an escape or a Golf Course while others may enjoy a casino. I enjoy going to a club.

I've never enjoyed the outdoor life of hunting, fishing, camping etc. That was my dad and I am definitely not him. My dad also enjoyed following a golf ball around. I enjoyed not doing that. My BEST experience was also one of my worst on the Golf course when as kid my dad allowed me to sit in the drivers seat of the cart. Little did I know the seat also acted as the gas if you didn't keep your foot on the break the entire time and I put the cart in the water. I never went to a golf course again.

As you know from previous articles I started attending clubs at age 21 and I am now in my late 40's. I enjoy the interaction with the dancers and the staff once I get to know them much like I have at my Home Club now. I don't come on this sight to bad mouth people, places or talk about a bad experience I may or may not have had one night at a club. I always try to find the positive in everything. I suffer from depression remember? I try to make others happy to make myself feel better so when I get attacked by others it kind of hurts. I have to be strong and take the advice of Motley Crue and Shout At The Devil so when I get down I write.

Today my home club, myself, and my favorite girl were verbally attacked. It hurts because I care. I care about people and I will defend them until I die if they reach a level that I have in my heart. You can't see it you just feel it. Think of it as someone attacking your child, your family. These people are my family. I work in Social Media so I have to deal with a lot of crap from people and in my 5+ Years I have had to learn to not feed the trolls. I was told that I was a PL which I've seen this term before so I had to look up. If I am a PL and you yourself are attending the club doesn't that also make you one? None of us should be this term because we are all there for a reason. Perhaps a Great Escape.

I love being able to see a beautiful woman perform the art of dance. I love hearing their stories whether they are real or not. Once you get to know that person you always find out the real story. So if I am a PL so be it but I will never call myself that nor would I anyone because we are all there for a good time and for a GREAT Escape.

We are nearing New Years Please remember to use Uber, Taxis, Designated Drivers, Bus whatever you have to just don't Drink and Drive. The Entertainers want to see you again and so does your family and the other families that have loved ones on the road. Tip Your Waitress. Be Kind to each other and have a Very Happy New Year.
Anywhere there are Titties.
Jul 2016
Jan '18
December 29, 2017
Been reading TUSCL for quite some time. I love the information I receive here. I basically know which clubs to go into and which ones to avoid. But what makes a really good Review? When we read the Reviews, what details about a place are we all looking for. Here is what I want to see.

1. Am I going to have a good time at this club? There are number of factors that go into this. Are the girls friendly? Is the staff welcoming? Is the music too loud? Is it too dark? Too much light, are the chairs comfortable. Would I hang out at this place even if there were no naked women.

2. Are the women attractive? Now we all have different opinions on what is attractive. So I would like someone to describe what the average girl there looks like. We are all looking for different things. Blonde spinner, thick AA, Latino with bolt-ons, girl next door, Victoria Secret model, etc.

3. How much do things cost? How much money do I need to bring to have a good time? If you are used to $10 lap dances, then you are going to get sticker shock at the Spearmint Rhino in Vegas. Parking, cover charge, drinks, VIP, dances, extras. I want to see details of what people are paying. I don't want to go into a club and pay a girl $300 for something that others are getting for $125. And I would think the locals don't want me to pay the extra amount or the girls might think they can raise their prices.

4. Am I going to get my rocks off? Every club has different rules. What is allowed and what is not. Is there a VIP and is there any "action" in that VIP. I don't want to pay the extra amount when I'm going to get the same dance that I would get in the main area. We say mileage, but what exactly are you talking about when you say you are getting mileage. I admit I’m an "Extras" guy. Doesn't have to be for me to have a good time though. But I do want to know if that is on the menu.

5. This might sound a bit peculiar, but I have a reason for it. How do I dress? I worked in large banks for years and wore a suit & tie every day. Now I dress as comfortable as possible. But how you dress in a club can determine how the dancers perceive you. In Diamond Dolls in Pompano Beach, I have the loosest shorts I can find. But many clubs won't allow you to wear shorts. And in many high end clubs, the girls won't approach you unless you look successful. Go to Eleven in Miami. The place has the feel more of a pick-up bar than a strip club. You want to look like you are at a singles bar.

