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Happy Steak and a Blowjob Day

March 14, 2019
Comments: 12
Last Comment: March 14, 2019 by txtittyfag
March 14, 2019
If all else fails you could have some pi on this dual holiday what a nice idea. ;)
March 14, 2019
I have prearranged my day.... all else will not fail lol. And I may eat a little Pi also
March 14, 2019
But what I wanted was unending pie! 3.14159265359…
March 14, 2019
jack, you are such a giver lol.... that is what you are supposed to do on Feb 14, March 14 is for her to return the favor
March 14, 2019
A little Listerine will get that jizz taste out of your mouth Daddillac
March 14, 2019
speaking from experience I see.... I'm not worried about ever getting Jizz in my mouth. One time your Mom tried to kiss me after I unloaded in her mouth but I gave her the angry dragon instead
March 14, 2019
^^^ Did u pey her 2 leave then daddio?
March 14, 2019
I mentioned this to my wife a few moments ago. She just laughed and said "it's not your birthday ". I guess I need to go on a business trip.
March 14, 2019
You should get her to read the site.... if she wants a good valentines day then she should give you a good steak and a bj day..... likewise if you did nothing for valentines then I may suggest a trip
March 14, 2019
I'm good with eating some pussy and getting my knob sobbed - but steak would be tasty!
March 14, 2019
@ warrior 15 lol
March 14, 2019
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TEX 10 10 0 8 28
UGA 0 7 0 14 21


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