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Jun 2017
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November 13, 2017
November 16, 2017
My good friend, probably the only person that enjoys going to clubs as much as I do, called me and told me that his 19 year old nephew wants to go to a club and he wants him to take him. He calls me cause he doesn’t want to go alone and knows I would be down to go anyway. I find out a couple days before we go out that his nephew has now told a few of his friends, 8 to be exact and they all want to go now.

These kids are not what you would say are most coolest kids or confident kids. I arrived on a Saturday afternoon to my friends house and was greeted by him and only him. I asked where everyone is as we are suppose to be heading out and find that all 8 guys are upstairs in various forms of getting dressed. They are having discussions about how nice should they dress or should they dress down so not to look as they are trying to hard. It was amusing to watch and remember when this was my first time. I now dress with jeans and T-shirt. One kid went so far as to wear a very nice suit and tie.

We leave and arrive at a club that was suggested to these boys by another boy that been there with his brother's friends. This club was not a high end club nor was it a local dive. This place was very middle of the road. The club was topless and had a 2 drink minimum. The waitress that approach us didn't card any of these boys and they all had a drink but sipped on them for the entire time we were there. Now a funny thing happen when we arrived one kid turned into a very shy, more awkward then he already was and another boy turned into the confident strong take the lead type of person. He was saying hello to every dancer and being very out going not something I was expecting from this group of kids. The rest ranged from just wondering around looking at everything to others just staring at girls and snickering when one dancer probably at 7 came up to him and put her arm around him and try to get dance from him. I thought from the look on his face that he was going to shit and piss himself. He told me later when we sat down that he was not used to having such a good looking girl touch much less talk to him. The guy who was totally confident now went straight up to a girl, who was easily an 8, talked to her for few minutes and they both came over to sit and chit chat like the were old friends. I have to say I was very impressed by this kid. After some conversion he left to get dances with this girl who seemed very excited. When this guy came back he really had a great time as he had a very large stain on pants and did not know he had that big a stain until one of his friend point it out to him.

The other kids sat quietly and sipped on their drinks and would make comments about the dancers that would pass by or on stage. This place was all pink inside and only had one long stage in the middle of this medium size building. It was early in the evening around 7 so there were not very many customers, it was us and 4 other guys. The dancers seem somewhat bored when we walked in. Some dancers came to us and greeted our party very quickly. There was a bar to the left as you walked in and the private dance area was to the right, passed the bathrooms. There was not very much to this place. There were 9 dancers working that evening ranging from 3 to 7 and one very high 9. This girl was a very tall slender blonde while being slender had the curves in all the right places. She was easily the best looking girl in the place and no one would talk to her but she would also not go up to anyone and only asked for dances except a few times and then she would disappear. The other girls ranged from Hispanic, white, and one Asian girl. These boys who all liked anime and love the idea of Japan were very interested in the Asian girl, my friends nephew in particular and we kept telling him to go say hello, go talk to her, ask for a dance or invite her to come sit with you. I mean anything to get him off his ass to say something to a girl he was into. Finally I went up to the girl, I chatted with her a few minutes told her the deal about the nephew and if she could go over and show him a good time. She says she would love to. I give the money she wanted for the experience. (nothing too expensive; dances here cost 20 in the private area and 10 on the floor)

She walks over to him sits on his lap and she starts to talk to him. She seems to be having a great time with him and starts to touch him on his chest and even going down on his happy friend. She starts to give him a floor dance right there in front of everyone and these guys are all just in shock at how good she is moving, how sexual this is and how much fun there friend is having. The girl is trying super hard and at some point tries to kick her leg over my friend nephews head and kicks him right in the face. A loud scream comes follows and the nephew's glasses are not all crooked but he has the biggest smile on his face. The dancer turns around apologizes to no end. She gave him a few more grinds and then they went back to the private dance area after that. The nephew would end up getting the dancers number and started to see her on occasion but it didn't really go anywhere.

The guy who was wearing the suit and tie and looking like he didn't want to touch anything or make eye contact with anyone was sitting at the end looking very uncomfortable. He did like seeing the girls but I don't think a club was his type of thing. Every other guy had had at least one dance or gone up to the stage and tipped the girl. He was the only one left. I went to talk to him and finally convinced him to go tip the girl who was dancing on stage. He took my dollar up to the stage and waited for the girl to come over and then just kinda threw the dollar at her turned around and walked back to his seat. I was upset that the dollar was used incorrectly cause the dancer here would do something for your tip.

All in all the experience was interesting not only for these boys but for me to see the a different side the first time you see a club. The wide eye look, the unsure, awkward feeling, and then seeing a pretty girl walking around in nothing but thong at that age was mind blowing and then you could sit and talk with them. I take it for granted and am kinda jaded in a way now. I really enjoyed myself and getting to see it from a different lens again. It made me remember why l like going to these places.
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November 5, 2017
November 7, 2017
Making my first “real” visit to Montreal, QC over the period of the last week, a few things struck me about the ridiculousness of our hobby.

1) When sexual pursuits as a business are decriminalized, SC’s essentially become redundant (or as in Tijuana, they become a hell of a lot more fun).

2) in Montreal, one hour with an escort in your hotel, typically C$220, is perhaps 50-100% less than a half-hour in a US strip club 30-min VIP room (depending on the club and geography). And most of the time you can do a hell of a lot more.

3) Women are friendlier. In too many US Strip clubs the better looking gals think they are doing you a favor by providing you a private dance that you’re paying them for. A lot of it is due to clubs taking big cuts, admittedly.

4) No bouncers or door goons in your hotel room. Montreal is as bad as anyplace with door goons, bathroom goons, and both entrance and lap dance area cashiers. 5 loonies here and there add up. All that said, it still adds up to less than US clubs.

5) Because SC’s in Montreal (and probably Yoronto) compete with agencies and independent service providers, lap dances are cheaper, even if some of the conservative mayors have ruined the atmospheres with regulations on what you can touch, eliminating the grind, etc.

