Pussy Wedgies Do It for Me Every Time!

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Pussy Wedgies Do It for Me Every Time!

There are many ways a stripper can introduce herself to you. Some techniques are more memorable than others.

The most common and perhaps the lamest is to simply slide up to your table with her boobs hanging out and ask if you want some company. It works if there is enough skin showing and it’s not too saggy, but it’s a rather lame and unimaginative introduction (at least in a strip club but I’d be hugely impressed if it happened in an elevator)!

Another approach is to just plop down into an empty seat at your table, scoot closer and give you a vigorous stripper hand-shake under the table. Unless the gal is uniquely beautiful, I really don’t like this approach. I regard it as too pushy. Besides, it seems it’s mostly the over-the-hill strippers who resort to this technique as an introduction.

But I will tell you what works for me every time - a good, old-fashioned gratuitous pussy wedgie!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t resist them!

Pussy wedgies are not rare. Every girlfriend or wife I’ve ever had (whether they were one of my girlfriends or wives or someone else’s) has, at one time or another, used a good old fashioned pussy wedgie to get my attention.

Likewise, it’s not uncommon for a stripper to treat you to a good pussy wedgie once she has your undivided attention in a darkened corner of the club and wants to give you more reasons to open your wallet and take her to the VIP room.

But, at least in my experience, a pussy wedgie as a means of introduction is a rarity. The only two introductory pussy wedgies I ever encountered (from a stripper in a club) were both highly memorable and effective.

My first introductory pussy wedgie was provided by a stripper who was just sitting alone at a nearby table absent-mindedly fingering her phone. I thought she was drop dead gorgeous and was anxious to meet (meat?) her.

She eventually noticed that I was staring at her and smiled at me. But then she returned her attentions to her phone.

I could not take my eyes off her. She was gorgeous and was wearing one of those micro monokinis that drive me wild. Then she noticed me staring at her again. She smiled again and looked back down at her phone but then looked at me again just a moment later as if to check how seriously I was staring at her. Realizing that she already had me by the balls, she put her phone down, smiled and sat more comfortably in her chair.

Slouching down in her chair and spreading those million dollar legs, she tucked her thumbs into the sides of her monokini and began tugging at it. Her monokini proved to be thinner and stretchier than I had imagined. The narrow piece of fabric intended to cover her protected wetlands became progressively thinner the more she stretched it, eventually stretching into a narrow string that disappeared between her perfectly shaven pussy lips.

I guess that’s as close to love at first sight as I ever came.

Soon our eyes met again and she knew she’d found her way into my wallet!

Lickety-split we were in the VIP room. Once there, I was no longer treated to any more delicious stretchy fabric-induced pussy wedgies but I wasn’t complaining. I found other, more interesting things to wedge into that beautiful young pussy.

The other dancer who garnered my attention with an introductory pussy wedgie was on stage at the time. The club was pretty empty but for some goofy reason they had a secondary stage in operation. I was impressed with the dancer on the secondary stage and decided to impress her by giving her a Jackson as a stage tip. She had not yet seen that I was about to give her a Jackson and tugged at her g-string as she lay on the stage, one lovely leg spread to a vertical position. Her stretchy G-string thinned out and disappeared between her shaven pussy lips.

That’s when I gave her the Jackson.

She promised to come see me as soon as she got off the stage. She was good for her word and did come to see me as soon as she got off the stage.

If I remember correctly, she also saw me cum a little while later that evening.

As I said earlier, a good pussy wedgie always does it for me!

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a.k.a. Chewys
Still looking for an ATF
I like the line about being the closest to love at first site that you have ever come.
Thank You Founder for reopening our threads, this will make for a big improvement
One time, in one of our Bikini Bars, we had this girl who would wear a slingshot bottoms, with her push up bra. Mostly what her stage set consisted of was getting down on her back and spreading her legs wide. She would pull her slingshot way forward, so the only coverage was its back string. They she would just keep pulling with both hands on the insides of the tops of her thighs, spreading herself that way, and with so little width of coverage.

I would not have imagined this on my own, but having seen it, she was a powerful turn on!

in a sc somewhere.
taco on a string!
Thank You Founder for reopening our threads, this will make for a big improvement
Better with the skimpy coverage to make the wedgie, or better with nothing. Or better with open crotch panties, so it is a symmetrical effect?
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