These are the things I try to learn when I'm reading reviews here. I am sure that others have some more items they would like to add.
Jan 2016
Jan '18
December 29, 2017
January 6, 2018
I know that Hi5 wrote a similar article fairly recently, but i thought i would share my own experience and observations with clubbing with virgin and near virgin kids. There's a kid i work with that turned 21 not that long ago, actually maybe over a year, but only very recently tried a strip club for the first time. He's already married with a young kid, so it's a bit harder for him to steal away from the wife and hide the funds. Anyway, he knows i like to go and wanted to go again but with me this time along with a few of his other younger friends (a little bit older than him though) that have never been to a strip club before, to his club of choice. Which was a busy, well run, non extras high end club but with decent mileage and value IMO, at least sometimes anyway.

So we go to the club on a late weekend night just a few hours before closing (we got a late start as it took a while to herd all the cats). We actually took separate cars, which worked out as i did not want to be stuck with them should i want to leave earlier as it did happen that way. The club offers free cover with a text that i already knew about but all of the kids also knew about it without any input from me, so i was little impressed by their "resourcefulness". The coworker did get hustled/ROBed a bit on his first visit. The club offers dances for $20/$30 for topless/nude, and the ROB (a not too attractive girl and the first girl that approached him) started in the middle/end of a song and went right to a nude dance without asking and charged him $30. He learned from that mistake quickly and i'm sure he made sure to tell his friends not to do the same on this visit.

I think with this new culture of immediate and easy porn and smart phone sexting and snapchat and IG, just being in a topless (for the stage) club was hardly exciting to them. Or it seemed that way; i don't know what they were really thinking. But i've seen them ogle clothed civilian women like horndogs in real life (like hit their buddy to look at a girl bending over or something) and remembered thinking how sad that seemed and that they could see much more and better at a strip club. But they certainly weren't all wide eyed and bushy tailed like i might have been on my first or second sojourn into strip clubs nearly two decades ago. They were quite chill for the most part. To be fair, i think i was a little underwhelmed myself the very first time i went; i was expecting a more life changing experience for some reason with seeing (and back then it was just seeing as that was my only real expectation) true hotties completely naked in the flesh for the first time. I was already too desensitized to naked women even then, although i guess it did change in the long term as i'm now a hardcore PL.

Contrary to what many on TUSCL may think, my experience with going to strip clubs with young (even younger than your average millennial) has not lead me to believe they are all foolish chumps bound to lose all their money easily. Yes, they can get ROBed pretty easily initially and scammed/hustled as well, but generally they're pretty tight with their money (children of the Great Recession) and try to get the most out of it so i can see why many dancers (and waitresses) are wary and generally not interested in this group. They have a quick learning curve and they exchange notes very freely and quickly. They also rarely come alone so group think tends to be more common.

The young fellows are quite aggressive. Even trying to cop feels on the waitress which is generally frowned upon at this club and can even get a bouncer right in their faces if not even kicked out. The waitresses there tend to be high hustle and tend not to put up with a lot of that behavior. The "leader" of the group (the previously "devirginized" kid) paid for the first round of drinks but didn't tip a single dollar, smh. I know the beers are overpriced, but that's a quick way to get bad service for the rest of the visit. I did talk to the kid a bit telling him of his rookie mistake and gave the waitress a few dollars shortly afterward, but not before his friend tried to tip her between her tits which she didn't like at all despite flirting with him earlier.

The kids were actually quite restrained in spending money on dances, although for whatever reason (looking like babies might have played a part), girls weren't that aggressive about asking for dances. However, the guys were quick to holler at any hottie that walked by to get their attention. I guess the holidays are a very slow time, but even for this club, there were not a lot of girls for a Friday late night, probably less than 40 compared to as many as over 100, so between the 3 stages that were all being used and girls getting dances in the back, there were not a whole lot and even fewer quality dancers on the floor. Apparently there was a holiday party including open bar the previous night so a lot of the girls may have been MIA the next night because of that. But the guys still had vulture vision (not that different from stripper vision) and were constantly on the lookout for the girl they wanted to take back. Every hour, the club would announce two-for-one dances and bring the girls out, at least the ones that were available (all 15 of them or so compared to the usual 50+ that do the stripper walk on and off the main stage during weekends). The guys would try to wait until this time to get a dance with a girl, although this strategy isn't very effective if you're set on a particular girl.