6) I experienced a good SC in Montreal with excellent looking gals who wee friendly but who offered tepid dances. I experienced a gal from one of the escort services a few nights later, 19 or 20, fantastic tight body, fresh faced from Nova Scotia, blonde spinner with a pretty face, natural 34B rack, and eager to please. I can’t help but think if the US loosened up and deep-sixed the doddering faux Christian politicians (who likely get some tasty treats in otherwise unfriendly Washington that most non-connected schmucks might not have access to), we’d all be better off.

Back to the US. Going to the clubs in Baltimore and Sacramento and other places won’t quite be the same for me now.
Jan 2016
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October 23, 2017
November 14, 2017
I debated making this a discussion, but it was too open ended and too long for a simple discussion. So i turned it into an analysis or observation of sorts and decided it would be better off as an article. Woo hoo! My first article.

This OTC (Outside the Club) craze on TUSCL doesn't seem to be dying down anytime soon. I've searched recent discussions and older ones too and most of them regarding OTC have come to the conclusion that almost all strippers will OTC or fuck for money; it's just a matter of how much money and how much time it takes for them to warm up to it. I would add it also depends on whom the stripper will OTC with as the physical strip club gives them the means to be choosy. I've also seen some schools of thought that have said that girls that work at a club that is not extras friendly are even more likely to OTC. And I've seen yet another conclusion that the really hot girls are as likely or even more likely to OTC at who knows what price, but it's hardly out of reach or un-affordable let alone unobtainable.

And yet all this initially seemed like crazy talk to me. Let me be clear. I'm not calling anyone here a liar. For the most part, i do believe that a significant number of the TUSCLers have met dancers OTC. And that a significant number of dancers do have sex OTC. I still think that is a relatively small number overall and that somehow these two (dancers that OTC and PLs that OTC) somehow attract each other. The reason i say this is because it seems so counter intuitive to what i have seen and experienced. I know, individual anecdotes don't mean squat regarding what is the overall reality of an entire industry . I know that sooner or later economics catches up to almost every dancer, and most of them are terrible about managing and/or saving/investing their money. And they have to make that hard choice.

I've known dancers that danced in such a way that i didn't think they would ever do extras. There were also hot enough to do pretty well anywhere they worked. But then a couple of them got fired numerous times from the non-extras clubs where they make bank being clean. And then i hear that one of them is sugaring, essentially a variation of OTC. She tells her other dancer friend (one of the hot supposedly "clean" ones i was talking about earlier) that she doesn't have to put out or have sex, but we all have a bridge to sell her, including her friend, who doesn't believe her either. And then that friend (the one that was telling me about her sugaring friend) ends up getting pregnant despite not being in a committed relationship to the best of my knowledge. In other words, there was a strong possibility that she was engaging in pay-4-play herself.

But I am digressing. Like my anecdotes, the above are just two examples and not necessarily reflective of the reality as a whole. The logic follows that dancers work at non-extra clubs because they don't want to have to do whore-like activities. Sure there may be quite a few whores or escorts infiltrating the non-extra clubs to solicit sexually frustrated customers, but that hardly seems to be the norm. It doesn't make sense that these "conservative" dancers would suddenly be open to the risk of meeting a PL OTC. If they refuse to do extras, it follows that OTC should be out of the question.

Basically it comes down to this. I've just run into too many of the SW type of dancer that seems to have strong boundaries, and seem to be in strong denial that they are sex workers, taking their clothes off for money, and grinding dicks for songs (many times to LDK) at a time and being groped and fondled on the ass and tits. How many of these things can a PL do to a woman in real life and not get arrested and put away for a long time? And yet women will do it for money and men will pay for it and do it with relative impunity all in the safe and "legal" confines of the strip club.

It doesn't take much to rationalize having actual sex for money after one has accepted that they are indeed sex workers, just varying in matters of degree. Also a good portion of my time SCing was when clubs weren't as extras friendly and many dancers could make a lot of money just doing low contact or non contact lap dances and stage shows when money was worth almost twice as much as is not adjusted for inflation. Both average escort hourly rates and average daily earnings for strippers were in the several hundred dollars range. They're actually less now. So back then, there really was less incentive for a stripper to do OTC and if you were able to do it was also much more relatively expensive.

Also consider that many young girls are giving it up essentially free with all the extensive sexting, tinder, hook-ups and it just a matter of time before they put two and two together and figure out a way to monetize it. That doesn't mean that they OTC with whomever offers it to them. Instead of the escorts that also strip using the clubs to find johns, these are essentially sugar babies that strip using the club to find suitable SDs. Again, i have no real definitive idea how pervasive either situation is.

And then you have the dynamic of dancers themselves that judge other dancers as whores when they themselves have probably had sex (or whatever extra) for money, but were just much more selective about it in their mind (it was their choice), so they considered it more like a date that they got paid for if OTC or just some heavier flirtaton if extras ITC rather than being a prostitute. Of course, if you removed the compensation, there is no way they would have had sex/extras, so we have still clearly established what they are. There should be nothing wrong with it though; everyone sells something of themselves for something regardless of what or who you are if you live long enough. It just seems that selling your body (and some people still sell their body, but in terms of physical labor often to the detriment of their bodies or they'll sell their body or likeness in terms of marketing) sexually is unfairly stigmatized in this patriarchal society.

Finally, you have the economics of OTC/extras ITC/whoring. It would seem that if a girl refused to do extras ITC, she would be unwilling to meet OTC, especially when the offer for OTC is often less in terms of money per time compared to ITC. Especially if a girl, particularly a very attractive one could make significantly more working ITC without extras, it follows that she wouldn't do more for less OTC. But logic and strippers seem to be contradictions. And the market rate is the market rate for a reason and even strippers find it hard to OTC for significantly higher than that despite supposedly giving a better experience and being more attractive and younger than your average hooker. As the strip club as we know it becomes less lucrative for most dancers, and air dance clubs and non-extra bikini clubs become less and less popular (why people still go to those is beyond me; just go to Hooter's), and the economy just doesn't ever become the free spending, throw caution to the wind, never ending supply of increasing money that it was in the 90s, customers might only spend the relatively big bucks on extras and OTC in the future and LD prices for just your regular dance, might never go up (in effect going down in the future), continually increasing this phenomenon (strippers putting out). And as the camming scene just gets completely oversaturated, the world's oldest profession might start becoming a lot more common as the strip club becomes the easiest and most effective way of finding suitable customers.

