First strip club experience

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First strip club experience

Just like the title says I'll be talking about my first strip club experience. A bit of a background about my self. I been a tuscl member since 2012. I used to visit this site on a daily basis but the past 3 years I completely stopped logging in until now. I been going to strip clubs for the 12 years. Ranging from full nude to pasties and everything in between. Thankfully I have had more ups than downs. Anyways back to the subject

My first strip club experience was at jaguar's in west Texas. I turned 18 years old that week I visited. My older cousin and his friends decided to pop my strip club virginity to say the least. My thoughts leading up to that night was pure excitement and a edge of nervousness. I had thoughts running through my head, how many girls am I going to see naked? How hot a are the girls? Do they only dance on stage? What should I wear? When the time got closer, the more excited I got. The time hit 9 pm my older cousin and his friend picked me up. The first thing they told me was everything is on the house and they said l was in luck. Why was in luck? Well Jaguars were celebrating their 5th year anniversary.

We rolled up to Jaguars and all I could remember was the infamous purple neon lights and big sign that says Jaguars. We pulled into the parking lot and the parking lot was packed. I hopped out of the car my first feeling I had was slight butterflies in my stomach. Took a few steps and notice 3 not bad looking girls smoking out side. Walked up to the door and immediately got greeted by this burley huge bouncer. He patted me down, check my I.D. and told me happy birthday! As well he told the cashier that my cover was free.

I walked in and to my amazement I saw a plethora of hot girls and every table/seats were filled with customers. The neon lights and the linger smoke machine filled the ambience of the club.( this was the only time I could honestly say the club had over 100 dancer working that night) thankfully a cute waitress wearing cheetah pushed up bra, g string and fish net stocking, found us a table. All I could remember was the smell of smoke, alchohol and the noise from the bass playing loud from the DJs speaker. I took my seat at the table and surveyed the land. I could honestly say I was like a kid in a candy store.

I saw all types of girls, whites, latinas, African Americans and Asians. All natural to bolt ons, petite in stature to amazon women type of body. Everyone at the club was having blast! Not even a buzzkillington was in sight. With in 10 mins this gorgeous athletic tallish, all natural Latina sat on my lap. She had long brunette hair, pretty brown eyes and cute slight texas accent. The cherry on the ice cream was that her breast were fully exposed. Her nipples were caressing my face, while we had a conversation. She told me the low down. How Jaguars brought in other dancers from their sister clubs. That's why the dancers outnumbered the customers. She asked me if I was even of age to be in here. I slightly stammered and said yes. My cousin told the dancer that it my birthday. What she did next was amazing. She pressed her boobs against my face and sang me happy birthday. Let's say I was throughly surprised. She took off and told me to enjoy the view and I'll be back.

With in a few mins this tall, older, curvy blonde with the biggest fake boobs I have seen at that time sat down next to me. While her friends sat down next to my cousin and his friend. We talked a bit and she convinced me to get a dance on the floor. She proceeded to sit on my lap and gave me a solid sensual dance. Midway through she guided my hands all over her body. The smell of cotton candy perfume was a bit intoxicating but her skin was as soft as it could be. Sadly the dance ended but I enjoyed my first lap dance. I thanked her for the dance and she replied you're welcome.

A hour goes by and I probably saw 1/4 of the girls. The average girls were 8/10 with a handful of 9/10 a few 7s and the rare 6s. I was waiting for the first girl I saw to come by, unfortunately she didnt but this smoking hot Latina came by. She was short, athletic, big firm ass and perfectly shaped boobs. She sat down and we started talk. After 5 mins she offered me dances in the VIP room. 2 dances and the 3rd was for free I agreed. We got up from the table and walked over to the room. She sat me down in one of the plush booths. She straddle my lap took of her fish net bra and proceeded to grind on me. Half way through the first song she told me that I could grab anywhere. Needless to say I was in total bliss for the next 8 minutes. Everything on her was perfect, her dances were amazing. Sadly the lap dances came to a end, we said are good byes. I linked up with my cousin and his friend. We decides to call it a night. Stepped out side and my first thought was I cant wait to be back.

Ever since then I have other been a regular going every week to going every other month. I could Honestly say that visit was my top 3 fun times I had a strip club.

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That sounded like a pretty good trip for a first time. Thanks for sharing!
Thank God the Potomac is between Trump & me!
" Thankfully I have had more ups than downs."

Geez, man. That must be really painful after 12 years! ;-)
Anywhere there are Titties.
That is a lot of detailed remembering from 12 years ago. It definitely made an impression on you.
Stimulating clits and making women squirt since 2018
Thanks for sharing what was a memorable experience. One thing I love about TUSCL is we can detail our favorite mongering experiences, not only to share with others, but also as a reminder to ourselves, a way of reliving the night.
I see you're from Phoenix. Have you ever been to Tijuana? If not, you should experience it, especially if you like Latinas, as I see by this report that you do.
in a sc somewhere.
enjoyable read!
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