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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I verify my account?
Account verification is free and easy. Click here to verify your account.
I can't log in / can't remember my nickname / can't remember my password. What do I do?
You can recover your account here.
I can't log in and I think I am using the right password. What can I do?
Try to reset your password here.
I would like to join, but don't want to use my Credit Card. Do you have any other options?
You can purchase a prepaid Visa Card at almost any Supermarket or Drug Store and use it here. NOTE: Because we process cards through an EU Bank, make sure the gift card is valid in Europe.
How is my credit card billed?
Your credit card will be billed as Expressware or TUSCL depending on when you signed up.
Do you sell our email addresses?
How can I cancel my membership?
Go to 'My Settings' from the menu. You should see a link to cancel there. If you don't see a cancel link, you probably don't have a recurring membership. You can always contact us if you have any questions.
I'm a full member, but I still can't see all the reviews. What's wrong?
Could be one of a couple of things. Make sure you have logged in. Also make sure you have cookies enabled.
I'm having trouble logging in. I just changed my password and now it doesn't work.
Try clearing your browser's cache (history) and cookies. Also make sure you have cookies enabled.
Do you have any more information about a particular club?
No. If we had more, we would post it.
Should I believe what I read here?
These comments are posted unedited, and in some cases under someone else's name. Unfortunately, some posters are bent on hurting a club or a dancer. We try to catch these posts where possible, but many comments still slip by. We don't guarantee any of this information to be true.
Do you have any info about a club not on the list?
No. All the info we have is posted.
When will my review be posted?
Reviews are approved by our VIP members. In most cases you should recieve notification of your review being published or rejected within 48 hours. If you feel you have waited longer than that, check your spam folder for an automated email from us. You can always contact us if you have any questions.
Do you know where [insert dancer name here] works now? She used to be at [insert club name here].
No. Don't even ask this question.
I own a club listed on your site, can I alter or pay for my club to ranked higher?
No. We do not alter business listing placement. Being that we are a community driven website, the algorithm is based on reviews, trusted reviewers, etc.
Do you offer refunds?
Due to the nature of our product and its instant delivery, we do not offer refunds of our monthly service. If you are not satisfied, we will refund your 6 month or yearly service prorated to the months you have not used. You must request a refund within 48 hours of joining. We will refund your money. Contact us here
What is a "Cookie"?
A cookie is simply a small piece of data that is stored by your web browser to save you the trouble of typing in information over and over. Cookies are enabled on most browsers by default, so you probably already have them enabled. If you don't have them enabled, please turn them on now. TUSCL uses a cookie to save your nickname or if you chose to remain anonymous. That's it. And when you're done browsing TUSCL, the cookie is deleted from your machine. If you don't enable cookies, then you can't post comments on TUSCL, but you can browse all you want. Consult your browser documentation for information on how to enable cookies.

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