Mind you, these are not regular PLs by any stretch. They try to hook up with girls and "side bitches" all the time IRL and bring that "game" to the club expecting "that" to work. To be fair, their real world game is half-way decent or effective and they became all the more confident ITC because the girls are more beholden to the dollar and will put up with much more than IRL, and the kids knew it. It was still however, amusing to watch, as they overestimated the "value" of their relatively few dollars.

For instance the "leader" would sit at the stage and hold his "huge" stack of 20 singles out for the dancer to see and then "sprinkle" all of three dollars onto his girl of choice. I'm sure that left a big impression. One of his friends would wait by the stage entrance steps for one of the very few bad bitches (9+ girl) after her set and asked her to dance with him or come to him later. He wasn't familiar with how that club worked and the girls have to go to another stage directly after the main stage, one of them being a VIP stage which isn't accessible to just any PLebe in the club, so she couldn't oblige him, not that she necessarily would otherwise as he didn't give any indication that he would be worth her time. The leader and his aforementioned friend both separately tried to get with the one other bad bitch (IMO) working that night but they failed to hustle her into a dance as she had a bit or quite a bit of GPS. Only did $30 dances and only allowed full boob touching after multiple dances (but no nipple sucking or mouth action) and preferred to sell overpriced rooms. I was actually familiar with that particular dancer. While she's not a true ROB, her actual dance is only about average for that club. They wisely both didn't bite.

I found that i actually took on more of their tight spending behavior (although i generally don't waste money anymore), and probably spent a decent deal less than i might have if i went alone. This is mostly a sampling club for me as i have very few favorites/regulars there and not a single one was working that night. So i only danced with a couple girls for minimal damage and spent maybe a quarter or a fifth of my average budget compared to a third or half or more which is usual at this club.

The leader actually did find a decent looking girl (but not to my interest, especially when i compared her to my ATF which i tend to do at clubs now) that was GGG in terms of mileage and contact to take to the back and he seems pretty good at finding them. He found one on his last visit (and he was definitely talking her up to the other guys providing all the details), but she wasn't working that night to everyone's disappointment. I was actually in the chump station at the same time as him not far from him (the chump station at that club has very open and communal bench seating) and i actually heard and saw the bouncer chew him out along with that girl; girls seem to get in bigger trouble than PLs nowadays for breaking rules. I remember when i first started doing this, i had a real fear of the bouncer. Like i thought he might try to physically tear my arms off if i touched a girl (at a non touch club). Even now, if a bouncer reprimands me (an extremely rare occurance) or the girl does (slightly but a little more often), the energy and feeling during the rest of the dance is just bad and unpleasant for me. It just tends to mess up the experience and it takes too long to get back into the fantasy again if i can get into it again assuming i was able to ever get into it in the first place. But the bouncer's words just seemed to roll off of him like water on a duck. I mean he listened but he didn't stop altogether and was just more careful and vigilant as he should be at that club.

He did actually manage to get that girl's number. I had to set him straight and let him know that getting a girl's number ITC is not the same as IRL. It was probably just a way to set up ITC appointments than to meet him OTC. Listening to him, he sounded like he really wanted to do her for free as opposed to pay4play. Hey, let the guy dream if he wants. Shortly afterward, they called last call and last stage and dance and turned up the lights. The kids were caught a little off guard by the early close (we did get there late and were only able to spend a little more than a couple good hours there) and they all still had some money (out of much smaller budgets) left that they wanted to spend. I knew that was my cue to leave and beat the valet rush, but the kids wanted to chill and finish their drinks and hang out a bit, but i was done, and that was it.

Conclusions and observations:

As this was a weekend night, the club clientele skewed younger and more casual. Even so, while strip clubbing may have become more mainstream, it's still not at all at the same time. For most people, they have to keep it mostly on the downlow. They might tell all or most of their guy friends but they usually won't tell a single girl because that sisterhood definitely does not see things the same way. Basically they have to steal or sneak away to go, especially with social media now and they can't turn their phones off due to suspicion, often planning these visits even weeks in advance. And their funds are definitely more limited than the regular older PL. I and another mutual coworker (who is also more of a seasoned PL) vastly recommended going to this club on discount Tuesdays when dances are $10 less, but their situations make it hard for them as they are all attached.