I just feel that it is still too early to paint all (or even the majority of) strippers with the whore or potential whore brush, no matter how successful one has been with having sex with strippers for money. That's about all i have to say (so far at least) on strippers transitioning to prositution in some form or another. This article (which was originally going to be a discussion) was a little bit harder than i thought to write and it certainly doesn't compare to professionally written ones, but hopefully i'll get the hang of it sooner or later.
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September 26, 2017
17 Hours Ago
So I've been checking this page for a while and thought I would share my review.

I am from the mid- Atlantic US. I researched this place quite a bit before diving in. I've only mongered a couple of times before this. I used Google Chrome to translate review sites in a foreign language, like lustscout. I decided to check out FKK Sharks in Frankfurt, Germany from all the positive reviews. I made my plans for a long weekend and went late last spring. I was able to get a round trip flight for under $500,which was a deal. Landed and with drew $900 euro from an ATM in the airport. I have two accounts I withdrew from, which researched how to do before hand. Took a $50 euro cab ride to Hotel Control which is a 10 min walk through a pleasant neighborhood to FKK Sharks. Hotel Control is a nice enough hotel for the purpose of sleeping. Like a holiday inn. Napped and went to Fkk Sharks in the late afternoon, Saturday.

Paid a $60 euro for entry was given a, bathrobe and slippers a key that opened two lockers. One for my stuff in the locker room, and one for my cash in the main area. Shower and locker room was very much like any gym's locker room in the US. They have mouthwash, spray deodorant, and hair gel around the locker rooms for use. Soap/shampoo in the showers. I showered every session with a girl. I wore the bathrobe and underwear around the club because I am a prude. You can wear towels and I got flashed a lot as men were adjusting, but really didn't see any naked guys outside the locker room

The main area looks like a night club, and a strop club had a baby. It's big with a nice outdoor section, with lounges, a pool, and cabanas. I did see one couple have sex my time there, it was in a lounge. Fun to see but not sure if I want to sit there afterwards. Since it was late spring, the weather was perfect to be outside all day a bit chilly to go into the pool.

The club was nice place to hangout. They provide a buffet, but I did not think the food was great. Other reviews highlighted it as good, but it wasn't, and I wasn't there for 5 star dining. They had a room that showed soccer games, I was expecting porn, but the workers said they changed it recently. There is a big bar in the main area which may be good place to view a lot of the ladies. However there is a lot of ppl smoking. I wasn't ready for all the smoke and felt fried from it by the end of my stay. Could only escape from it by being outside, wear there were no less smokers but better ventilation.

Men were there from all backgrounds and ages. I am brown skin guy and non of the ladies seem to have an issue with that. There were a lot of groups of guys which threw me at first. But I guess more of the groups were locals. Viva la Germany. I met several guys there for the first time too. When a girl asked, I lied and said it wasn't my first time there. Just to prevent any scheme.

Price points. Most sites are consistent with their reviews of prices. All In Euros: 50 for Condem sex with BBbj foreplay for 30min, 50 more for an hour and gets you more affection from the girl. 50 cum in mouth (CIM) ending, 100 on top for anal, which I did not partake...this time.i felt most girls I was with would be willing to do anal. There are a few more extras at different prices. For example, There is $200 an hour BDSM room, but most of the women would be the dom. I heard only one of the 100 women there was willing to be submissive. I may have to find her next time. I had 5 sessions, all ended with CIM, on hour session, which I would recommend.

Now for the women. Around 100 in the late Sat Afternoon. All naked, 99% stripclub hot. Mostly spinner types with few curvier women. 90% Eastern European, a couple Africans, and a couple of asians. If you look at a lot of Eastern European porn, these women looked like them, beautiful but a lot of similarities between them. Regulars probably could tell the differences. Besides the African women, not too many women darker than the Europeans. A lot would approach you, but if you are versed in US strip club game, a polite no to nah would suffice. A lot of the approach was like US strippers, but with a lot more options. Some girls want to talk, some are direct to the point. There were plenty of times were the girls were just standing around. It got busy around 10pm and started to ease back around 2am. I approached a few girls that I liked and got a good reception.

For the first time here, without much mongering experience, I would say the sex was great. I was with 5 women that day. Some were more enthusiastic, but each I ended with CIM, which was a dream for me. I chose the prettier spinner types. I think regulars have their favorites, but I was more than happy with my harem. I only tipped one that went beyond. Massage, many multiple positions (10ish) and a little rough handling. Maybe $50 in tip. She was my favorite too, and the most enthusiastic. I rested about an hour in between, next time I'll bring a book.

There were a few dozens rooms and cabanas inside and outside of the club. Some rooms had doors some curtains. Once you get in a room the lady puts clean sheets on the bed. You negotiate what you want, the prices are set. She wipes you with sterilizing wipes and gives you a bbbj before the condom goes on. They you have sex until you cum or times up. You may ask for things in the middle of the session, most likely she will agree to get a bit more out of the session. I know BBBJs and CIM are illegal in Germany as of July 1, but I am reading that it still happens, you have to be a bit more sly in asking.

I left around 3 am while a lot of the women I saw since I first got there were still hustling. Walked to the hotel, no issues of safety. Slept and went home the next day. All in all. The whole trip and experience costed me $1500 US. That's food, transportation, the ladies and board included. Yes, I got to sleep with 5 women and travel to Germany for $1500. I'm going to save about double and really go baller the next time I go. Maybe a couple threesomes next time.

Fkk sharks was amazing. Only negatives were the smoking and getting flashed old men balls. Smoke is pretty bad there compared to US standards nowadays. I didn't drink alcohol, which was extra, but all the free oj I wanted. I needed those electrolytes.
I research, and while nothing is %100, Germany is probably one of the healthiest places to monger, FKKs being government regulated. Months later all std checks cleared.

