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Who are you talking to right now?
You clearly don't know who you're talking to
So let me clue you in. I am not in danger
I am the danger!

Put in work with my bare hands but the Roscoe's loaded
And I got it for cheap mayne the hood Costco's open
No coupons accepted just the loot and the bread sticks
Move the wet in your section boy from Tucson to Texas
Take a sip of this oil and watch it simmer and boil
Decompose you send you to the Devil have him employ you
Recruit some soldiers, train ‘em to be armed with a weapon
Conditioned to be calm and collected when it’s time for Armageddon
My luggage rack bent like a crater, (with what)
Lizard skin with tons of greenbacks inside all of that alligator
If James Bond was me, he’d be way more G
Trade in that Aston Martin for a chrome Bugatti
Go mach three blast the Tragedy Khadafi
Mahdi thug cop a bird flock these doves hah
Natural born money getter like one of the Gotti guys
Conceited bastard, chip on my shoulder like Johnny Five (oh!)

It's the Machete Mode hit 'em and I'll bet he fold
You can find me with the deadliest of weapons sold
AOTP to the death every sentence gold
Call a bomb squad lethal when the pen explode