Also strip clubbing doesn't seem to be the right of passage it once was. All of those kids waited a little bit or even quite a bit after they were 21 before going for the first time. SCing just doesn't seem to have immediate appeal or value to average young kids. But these are the customers/PLs of the future and they're not going to get more wasteful and high spending when they are already getting most of what they want (although not what they "really" want) for how "little" that they are spending. There might still be some hardcore millennial or younger PLs or future PLs in the making, but the new guard is definitely different and i can't see this not having a major effect on strip clubs and the new strippers that will work them. It may not be in the immediate future, but not that distant either. Heck, i think of how much strip clubs and to a lesser degree, dancers, have changed in the last two decades, and i only imagine how much they will change in the next two or more or however long i keep on doing this (detailed in one of my recent discussions). Did i learn anything useful from the kids? Maybe a thing or two. Did they learn anything from me? The kid that had already been there once probably thought he already knew everything or at least enough. Needless to say, there's a whole world of SCing that they don't yet know about ;)

Like my last article, this could have worked as a club review, but i thought it worked better as an article as it was more about the current and future state of PLs and clubs. However, if you are familiar at all with this club, it shouldn't be hard to figure out which one it is.
Mar 2005
Jan '18
December 29, 2017
January 11, 2018
Reading the comments on my earlier post about titty fucking started me to thinking about how I began my Russian adventures. I actually had my very first titty fuck in a strip club. And that started me to thinking about all of the other sexual firsts I have enjoyed in a dimly lit back room.

You wouldn't know it from my strip clubbing ways, but I was raised in a fairly strict, religious, conservative family in a community of like families. Sexual repression was the norm. Even when I married my high school sweetheart, we were both virgins. So I was ripe to have my mind blown when I started traveling for work and started to check out the clubbing scene.

That first titty fuck was wonderful, as I could never get that from my wife, who was flat. Other than a rare magazine pictorial, hers were the only boobs I had seen when I first ventured through the beaded curtains. And they were definitely the only ones I had seen live. And to be able to touch, fondle, suck, and then fuck the awesome stripper tits was truly a remarkable experience. But that wasn't my only first, far from it.

The first time I ever had my cock sucked was in a club. The first time I tasted pussy was in a club. There was no giving or receiving oral in my marriage. The first time I fucked someone other than my wife was in a club. My first black, Latina, Asian, and Indian partners were all in strip clubs. And strip clubs inspired my limited experience withe massage and escort services.

Once, in my early clubbing days, I did a series of dances with this blonde who had really nice breasts. We had good chemistry, and I was really enjoying myself. At some point, she leaned back into me, putting her mouth near my ear. She whispered that she wanted to give me a blow job. This turned me on so much that I did not have my first blow job that day. I came in my pants for the first time that day.

The first time I enjoyed full service in the private room of a strip club almost scared me straight. The waitress barged in mid-thrust. I didn't know what to do. I was afraid I'd go to jail, get beat up by the bouncer, or worst if all, that my wife would find out somehow. But the dancer just sank all the way down on me, so that my cock was inside her balls deep. She was astride me, looking in my face, as I sat somewhat upright in a chair, slouching just enough to take care of our business. Her dress was half off and hanging down behind in such a way as to, I think, cover what was happening. Either that, or the waitress just didn't care that she had walked in on us fucking. After the waitress put the drinks down and left, the dancer resumed riding me.

The best blowjob I have ever had in my life happened simultaneous with another first, the first time a dancer put a finger in my ass. She didn't ask, or I'd have declined. I was already in ecstasy from her hot, wet mouth alternating between engulfing me and teasing me with her tongue. She just reached behind me, and the next thing I knew, I was having the finest prostate exam of my life, greatly intensifying the pleasure I was receiving from her oral ministrations.