If you have been dreaming about heaven, go visit the closest place on earth.
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September 26, 2017
October 28, 2017

New member here, but longtime lurker and also longtime LDKer. I have been LDKing since before the term existed. My first LDK was at Deja Vu in downtown San Francisco back in the 90s. I can't remember the details but I'm pretty sure it was unintentional. But over the years of PL life I have learned to refine and master it for myself as completely intentional and the ultimate intent of why I go to a club. I have other reasons, but truly the LDK is the pinnacle of what I want in a club.

I have read a lot of posts about not being to LDK by numerous members. They can't even fathom it for themselves and some of the reasoning just cracks me up. This article is mainly for you PLs and any PL that is open to doing it intentionally. By writing it I hope to contribute to TUSCL since I have I have benefitted from all the awesome LDK and overall strip clubbing information here.

Chapter 1: Why should you consider the LDK?

This is probably the first thing you should define for yourself. The way I see it, there are various ways of getting off and each one has a level or value. The lowest level for me is to jack off with my bare hands and lube. The highest level for me is to be fucking a hottie missionary, she has already came or is in the midst of it so her pussy is sopping wet, my hands are grabbing her ass and I am spreading her cheeks wide as I thrust, and, most importantly, she is rubbing my nuts. To me there is no better way to get off than this. And so an LDK is somewhere in between these extremes.

If I were to set up a 1-10 scale of getting off, here is how LDK would rank amongst all the others:

1 - Jacking off with my bare hands and lube.
4 - Handjob from a hottie.
6 - Handjob with nuts being rubbed from a hottie.
7 - LDK from a hottie.
9 - Really good blowjob with her tongue going crazy on the the bottom of my shaft and my nuts being rubbed from a hottie.
10 - Fucking a 10 in missionary, she has already came or is in the midst of it so her pussy is sopping wet, my hands are grabbing her ass and I am spreading her cheeks wide as I thrust, and, most importantly, she is rubbing my nuts.

Every PL will have his own scale and it is for him alone. Nobody else can define it. As you can see for me, an LDK is pretty high up there. But moreover, for me it evolved there. In my LDK inexperienced years it was probably at a 3. And the reason it can evolve is because you can refine the pleasure of it with time and experience.

The other part to this ranking is the literal monetary value that you put on each one. Again, only you can define this. The main point being is that with cost as a factor you can then consider the "worth" of paying for an LDK and then decide for yourself to do it. And from my experience it is worth it. The way I see it, I would spend the same amount of money to just go to a club without any happy ending, so it is a no brainer to end the night happy at the same cost. To me no happy ending is the zero on my scale above and it just cost me $50-$300 bucks which is about what I would pay at a typical night without LDKing.

Chapter 2: What to wear whilst LDKing?

I'm not going to get into too many specifics on this because it is a topic covered here a lot already. For me my #1 attire is my Foot Joy golf rain pants with no underwear. The pants have a simple double layer of VERY thin water resistant polyester.

The key to what to wear is basically thin and soft. And it can't create chafing friction. It may take some experimenting on what works for you, but you are essentially looking for materials that enhance the sensations on your dick and you shouldn't have anything down there that takes away from what feels good. Obviously nothing at all would be the best. Find attire that is as close to this as possible. A good test is to literally try on the pants or whatever and try to stroke yourself to a hard on with them on. If you can do it as well as you can naked, then those are good pants.

Also for me I like to wear a shirt that I can unbutton and if it is allowed/possible to do in the club I will do so. I love the feeling of all natural titties rubbing on my bare chest. And again, thin and soft applies to the shirt as well as pants. If I can't unbutton my shirt, I go with a golf or tee shirt. Nothing with pockets and seams and buttons on the chest.

Chapter 3: How to physically LDK.

Again, this is a very personal thing. I know there are guys that can't even fathom how I can LDK but now I'm at the point where I can't fathom why guys make it so hard. I can say for myself that the sensation of rubbing on the bottom of my dick with it pointing up at my belly is one that I have enjoyed during puberty and so that is probably why I can LDK without much issue. I used to look at playboys by laying on my belly and sort of dry hump a pillow as I looked at the centerfolds. It wasn't about getting off back then, it was just about what felt good. And LOL I was a virgin and it was also about practicing sex with a centerfold model. Anyway, rubbing on the bottom of my dick is a good feeling sensation so when I am getting a dance I maximize this position to its fullest extent.

On the flipside to the dick up position is when it is down inside your pants. This way, the top of your dick gets rubbed. While I may get a hard on in this position, I most definitely cannot LDK in it. Also I cannot LDK with my dick to either side.

Again the key is to find out what works for you and situate your dick in the position of maximum hard on stimulation.

Once your dick is set into position, then it becomes all about how to maximize the dancer rubbing on the part(s) of it that feel the best and keep you hard. Ultimately, this is the key: KEEP YOUR HARD ON and maximize the stimulation on it. Obviously not all of this is in your control and it depends on the dancer. This is the art of it. I'm not going to get into specifics again because it is so personal, but effectively you want to be doing as much of the same sexy things you would be doing as if you were having sex with the dancer. Like to grab tits when she is in the camel toe slide reverse cowgirl position? Do it! Also move your own pelvis the way you like it. For example I won't just sit there always. Sometimes I will gyrate my own hips or I will just push up and try to lift the dancer with my pelvis and press my dick up against her pussy and then let her grind on it that way instead of just sitting there relaxed (which I like too).

Also remember to reward good dancer behavior. I don't like to just tell a dancer what to do unless she asks. I like the art of trying to figure out the best positions WITH her through the act of it all. As soon as a dancer starts doing something right, that is when I give signals that it feels good. I may put out a little moan myself or do a slightly more aggressive pelvic thrust than others.

If, and hopefully, you are at the point of actually cumming, then just let it go. Especially if you are a n00b at it and can't yet control and pace it. There will be times when you are cumming or just getting to the point that you can feel one is coming on, and then the dancer will start getting out of position. There isn't much that you can do about this, so you have to just go with it or come back to it if she gets back into position. Again, this is the art of it.

And lastly, if there is any one golden rule of LDKing, to me it is to ALWAYS STAY WITHIN THE LIMITS OF YOUR DANCER. Don't ever get the dance to the point of her stopping what you are doing and calling you out. This will kill the mood if not the dance altogether. The hard on will be LOST. Again, this is the art of it. You can and should explore the limits, but don't push them to the point of no return.

