The Proper Care and Feeding of Strippers

Depraved Deacon of Degeneracy
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The Proper Care and Feeding of Strippers

Precisely how should we relate to strippers - the women who will strip down to their masbcara and provide desploogination services to strangers for a fee? This is a question that has bedeviled the world’s greatest minds. Plato, Aristotle, Buddha, St. Thomas Aquinas, Leibniz, Hume, Locke, Groucho and Woody Allen have all attempted to set forth how we should relate to these women.

The answer to this question remains elusive.

It’s easy for some to denigrate strippers as soul-less, unscrupulous, STD-laden sluts who will do damn near anything for a few bucks. Yet, so many of us today are all too willing to hop in our cars and drive and make the pilgrimage through miles and miles of traffic-choked freeways for the privilege of spending an hour (and hundreds of dollars) with these women. Despite their filthy reputations (or perhaps because of them), we place tremendous value in these women of dubious moral fiber and questionable personal hygiene habits.

Strippers come in a wide variety of different sizes, shapes, colors and flavors. Some are crack-heads who desplooginate strangers in order to finance their next nose-full. Some are cashed-strapped single moms desperately trying to put meat on the table for their kids. Some claim to be working as strippers as a means of funding their pursuit of a PhD in nuclear physics. While such claims are dubious, I have met strippers who could intelligently discuss the implications of “Waiting for Godot” or who could explain the significance of chirality in organic chemiistry.

You will occasionally meet a stripper who claims she desplooginates strangers only because she is a raging nymphomaniac. I’ve never met a stripper making such a claim who I regarded as believable. If you ever meet one who convinces you that she spends her day desplooginating men because she is a nymphomaniac, you should probably marry her.

Regardless of their justification for their choice of profession, I submit that all strippers are real, flesh and blood humans deserving of a modicum of respect and civility at least until they prove otherwise.

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In the VIP getting an Oral Exam
Hallelujah!!!! Accurate and to the point. May their g-strings be used for dental floss.
Miami, FL (or the nearest big-booty club)
I would assume in most societies that sex-work, or being a consumer of sex-work, is seen as immoral, especially in the US (seems other areas/cultures are less-anal about it).

But in the end, let he without sin cast the first stone.
Thank You Founder for reopening our threads, this will make for a big improvement
Have to treat strippers no different than you would any other woman. They actually are quite vulnerable people, as well as quite personable and intelligent most of the time.

Good Article,

Miami, FL (or the nearest big-booty club)
We can often be critical of strippers for some of the shit they pull to get our $$$ - but most of them work-hard to earn our $$$ by showing us a good time - it's not an easy-job; any job dealing directly w/ the public is usually not easy; and strip-clubs are worst than the avg job that deals directly w/ people/the-public - by the nature of the job, most dancers gotta kiss the custies' asses to get them to spend/buy-dances and there are ahole custies or just guys w/ a bad-attitudes that take advantage of the strip-club dynamic of the dancer usually having to be polite to the custy and will treat the dancer w/ contempt.

The more I SC the more I realize these girls give a lot of themselves - just not their bodies for groping (and more); but basically going against their natural-nature, perhaps even against their self-esteem - kinda like having to sell their dignity to make $$$ - I think they give up a lot and we as custies enjoy what the provide for us and why in reality they should not be looked-down upon especially by those of that enjoy what they offer.
Depraved Deacon of Degeneracy
Being a stripper HADA to be hard on a gal’s ego:

“Would you like some company?”

(guy looks her over, up and down)

“No thanks!”

(a few minutes later the same guy is sitting happily with a different stripper)
Miami, FL (or the nearest big-booty club)
^ yeah - a stripper needs to have thick-skin, or develop thick-skin - SC bizarro-world is often brutal either due to custy treatment, staff/management treatment, or even dealing w/ other crazy/fucked-up strippers
are you worth my time?
I guess I’m one of the few nympho strippers out there aha though the money is nice there is no better feeling than teasing the crap out of a guy and then making him make you climax in VIP. I make sure to ignore them when they come back so they follow me around the club until I eventually grant them a LD.

All jokes aside, it is hard and I admire those that hustle and dance full time. I personally cannot see myself kissing each ass that walks into my club but the shit we put up with for a single dollar really is insane.
My stance is: treat the dancer like a lady. It's a relationship, albeit accelerated and finite, but it should start with small talk to establish an emotional connection.

A successful dancer is, presumably, one who can project a persona that's flattering to the male ego. Any particular dancer might have a mix of motivations -- money, exhibitionism, rebellion, enjoys the look of stupid glee on a patron's face -- but the niggling worry is that the dancer is in it *only* for the money, and secretly loathes every patron and the entire biz; i.e., that the mask is not just exaggerated, but totally false. --But that's probably corrosive and unsustainable.

From the POV of behavioral economics you can assess how much anybody enjoys their job with the question, "if you won the lottery, would you still do this?" but that's kinda personal. Try it out on your hairdresser first.
Here here.
Depraved Deacon of Degeneracy
@Chatterbox_Bob “If you won the lottery would you still do this?”

From my POV, the answer is “Yes! Abso-fucking-lutely!”

If I won the lottery it wouldn’t take me very long to totally fuck up my life by hanging out in strip clubs on a near non-stop basis.

I’d probably wait in the parking lot every morning waiting for them to open.
in a sc somewhere.

it’s Fantasyland !
Location: Rather Not Say
-->"I have met strippers who could intelligently . . . explain the significance of chirality in organic chemistry."

And that's at least one way the rickdugan chemical engineer impersonator system would break down.
Do you spit or swallow ,and how much is the only intelligent conversation I need from a stripper, depending on her ass maybe do you do greek
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