Of course, not all firsts are good. I remember my first threesome being fairly lame. The gorgeous dancer I really wanted to explore wasn't into any type of extras, least of all, it seems, being with the other dancer, who had been a regular favorite of mine for a while. She had observed my interest in the new dancer, possibly from the drool in the floor between my chair and the stage. So apparently she engineered the threesome to keep me on her hook. But I basically paid double for half service. Not only did the super hot dancer not do anything, but her presence kept the regular dancer from doing anything either. But with all firsts, you learn some lessons.

Such was the case the first time I was truly ripped off in a club. I got lap dances from this really gorgeous, exotic looking, dancer from Brazil. She was a solid nine, and aggressive in a nice naughty way. It didn't take her long to up-sell me to the back room. Once we were alone, it became clear pretty quickly that every advancing action I took was going to be met with an additional charge. I didn't know any better, so the little head let her drain my wallet. It was a fee to touch her tits, an additional fee to suck or kiss them, another fee for her to remove her bottoms, even though this was a topless club. Once I saw the promised land, I had to pay to touch it. Then I paid for her to touch me. She did end up getting me off by hand, but if was the most expensive hand job I have ever had.

Even though I consider myself to be fairly experienced now, I still get excited about new firsts. They are just fewer and further between now.
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December 16, 2017
December 31, 2017
As we near the Christmas Holiday and the Holiday Music is running fresh in our minds I chose this title in honor of AC/DC as I talk about going to the Club on Christmas and New Years.

As I write this it's early evening on December 15th in California and I am thinking about the Strip Clubs that are opened and those that are closed on Christmas Day. I'm curious how many go to the club on this day as well as how many dancer actually work on Christmas. With it such a big Family day do you find yourself going to spend time at your favorite club or is your club even opened? I believe the clubs in my area are all opened but that is unconfirmed but my Home Club is opened just later than normal. Do the girls who work find it worthwhile to go in on Christmas? I know any money is good money so I'm going to guess it might me worth it but I can't dance and I can't answer that.

I have never gone on Christmas but I did go on New Year's Eve one year and I found out of the clubs I knew about at the time only 1 was opened and it was pretty quite even for them and they are a top club in the area. It felt like a different crowd that night and I felt out of place being there. Have you ever been the guy waiting to get picked on the playground to play in a Flag Football or Dodgeball Game and it came down to you and one other person? Yeah It felt like that. So I have not gone to the clubs on New Year's Eve since but with my NEW Home Club this year I am tempted if my girl is working but I may just decide to wait as well.

So while I may not go to the clubs on these major Holidays I wonder Do You Want a Mistress For Christmas? I have no issue with those who say yes and I wish all the girls who work nothing but a GREAT night. I can only imagine what it would be like to see my favorite girl under my tree. Hell I wish I could have her sit in front of a Fire in the Fireplace, Sip on Hot Chocolate in one of her sweaters looking as beautiful as ever and just enjoy her company that way on this very special day of the year but if she works I want her to make the most money than anyone.

In Closing I hope everyone from Club Owners, Dancers, DJ's, Security Guards and all of the readers of this article as well as the fine people who run a Wonderful Holiday Season and Happiest New Year. I am so very much appreciative of all of you for making me a better writer with your suggestions, comments, and of course the Clubs, Dancers and Management Teams at PG Showgirls and Deja Vu Hollywood for all your help and support you've given me in the last few months. I have learned a lot, gained a lot of friendships and look forward to an even better 2018 to bring you the BEST in my writing skills, reviews and more.

Thank you everyone who reads this Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Until Next Time Be Good to Each Other, Tip Your Waitress they need money too and treat the dancers well.
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December 13, 2017
December 18, 2017
As I sit here thinking about a lot of different things from my latest visit to my favorite club to the reviews I've read in the recent days and to the knowledge I've gained over the years I couldn't help but think What do you look for in a Club? Do you go for a Single Dancer? Several at a time? When you're looking for a Club what makes that Club your favorite? What makes that Club think Why am I here? Over the next few paragraphs I hope to bring a little insight to those questions and more.