Chapter 4: The psychology of LDK.

Probably the most important part of the LDK is to have the right psychology about it. So first and formost you should have the least amount of regret and remorse about it as you possibly can. Preferably none whatsoever. If you have some issue about LDKing then obviously it will affect your ability to do it. Understand that it is your goal and, pun intended, what you CAME for! So accept it and embrace it.

Also in the act of it I think it is good to look at it like you are masturbating. You are getting yourself off and so if you are imagining that you are actually fucking the dancer and it helps, then do it! Don't get distracted too much, unless you WANT to, about the other things going on around you. Stay in the fantasy of having sex with a hottie.

Most of all, RELAX and have a good time no matter what happens. And ALWAYS be positive.

Chapter 5: The business of LDK.

First and foremost on the business side of it, you need to find the dancers that like to do it or don't care or can't tell that you do. Don't ever try to convert a dancer or do one with her if you know she doesn't want that to happen. The best dancers of course are the ones that know and intend to get you to LDK. It is fully understood with my ATF but we have never once talked about it.

It is not necessary, but I prefer dancers that like actual sex with guys. If I'm with a true lesbian, she better be damn good at faking that she's into me and likes my dick. I like turning women on and teasing them myself so if I know the reality of it is a lost cause with a lesbian, it is a turn off.

As far as tipping, I won't always with my ATF because I'm so frequent with her, but it is always good to tip a dancer that has provided it as encouragement for future business.

And personally, I don't like it to be known that I LDK. I just let it happen and act like it was nothing. I go with a don't ask, don't tell policy with respect to it. If it is understood and implied with the dancer, that is good because then I know I have an LDK provider that has no issue. And if the dancer doesn't like it but doesn't know it, that is cool too. They key for me is to keep it low key. And LOL when a dancer says thanks for coming when it is over I just respond that it was my pleasure. Those are the dancers that know too but aren't calling it out as well.

Ok so that is it for now. I hope this can help some of you novice and potential LDKers out.
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September 19, 2017
October 28, 2017
As some of you have realised I made a second trip to New Zealand for three weeks from late Aug to mid Sept. Here's a brief overview of how I found things on my second trip.

Prostitution still remains legal in NZ. In my view this has pluses and minuses, the plus is you don't have to worry about getting busted as you guys say over there, personally I have never worried about it myself. There's also easy access to many working girls either through high street massage parlours or through many ads that can be found in daily newspapers or online. There's also street walkers in certain parts of the town after nightfall.

The minuses are that I believe legalising it means all the 4's and upwards think they are super models and finding a true beauty is much harder to find. In London there are enough girls that you could have one 10 a day every day of the year and still have more to choose from.

Backpage Auckland works well, the standard is a bit iffy but I managed to see an ad for a European Kiwi girl and her ad was really catching so I called her. I was captivated by her during our chat and after an evening at 'The White House' saw her. She was every bit as good as I had hoped and more, exceptional value at NZ$ 200 for an hour.

Be careful what you wish for if you want to see prostitution legalised in the U.S.A.
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August 29, 2017
November 13, 2017
"You smell nice." How many times have we heard this line, thinking it was "stripper shit" ? Maybe so, but IMHO, there is some degree of truth to this. I think they mainly appreciate that you (we) bothered to shower and put something nice smelling on prior to club visit. Still, not all fragrances are created equal. Which ones seemed to garner the greatest percentage of positive reactions, and which ones kept dancers one zip code away from you ?

Before I dive into the meat of the article, a word about terminology. Notice that title said "Fragrances." Men's fragrances are often called colognes, and women's fragrances perfumes. Technically, all fragrances are diluted perfume oil to varying degrees. The 3 most common concentrations are as follows:
1) Eau De Cologne-(EDC)- 2% to 5% perfumed oil
2) Eau De Toilette- (EDT)- 4% to 10% perfumed oil
3) Eau De Parfum- (EDP)- 8% to 15% perfumed oil
There is some overlap between categories. Indeed, I have seen some EDT's with greater projection and longevity than EDP's. Just another reason to try before buy, and not get taken in by hype or higher classification.

Now for the meat of the article, I have broken down the fragrances into 3 groups. Group A are fragrances that I personally like, AND have garnered the strongest positive remarks/ highest percentage of compliments. Not just "you smell nice", but going so far as asking what it is I'm wearing. Saying things like "you smell so damn nice", "I don't want you wearing anything else", etc. Group B are fragrances that either got a good amount of mundane "you smell nice" comments, or else didn't get that many, but the few they did get were a stronger positive reaction. Group C are fragrances that I like, but either elicited virtually no complements, or got mixed reviews. Group A is ranked in order, Group B and C in no particular order.

GROUP A: Reyanne Insurrection Pure 2, Bleu de Chanel, Polo Blue, Joop Night Flight, Ferrari Essence Oud.

Insurrection Pure 2 was far and away the leader. I've had 2 dancers at different clubs ask me if I was wearing Creed Aventus (a $300 plus fragrance, very well reviewed). IP2 only cost me ~ $25 online, so some good bang for buck there. The other 4 were well complimented too.

GROUP B: Polo Black, Dolce & Gabbana The One, Mont Blanc Individuel, Perry Ellis M, Perry Ellis 360 Black, CE Bigelow Elixir Blue, Issey Miyake Bleu. The last one is one of my favorites that didn't get that many compliments, but one dancer flat out called it a Pantie Dropper.

GROUP C: Cartier Roadster, Boucheron Jaipur Homme, Givenchy Gentlemen Only, Halston 1-12. The later (H 1-12) got a few basic compliments, but one night a dancer asked me if I was wearing Old Spice. (Translation- "you smell like an old man") Roger that, I confine H1-12 to church and appointments with my financial advisor.

