I always wondered if

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I always wondered if

I’ve been mongering for more than a few years and have had the pleasure of visiting a number of SCs over the years. Like most at first I was very naive bordering on downright stupid and this missed out on many possible experiences.

Once sitting on sniffers row I commented to the dancer that she had the most beautiful body and her pussy looked like it would taste like honey (little did I know that she was actually wet from stimulation). When she was done, she came up to my table and told me she would love for me to taste her and told me I could come over to her motel after bar close. Well stupid me I stammered something stupid about leaving soon because I had work in the am - damned near ran out of the place with visions of both my tongue and dick rotting off from AIDS. Yes this was in the 90’s.

Fast forward many years and I have been frequenting a SC seeking out a specific brunette dancer with the cutest pixie look - to say nothing about her perky nipples. Over the past two years I have stopped about once a month and usually dropped $100 on dances and stage tips - I have never paid for a drink or convo time or presents or food. We have talked and I have listened to her challenges of being a single Mom with a 4yo little boy. I don’t know how her body survived a child. Dances started out very tame with grinding, feeling up the titties, and massaging her cute little butt. Never got anywhere near her butt hole, pussy or a nipple.
Over time the dances got better and better access to her body and there’s nothing like a cute little dancer who unbuttons your shirt to play with your chest and rubs her titties all over a guy’s chest.
Yes, at first I would pop my nut because I was excited. But over time I have been able to hold my nut and not have spunk dripping down my leg no matter how hard she worked on me.
The last time I saw her she ran down from the stage to hug me and pulled me to the bar where we sat and talked for quite a while. We went off to do some dances and she stripped off her outfit on the way to VIP getting there only wearing the cutest little black gstring. As I emptied my pockets she unbuttoned my shirt and was playing with my chest before the song even began. She started things out slow and sexy. Much to my surprise she starts to quiver and shake during the second song as she ground away on my hard dick. The song ended with her draped across me panting and admitting that she had cum - the front of my khakis were soaked from her juices. I asked if we could play some more - she crawled back up, licked my finger and said her pussy needed me. She came again - a hell of a squirted with a very easy clit.
We ended up talking about sex when we went back out to the bar. I asked if I could see her after bar close only to be told she had never taken a boy home from the bar before. So, I watched her dance again and then bid her good night.
Next time I came through - about a month later she was just as nice and when I asked if we could do some dances she asked if I had cum the last time - I admitted that I didn’t but really liked pleasuring her. She asked me about taking me home and I told her I would really like it but b/c of ED issues (no meds along this trip) I was limited to pleasuring her. She left me for a while and came back giving me her address, telling me to go there now, and to wait for her.
I ended up going to her actual house in a small town to find the door unlocked. Yes there was evidence that a child lived there. I just went in and waited for her in the kitchen. In about 20 minutes she bounced in the back door wearing tight jeans, flip flops and a sexy shirt. We talked for a bit and I learned she had divorced her baby Daddy, had tried a bunch of different jobs and ended up stripping because of the good money. I asked why me - she said I had always been sweet, listened and had an awfully hairy chest. She told me she had called off work because of a “sick child” so there was no trouble at the bar for her either. We ended up making out like 16 year olds on our way to the shower. She was ok with me washing her all over to get the bar off her - she shaved everything a sexy girl should and let me play with her slick hairless pussy in the shower. She washed me from one end to the other telling me it was much better to wash a man than a little boy. We were off to bed where we continued talking and exploring each other’s bodies.
I started massaging her feet and legs ending up eating her pussy for the longest time and watched her juices flow as her clit got harder and harder. I did everything thing I could think of acouple times to her body - introduced her to being rimmed. Damn it was fun!! But the stupid ED kept me down. After almost three hours together in her bed she insisted that I climax - try as we might I just couldn’t get much more than half awake. We laughed a little and she ended up actually making me cum in her mouth from half awake status. It was an unbelievable sight to see her eyes shining as my spunk seeped out of her lips. She even swallowed! I was beyond turned on! I was drained - literally!
We stayed in her bed till dawn when we showered again and she walked me out. I went to get my wallet and she told me to forget it - I was the first since her divorce. I asked about playing again only to be told that I was always welcome in her bed when I came through the area - that I had to let her know through FB - that I had to come with the correct meds - that I was not allowed to pay as long as I focused on her pleasure.
This continued for acouple years until she moved back home to Colorado to go to college. It ended up that she would take the night off when I was in the area but refused to let me give her any money. So I worked hard to pleasure her.

I have now learned that sometimes Dancers actually do get sexually aroused in the Bar and sometimes an offer will some your way that you should really accept!

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Nice story. Sounds like a great time. Too bad it had to end.
How old are you, if you don't mind me asking? Can you only get an erection with a pill now?
in a sc somewhere.
sweet girl!
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