How to earn money for Strippers, 2.

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How to earn money for Strippers, 2.

Since my last article was so successful I thought I'd write another one on investing. Been very busy, that's why I haven't followed up with another article in almost 9 years!! Market is obviously quite volatile nowadays. I think the markets will recover from their recent downtrends for at least 6-12 months. After that I'll probably be out of the market as signs of an impending recession should appear. But for 2019 we should be good. The big factor is Trump. After he is thrown out of office the market should really take off, but while he is in office you never know what he'll do or say. But now I like Real Estate Investment Trusts, as they have been underperforming for a few years and have solid earnings. REITS like O, VTR, KIM, SPG, WPC, SKT, APTS, ACC, PBR, PSA, STAG, and CONE pay nice dividends now and should do quite well over the next year or so.

China stocks have suffered massively due to the Trump factor. They are selling at 2008 prices and are almost all great bargains. Companies like BAIDU, BABA, JD, and many more are safe bets. I also like the China small cap mutual fund, MCSMX. But another way to invest in China is through a closed end fund - TDF, which has Bill Gates as a large investor. It yields around 9% in income so you get a good return while waiting for China to turn around.

Also, high-income ETFs are priced real cheap now and have yields over 10%: DVYL, MLPQ, BDCL, REML, & CEFL are some of my favorites. These yield on average 15%. The prices can be volatile, but they are all selling at low valuations now.

These ideas should give you plenty of income/money for throwing at hot babes in 2019!! Good luck!!

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Anywhere there are Titties.
So what is the reason that you think Trump is going to get " thrown out of office " for ?
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The most important factor in growing wealth is actually saving money. Forget all the investing strategies, forget all the noise in the financial industry. Save your money. Build up an emergency fund, build up savings to the point that you have 3-6 months of expenses in your savings account. Then, if you have excess money, pay down your debts. The only thing to really have a loan on is your home and then only borrow as so your payment is 25% or less of your take home pay. Then, invest. Buy a good S&P 500 fund. Sit back and watch your money grow.
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^^^^Sage advice. I would add to this, and you touched on it, do not incur any credit card debt if you can help it. Paying this off should be one's top priority before investing. In my 35 years of owning credit cards, I haven't paid a dime of interest, always paying the balance each month.
Also, maximize the company match on your 401k. It's free money.
Buy stock in reputable companies and hold. In the early 80's I bought 300 shares of JNJ with my company bonuses. Today, 35+ years later that investment has grown to well over 2,500 shares.
Cover and secure your load. It’s the law.
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