WHERE TO BUY: Even in today's online world, I suspect a lot of people still want to try, and buy off the shelf. For people living within 5 miles of a major mall, Macy's, Sephora, etal, are no-brainer choices. For many people, it comes down to "Wally World." (Walmart or Walgreen's). The later because you live in a small town, or you're on a trip, and the only place you can find open for your 10pm club visit is, well, "Wally World." Amazon is a very obvious choice for online buying. You can get many fragrances amazingly cheap there. They carry many that you just can't find in department stores. One downside to blind buying is many online retailers don't accept returns, though in 2 cases I managed to at least get a partial credit of sorts.

FRAGRANCE WEBSITES: I would suggest or Either site is good for being an educated consumer, with reviews and forum sections. IMHO, Amazon reviews aren't that helpful because most of the people writing the reviews already like the fragrance and are utilizing Amazon as the best place to buy for cheap. Those 2 aforementioned sites have many avid fragrance enthusiasts on board who like trying every fragrance under the sun, and aren't bashful about expressing their opinions, good or bad. One reviewer samples the fragrances in the mall to kill time while his wife is shopping. He must have written over 200 reviews.


Those of us who do any amount of airline travel know about the 3oz rule for carry on liquids. I personally prefer 1 oz or less in carry on. I'm not a big fan of decants (often 1 to 2 ml.) One thing I noticed about air travel is that multiple cabin altitude cycles makes the fragrance noticeably stale. It takes a few days to recover to normal. In several cases, I wouldn't bother taking fragrance, but instead would go to "Wally World", and get a small travel size bottle to smell fresher for my club visits.
Lastly, whatever you do, don't rely on paper strip spray samples for purchase decision. Try it on your skin for at least an hour to see how it develops over time. In one case, I was initially enamored by the rich honey like opening in one sample. After 45 minutes or so, it took on a fertilizer like odor that just would not go away.

SOME CONCLUSIONS: Although YMMV caveat applies to fragrances too, it seems like dancers generally respond more favorably to Aquatic Type fragrances, versus Oriental, Spicy, Fougere, etc. I hope this article provided some enlightenment, please feel free to share your stories.
Operating Coast to Coast
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August 19, 2017
October 19, 2017
Some strip club patrons see a smart phone as a bulky accessory that they’d rather not carry around inside of a strip club. For me, my smart phone is a toolbox that allows me to play the strip club game at a higher level. In this article, I will describe a few apps that I use during my strip club adventures and how they are useful.

1. Shazam is a music identification app that uses your phone’s microphone to identify songs. I use a setting on Shazam known as Auto Shazam where you can have the app automatically run during the duration of time you are at the strip club. It identifies and generates a play list of every song that was played and how long ago it was played. The value in using Auto Shazam is that you can use it to fight back against Rob's that over count songs.

Take for example a recent incident I had inside a club: I did four songs in the private dance area with a dancer. She tried to claim we were in the lap dance area for six songs. I flipped my phone on and showed her the play list that Auto Shazam had put together. I said, “Look, the first song you danced for me was ‘Purple Rain’, then we did two more songs, ‘Cream’ and ‘Kiss’, and finally finished on ‘When Doves Cry’. The dancer was flabbergasted that I was counting the songs not only in my head, but had visual proof on my smart phone. She backed down from her position and seemed embarrassed that I caught her in a lie. If she would have kept arguing, I would have taken my data from Auto Shazam to the manager, encouraging him to verify the song order with the DJ and even check the clubs cameras until I was vindicated.

The only flaw of Shazam is that it might not be able to identify extremely rare music that is not commercially available. But since every strip club I have ever stepped foot in plays commercial music very loudly, Auto Shazam has worked flawlessly. An added bonus of using Shazam is that if you hear a song that you like at the strip club, you can identify the artist and title and instantly buy it from iTunes or Google Play with one click.

2. The most common question I get on TUSCL is: “How are you able to remember so many details about a club and write such detailed reviews?” The app that facilitates my profusion of strip club intelligence is called Color Note. The Color Note app is essentially the neon Post-it Notes many of us use at the office and at home, only adapted to a smart phone. I use Color Note to type up my observations and experiences in the clubs I visit during lulls in the action. Many of the details I would otherwise forget had I not taken notes during my visit. When it is time to write a review, I open up the Color Note app and use my documentation to write a TUSCL review with detailed observations, tips, price schemes, and descriptions and ratings of specific dancers.

3. A lot of the strip clubs I go to in rural areas or smaller cities do not have full time DJ. Music is played off of jukeboxes. TouchTunes has by far the largest share of the digital jukebox market. They have an app that allows one to control the jukebox via their phone rather than physically using the touchscreen on the jukebox. One feature of this app is that you can see what the next few songs to play will be. As you gain higher prestige levels on the app, you get to see more songs waiting in the queue. I currently have enough prestige on my TouchTunes account to see the next five songs lined up to be played. If there are long songs coming up, you go get lap dances. If there are short songs about to be played, you delay on heading back for private dances.

Since clubs with jukeboxes typically make the dancers pay out of their own pockets for the songs that they dance to, dancers try to get customers to give them a couple bucks to pay for their songs. Instead of handing them dollars, get them to sit down at your table and help them pick their songs off the TouchTunes app. This allows you to flirt with the dancer for a bit, and you can sway her to play songs with longer abjurations. Another added benefit of playing the songs off the TouchTunes app versus the physical jukebox is the per song cost is cheaper when you buy a pack of credits through the app.

One particular night I was in a rural cabaret, and the dancers were not interested in parting with three dollars every time they were called up on stage, since they were not making much money to begin with. I loaded my TouchTunes account with a bulk amount of credits and became DJ Sinclair for the entire evening. Under normal circumstances, I would not recommend playing songs on the jukeboxes without consulting the dancers who will be dancing to them. Many dancers are extremely picky about the songs they dance to. Keep in mind, all establishments with TouchTunes jukeboxes have a remote for the jukebox that can be used to skip over unwanted songs. The second biggest player in the digital jukebox market is AMI Entertainment. This company also has an app to control their jukeboxes from smart phones.

4. A stopwatch app is typically a standard application on most smart phones. If you do not happen to have one by default on your smart phone, Simple Stopwatch is a good supplemental. A stopwatch is a useful gauge for determining the time value of private dance options. Take for example a strip club that offers thirty minutes of VIP time for $150 or private dances for $20 per song. You could use your stopwatch app to determine what the average song lengths are. If songs are approximately four minutes in length, value comes out equal. If songs are under four minutes, say three minutes to three and a half minutes, the VIP time is a better value. If individual songs are playing for over four minutes, say four and a half minutes to five minutes, then buying dances by the song is a better value.

