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Should Arabic numerals be taught in US schools?
Posted 1 Hour Ago
This one may be controversial, but most schools in California teach every student Arabic Numerals and have even since before 9/11. Thoughts?…
Comments: 14
Last Comment 3 Minutes Ago by shadowcat
“We have high end escorts for the sake of pleasure. Mistresses/Sugar Babies for the daily needs of our bodies. Wives to bear us lawful offspring. Realistic Sex Dolls/Gynoids/Fembot for kicks-and-giggles” - Demosthenes today as part of the 1%
Posted 2 Hours Ago
Realistic Sex Dolls/Gynoids/Fembot for kicks-and-giggles” - Demosthenes today as part of the 1%

In this one sentence is todays view of woman in America...

Title says it…
Comments: 3
Last Comment 1 Hour Ago by lopaw
Sjg tijuana thoughts
Posted 4 Hours Ago
Sjg has been doing research on tj for years. This is his board for any thoughts, insights or knowledge he would like to pass on…
Comments: 3
Last Comment 1 Hour Ago by Countryman5434
Origin of the phrase brick house? And what is the appeal?
Posted 6 Hours Ago
I understand what brick house means based on context, but don’t really know specifically what characteristics qualify a woman as one.

I haven’t really put…
Comments: 15
Last Comment 1 Hour Ago by flagooner
Hearing a few girls talk on the bus..honestly bratty girls who think they are always right should be a sin..omg bye
Posted 10 Hours Ago
Comments: 19
Last Comment 8 Minutes Ago by Nicole1994
What happened to the Dancer Director?
Posted 10 Hours Ago
A few weeks ago there was a Dancer Directory. It seems to have disappeared. Anyone know what happened to it?…
Comments: 4
Last Comment 9 Hours Ago by MidWTraveler
Need dancer recommendation in Follies
Posted 11 Hours Ago
Guys, I am visiting Follies after a long time and need some dancer recommendation, looking for mostly white and Latinos...…
Comments: 14
Last Comment 3 Minutes Ago by txtittyfag
Posted 12 Hours Ago
Yea seriously! I tried jerking off after that and when I climaxed there was a poof and a white cloud of dust…
Comments: 5
Last Comment 50 Minutes Ago by MackTruck
Discussions not visible until you log in: anti-trolling measure? Will it be effective? Will it be counterproductive?
Posted 12 Hours Ago
I wonder why founder has made it so you can only see discussions after logging in. Is it an anti-trolling measure?

If so, I’m not sure…
Comments: 3
Last Comment 11 Hours Ago by TFP
Houston and area
Posted 13 Hours Ago
I have to go to Houston tomorrow and I will have 2 or 3 hours on my own around noon. Anyone know of any clubs…
Comments: 13
Last Comment 6 Hours Ago by minnow
Public Service Announcement : How to change a tire.
Posted 14 Hours Ago
This is something that everyone needs to know.

Comments: 26
Last Comment 5 Hours Ago by jackslash
How many strippers does it take to shingle a roof?
Posted 17 Hours Ago
Q. How many strippers does it take to shingle a roof?

A. It depends on how thin you slice them.…
Comments: 2
Last Comment 1 Hour Ago by gSteph
$3k for OTC night with hot chick? Is this insane? Worth it?
Posted 20 Hours Ago
Haven’t confirmed this price, but was hinted at. Seems crazy, but could see throwing down for this kind of chick.…
Comments: 84
Last Comment 2 Hours Ago by Daddillac
Talked to two handsome cuties tonight!!:) score ..I should dress like this more often hehe..
Posted 21 Hours Ago
Comments: 9
Last Comment 8 Hours Ago by IceyLoco
Love j balvin Mexican pop..forgot my ID So I'm standing outside of bar listening to my fave rap music lmao
Posted 21 Hours Ago
Hehe..found a few cuties tonight..but coukdnt talk to the one I wanted I'm so sad :((((…
Comments: 1
Last Comment 11 Hours Ago by IceyLoco
TUSCL Texas Meet 2018 - Pre Event Discussion
Posted 21 Hours Ago
So lets do a Texas meetup in DFW. I think we should plan something at least a month away...

Who is interested?
When is best for you…
Comments: 13
Last Comment 16 Minutes Ago by Nidan111
“he’s a fuckn theif and you guys know it just don’t want to admit the truth”...”he’s a fuckn con man, always been a con man, and he has you completely bullshitted”...”if you can’t see it I feel sorry for y’all” - Twentyfive on Donal Trump - May 18, 2019
Posted Yesterday
Title says it all.…
Comments: 4
Last Comment 11 Hours Ago by txtittyfag
“It would be nice to just burn the “establishment” to the ground and try to find politicians with scruples, honesty, integrity, morals and non self centered aspirations.” - Nidan111 - Somewhere in MO. - May 18,2019
Posted Yesterday
Title says it all.…
Comments: 0
Did you ever play Magic: The Gathering?
Posted Yesterday
Or were you more into Yu-Gi-Oh! or Pokémon?…
Comments: 7
Last Comment 13 Hours Ago by Countryman5434
Tits & Ass or Gluteus Maximus and Pectoralis Majors
Posted Yesterday
Lighten up the mood

Comments: 0
... I might be dying ???
Posted Yesterday
Let me explain... I finished my shift night and hit them gym... Got home and ate a meal and played some PubG... I went to…
Comments: 33
Last Comment 3 Hours Ago by Papi_Chulo
Asking for a friend
Posted Yesterday
Who would you pick as a personal trainer?

A dude who’s absolutely shredded so you know he knows what he’s doing

A chick who’s so hot that…
Comments: 1
Last Comment Yesterday by Cashman1234
Did u know that according to tuscl, if person wants 2 "observe" holocaust ruins or war torn areas, they must b doing so 4 entertainment b/c apparently observe= entertainment!
Posted Yesterday
Comments: 11
Last Comment 23 Hours Ago by Fun_Loving_Fella
AA dancers got some $$$ coming to them
Posted Yesterday
Comments: 11
Last Comment 20 Hours Ago by Warrior15
Life is good, play HARD!
Posted Yesterday
I could be wrong, but seems like there is a tone of pent up anger and frustration at times on this board. With…
Comments: 31
Last Comment 37 Minutes Ago by IceyLoco
Arnold Schwarzenegger drop kicked! To arms!
Posted Yesterday
Comments: 11
Last Comment 46 Minutes Ago by MackTruck
Papi Chulo : The Movie
Posted Yesterday
I'm not kidding. Papi Chulo, the Movie opens in theaters on June 7.


Papi, why didn't you tell us you are now a…
Comments: 20
Last Comment Just Now by txtittyfag
Up early today gonna do my makeup cook then go to low income neighborhoods today
Posted Yesterday
Comments: 28
Last Comment Yesterday by IceyLoco
I'm confused
Posted Yesterday
Why did the Democrats push so hard to investigate possible collosion between Trump and the Russians (and further pursue it even when the investigation turned…
Comments: 73
Last Comment 17 Minutes Ago by mark94
“You know what? It looks like you and your cross-legged "let's talk," gift-expecting ordering-the- most-expensive- thing- on-the- menu, "what about me?" bimbo sapiens are about to be made obsolete.”
Posted Yesterday
“...bimbo sapiens are about to be made obsolete.”

~ Bud Bundy to Kelly Bundy regarding his sexual experience with a Virtual Sex Machine.
Episode User Friendly …
Comments: 10
Last Comment Yesterday by CJKent
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