If you've been able to read my other articles then you know that I started attending when I was 21 because at the time it was the age limit as the clubs then were only topless and served alcohol. Since that time many of those clubs have gone by the wayside but a few remain. I know that Deja Vu who owns several clubs up and down the State of California have a mix of both with the closest to me in Stockton were it is still Topless Only but in LA and SF they have several of each so perhaps that is what you look for in a club and that is okay as long as you Drink Responsibly or have a DD with you. I don't drink anymore so that doesn't make much difference to me but I don't judge. The Club I first attended was a club that opened for lunch and did well in the Downtown area until it closed. After that I had to start going to Biker / Pool Type Bars that offered Topless Dancing.

The first club I attend had a jukebox during the day at first but would change to a DJ at night. I know having a DJ was better for me because then it wasn't customers picking your song and at times during the day you may get one customer playing the same song over and over with the Jukebox. The girls here weren't bad but looking back I've seen a lot better although they did have one girl at this club that could do some pretty awesome tricks on stage with pole. But it's not all about the Dancers it's about the staff as well. I said it was a Biker type bar so you would have a lot of BIG Guys working the room some made you feel less comfortable than others. The other club down the street was similar to this as well but here the girls were not very pretty all but one who ended up becoming my BEST Friend in LIFE! But the management here didn't care about the customer at all nor did they really care about the girls working there.

Once the All Nude Clubs started to come into play one opened in the same area of the 2 Bike Type Bars and did okay for awhile and it was fun but they had a lot of issues that would occur and it would meet it's demise when the area closed all clubs in the area which left only 4. One of those being Downtown and this club changed management a lot but would also see it's share of Local Celebrities attend. It wasn't a bad club and the girls weren't terrible until one night all hell broke lose. I walked in and felt very strange. I didn't feel like I belonged at all. It was as I walked into a Ghost Town. When I arrived around 8pm I was the only customer with over 20 Girls. It was the most uncomfortable I ever felt and it would be the last time I was there. The vibe of this Club has gone downhill so much and based on the reviews it doesn't appear to have gotten much better but without being there I don't want to pass judgement.

The other 3 clubs are located in the same area of each other and one of them gets A Ton of Porn Stars and they have a HUGE Store just off the club as well. Perfect for your needs at home or if you want to pick up a great outfit for your GF, Wife, etc. The club itself is huge. It has changed a lot but it has always been the GO To Club in the area. For me however in my recent visits I never really felt like I belonged so it made it hard to go back. The other club in the area is also known for it's Porn Star it gets as well as Balloon Popping Waitresses. However I will say I found one club in Hollywood who has a Waitress that does that and that girl is gorgeous and the management team are all off the hook and always have made me feel comfortable during my interactions. They have been able to give me a lot of insight on the business of clubs and help me understand why some do things more than others.

Finally the Club as I deemed my Home Club. Had they never invited me and kept inviting me I may have never gone nearly 2 years ago. It's a Store by Day and Club at Night with the store open as well. When I first went in 2016 it was a Monday in March when I beautiful AA Girl showed me around and made sure I had good time that night. I would return the following week to see her and then the next time she was gone never to return. I wanted to give up and I almost did but then..... What happens next is HUGE when it comes to management and how I feel about a club and what they can do to make you want to come back.

On the night I almost gave up the Club Life for good I called to see if the girl who gave me the tour was there and when she wasn't they told me to come check out a different dancer. I did and I am so glad I did because after over 20 years of Club life I found what I was looking for in a girl. Beauty, Friendly, Caring, and a girl who you can just trust with your life. Not only that but over the course of my time of going I've gained so many friendships with the staff and the dancers that I feel like I am just home when there. Yes they are all there to make money and I get that but the Vibe of the club, the atmosphere of club makes me feel like I am finally home and this is key when it comes to helping me with my depression because I have found so much happiness here and this is so important because I'm pretty sure no one wants to go out to have a good time and get treated badly. I'm sure if you attended a dinner and didn't care for the food you wouldn't like if they didn't take care of it right away. This club stays on top things. They are Small and don't do much advertising and just now getting back into the Social Media game to compete with the others but this is what I look for when I go.

I look for those who go above and beyond to treat the customer with respect to make your day/night one that you will always remember and want to come back to. So for me the keys are Friendly Beautiful Dancers with a staff that treats you with respect as long as you don't go out of your way to have them ask you to leave.
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