The most often cases where I have used a stopwatch app in strip clubs are when I indulge in set-length private rooms or VIP sessions (e.g. thirty minutes or twenty minutes). Many clubs and dancers like to cut patrons short on the time they thought they were getting. Often bouncers will show up before the time duration is finished, or dancers will try to bug out early. I will start the stopwatch when the private time commences, put the screen face down on a table, and check it when a dancer or club staff member tells me time is up. If I have been shorted time, I just show them the stopwatch that I have been covertly running. Usually this is enough evidence to keep other parties from shorting me.

Make sure to use a stopwatch app, which counts upwards, and not a timer app that counts down. Timers set off alarms when the time duration expires. Occasionally, club staff or dancers, whichever is keeping track of time, will not be paying attention and your VIP session may go longer than the duration you paid for. For example, the last I did a thirty minute room, the VIP hostess got caught up with other duties, and my session went thirty-seven minutes rather than the thirty minutes I bargained for, according to my stopwatch app. If I would have used a timer app, an alarm would have been set off and I would have screwed myself out of seven minutes of bonus time.

5. Six or seven years ago, if you asked me how what was the best way to keep in touch with dancers from the club, I would have told you Google Voice. Nowadays, I would recommend Snapchat as the number one option. I have yet to meet one stripper, or young person under thirty, who does not have Snapchat on their phone. Snapchat is a photo and video sharing app that also allows instant messaging and video chat. Snapchat can be used anonymously as long as you do not allow the app to access your phone’s contacts and opt out of the Snap Map feature. For an extra layer of security, sign up using a burn phone number and a burn email address. On Snapchat, you simply create a user name and that is it. One does not need to maintain an online identity like one does on Facebook.

The fact that you can view sexy photos and videos from your strippers and communicate with private messages, while keeping as anonymous as the two of you desire, makes Snapchat a very fun app. It is interesting to see vignettes of strippers’ lives outside of work that they post to their story. You learn a little bit about what their hobbies and interests are, and that makes conversing easier when you socialize in person. In the case that a stripper does not want to share their Snapcode or user name, fall back on Google Voice or any other burn number app.

From traveling around the United States to over two hundred gentlemen’s clubs, I have seen about twenty percent of strip clubs openly trying to discourage smart phone use in their establishments via signage. About eight to ten percent of strip clubs strictly enforce a “no phone” policy by way of sending bouncers after any offenders. In these instances, a vestibule, a patio, or the pisser might be the only places where one can use their smart phone, essentially preventing one from using their strip club toolbox. Feel free to share information about any apps that help you find value or gather intelligence in your strip club adventures.
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August 19, 2017
August 19, 2017
A couple of years back, I posted a summary of Albuquerque Strip Clubs with the expectation that some of the visitors to Albuquerque’s famous Balloon Fiesta could use the information. I thought it time to update that summary.

Summary of changes to the Albuquerque strip club scene from the last report:
1. TD’s North is more open and available for fun than it was previously. Its rating is higher.

2. Knockouts is less fun than it was, and although it is still inexpensive, it is not longer the good deal it has been in the past.

3. TD’s Eubank is about the same.

4. I have not been to Fantasy World since my last report, but reports from others suggest it hasn’t changed much, which to say it is an over priced poor experience.

5. Club 203 near Moriarty has closed. Never a good deal, it will not be missed.

Albuquerque is a good, but not great strip club town. It is not an extras town, but they can be found with the right dancer. As usual, just ask. The dancer will likely say no, but you never know. I would say that your probability of getting extras has increased since the last summary I wrote though. The enforcement of strip club rules waxes and wanes in Albuquerque. I think that they are not being enforced too stringently these days. You can tell when the rules are being enforced because the dancers cover their nipples with latex. Part of the ordinance governing strip clubs contains a very old clause that the nipples should be covered, and so transparent latex is the solution. Most dancers will remove the latex if you get a private dance with them. Just mention it. Smoking is not permitted in any of the strip clubs in Albuquerque, nor in any restaurant and many bars.

The attendance at clubs goes up a little during the Balloon Fiesta, but not a great deal. Some dancers come in from out of town in expectations of making a big haul, but most that have tried this say it is not worthwhile. So you are likely to see the dancers that usually dance at clubs, not a lot of imports. There are some that come over from Phoenix and down from Las Vegas during the year, and those are usually here for the Balloon Fiesta as it is not a long trip for them.

Here are my suggestions for clubs to visit, in order of my preference:
1. TD’s North, off I-25 on the east side between the Jefferson and San Mateo exits. This is a clean club, well managed and with responsive help. The dancers range from mediocre in looks to very attractive. There is a variety of ethnicities here in which Latinas and southern California bleach blondes with bolt-ons dominate. There are usually one or two African-Americans and occasionally an asian. On a rare occasion, you may run into a native American. Dances on the floor are $10 and in the VIP $25 with no extra VIP charge. You can usually get a little stick shifting in the floor dances and a lot more in the VIP. If you are not getting what you want in the floor dance, cut your losses and find another dancer. If you like what you are getting in the floor dance, move over to the VIP, things usually get better. If they don’t, cut your losses and repeat. There are two VIP rooms, one with booths and one without. The one with booths is preferred. Bouncers check in once a dance to see which dancer has a customer, but that is all they do. I have never seen them interrupt a dance for untoward activities. Try to sit at a table on the wall as you will get a better floor dance there. There are some nooks and crannies in the club that offer some privacy for floor dances. There is a Champagne Room, but at $275 for half hour, I have not tried it out. Others tell me that with the right dancer it can be worth it.

TD’s North serves food, which is good and inexpensive, but not gourmet quality, and is open for lunch. It is ideal for a midday break as most of the Balloon Fiesta activities take place in the early morning or in the evening.

2. TD’s Eubank, on the east side of Eubank just south of Menaul. This is also a clean club, with similar management and practices to the North club. I don’t go here as often as I find the dancers a bit aloof and the experience not as pleasurable. I have never had a truly great dance here, either on the floor or in the VIP room, but you can get some stick shifting from the right dancer. Others have had great experiences here, so they can be had, I just don’t expect it and I am usually not disappointed. It may be that I just don’t come here enough and the dancers don’t feel comfortable with someone who is not a regular. I think the dancers are a notch lower quality than at TD’s North and the bleach blonde blot-ons and African American Dancers are scarcer. I don’t think I have ever seen an asian dancer here. The dances are similar in price to TD’s North, $10 on the floor and $20 in the Vip area. The VIP area, behind the bar, is not as secluded and private as the one at TD’s North. There is also a VIP room on the second floor, which costs $15 to enter and $25 a dance. I have not done the upstairs VIP room myself, but have heard from others that it is usually not worth the extra up charge over the normal VIP room behind the bar. So, get a firm commitment from the dancer as to what is expected before venturing up there.

They too have food, and it is good and a good value. I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat there, but if you need lunch and a strip club break at the same time, it is a handy choice.

3. Knockouts on Central between 4th and 5th street downtown. If for some reason you are staying downtown this is within walking distance of most of the hotels downtown. At $5 for a floor dance, $10 for a VIP dance and willing dancers, this used to be a bargain club. No longer though. While the prices have remained the same, the dancers have become less willing. The dancers here were never knockouts and are not now either. You will find the occasional gem, but the really good looking ones usually don’t do very good dances. The mix here is mostly Latina, with more African Americans than the TD’s clubs. The dancers here are usually on their way down from one of the two TD’s clubs, or dancing for experience until one of the better clubs will hire them. There is also a VIP room in the back, the Bubble Room, which the dancers try to sell by telling you that there are no cameras there. It is $15 per dance there and from my vantage point, not worth the extra expense.

Knockouts does not serve food and opens in the early afternoon, so don’t make lunch plans there.

4. Fantasy World, on the north side of Jefferson, just east of I-25. This is Albuquerque’s only nude club and hence also no alcohol. I find it a bland experience and haven’t been there in a long time, so some of this information may be old. But, I have not heard anything from anyone to indicate that things have improved. To enter, you pass through an adult book store. The dancers are usually under 21 as they can’t work at a place that serves alcohol until they are 21. As a result, there are a lot of underage under experienced dancers. Dances are $20 in VIP booths in a hall and $25 in the VIP room. A bouncer checks on the dances, often, at least twice a song so there is really no privacy and really no opportunity for extracurricular fun. If you have to have nudity, this is the place, but if you want to have fun dances, look elsewhere.

Resist the urge to visit Cheeks, Santa Fe’s only strip club. There is no fun to be had there and it is a dump.

If you are driving through El Paso on your way to Albuquerque, stop in at the Red Parrot or Cabaret for good times. If you are going through Phoenix, stop in at the Blue Moon or Hiliter. I don’t think that there are any strip clubs in Colorado worth stopping for.

Check the reviews for more specific information.

I hope that this makes your trip to Albuquerque and the Balloon Fiesta more pleasant.
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
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November 6, 2017
Have you ever dreamed of enjoying a first-class tropical vacation retreat with your own personal female travel guide to take your experience to a new level of sophisticated fun?

Welcome to Senses Private Club!

Senses Private Club is a luxurious private adult retreat located in Punta Cana on the world famous eastern coast of the Dominican Republic that caters to adventurous singles and couples. If you’re seeking a one-of-a-kind first class vacation experience that is truly all-inclusive, then look no further.

One of the most unique services that Senses has to offer is the gorgeous travel guides that accompany guests during their stay. Guests are able to enjoy the area with some of the most beautiful and intelligent women from around the world. The travel guides at Senses are there for one purpose: to make sure the guests have the vacation of a lifetime. For adventurous singles and couples, this means they are guaranteed a vacation experience provided by the outgoing and knowledgeable travel guides that is full of fun and adventure.

In addition to upscale accommodations and premium bar and meals at the villa, guests enjoy a professional house staff 24-hours a day to take care of all their wants and needs in style. You’ll enjoy complimentary VIP airport services upon arrival which is the perfect way to start your adult vacation right. Senses staff drivers are available to take you where you need to go, and the personal in-house gourmet chef service is something that any guest isn’t likely to forget. All these little perks keep adding up as it quickly becomes evident why Senses Private Club is the premiere adult destination of its kind.

Guests at Senses Private Club are also able to choose from a variety of excursions in and around the eastern Dominican Republic. And unlike most other resorts, Senses also includes all of their excursions as part of their nightly rate.

The Punta Cana area around Senses offers a multitude of options for vacationers to enjoy. Fishing, parasailing, horseback riding, catamarans, jeep safaris, zip line tours, dune buggies, surfing, adventure tours, biking, and many other activities are included. You can even play a round of golf each day at several world famous courses included with your package.

Punta Cana is also home to world-class snorkeling and scuba diving. People travel from all over the world to soak in the warm Caribbean waters and experience a unique underwater world.

When it’s time to party you can rest assured that Punta Cana is known for some of the best nightclubs, casinos and other top entertainment in the Caribbean so you’ll never go wanting for nightlife excitement.

One of the most significant testimonials to a resort’s success is the satisfaction of the people who choose to visit. Senses Private Club has an excellent reputation for providing their guests with a unique experience unrivaled in the Caribbean. “Getting on my plane to return to reality was indeed a painful experience.” said a recent guest when asked about his experience at Senses. At the end of the day, that’s the type of vacation most people want to have themselves.

Escaping reality is just one of the many perks for the adventurous singles and couples who choose Senses as their private vacation destination.

Another benefit of a smaller private retreat like Senses is that guests are free to enjoy adult activities unencumbered by the traditional resort experience. Discretion and privacy for their guests is a priority of all staff members at Senses.

For adventurous singles and couples seeking a one-of-a-kind tropical vacation, Senses Private Club in the picturesque eastern coast of the Dominican Republic is a must visit. It should be on the bucket list of all adventurous people who desire a world-class adult experience.

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