My first time at a Strip Club

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My first time at a Strip Club

Flashback to 2006.
I'm hanging out with my cousin whos 4 years older than me and I can't remember how it came up but he brought up the strip club and later that night we are in his car on the way to the local deja vu in town. It was the only strip club in town, the closest I would later find was 45 minutes away.
I had driven by the Vu which is located as a place in town if you were there anyone who recognizes your car with know you were there. Before I was 18 my friend bought us some some XXX movies from there. I was underage so I just waited in the parking lot hoping no one would spot us. Now here we are on our way to go inside.
I had not had a girlfriend yet and the only naked women I had seen we're on TV or in magazines. When we walked in I was surprised to learn that it was a full nude strip club. As we walked in my eyes darted all around trying to catch every naked woman out of the corner of my eye. My nerves began to settle as we sat down an ordered is soda at the table near the stage. We sat and watched a few dancers and eventually one came up and sat with us to talk. I didn't know what to say in my cousin did most of the talking. Eventually I think she asked if either one of us wanted to dance and I think he told her it was my first time at a strip club. He gave me enough money for a dance and she took me back to the booth on the wall. I sat down anxious anticipating what was about to happen. As I said on the furry red booth she began to strip out of her bra and then panties. Is the next song Started " murder was the case" by Snoop Dogg I began to get one of the best dances of my life. When it was done I was embarrassed to stand. I tried to think about cold showers in baseball but eventually had you awkwardly walk back to the table with a noticeable bulge. LOL

Years later after are Deja Vu closed I looked the next closest club. Upon visiting that club multiple times who do you think I run into. A few kids later but still looking good I sprung at the opportunity to relive that dance. Unfortunately just turned out be one of the most generic dances you could imagine. It's at that moment I realized there's nothing quite like the first dance.

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When I first started going to clubs ('92), My first time was also the Vu in town (Ontario, CA, which I had also driven by multiple times, as it was near a family members house). I had no clue about dances. We were naive, we sat there drinking over priced sodas and stale popcorn like it was the cool thing to do. I spent more time upstairs in the porn room. It wasn't until someone dragged me to Hawaii Theater and SRCOI, that the strip club world for Ole Stevie would forever be changed. I went from not knowing what mileage was to the enjoying the BEST mileage immediately....
Miami, FL (or the nearest big-booty club)
LOL - nice and funny read - thanks for your honesty.

Yeah - a strip-club *is* biazarro-world - pretty-much different than anything else we do socially - kinda a guy's dream-come-through where they can be in an atmosphere w/ dozens and dozens of attractive nude/almost-nude women and that are there for the picking.

But yeah - it's funny/interesting how one gets used to it to where going into a club and being surrounded by naked women can often not even register or seem like second-nature.

I became a regular SCer when i lived in Dallas in the 2000s - back then I thought the clubs I hit in the DFW area were off-the-chain - I recently went back to Dallas at the end of 2018 and found the clubs meh/bland-ish - and I don't think it's b/c the DFW clubs have changed a lot, I think it's b/c I've changed a lot in that I have clubbed my ass off after I left Dallas and what I once thought was off-the-chain is now just another SC visit.
The first time I went to a Strip Club was when I was 18 with a fake ID at a place called Seven Seas. It was a friends 21st Birthday and I already had like 4 beers and a joint in 45 minutes before we got there. There were 5 of us and we got a discount for being a party. To my surprise I knew a dancer. She was married to an older gearhead who hung out with us. He said she was a bartender. she was a dancer. And she was naked on a pole and licking her lips and spreading for us. One of the other guys gave me some cash and told me to tip her. . She asked me if I wanted a private dance and get comfortable. So I did. She took off the robe and showed me her redhaired bush (!974) real close and told me to kiss it. only the 2nd pussy I;d seen live. She told me she wanted to 69 which I had only heard of. I wanted to cum s bad but i kept holding off because it felt like I had to piss real bad. I kept licking her pussy and she started moaning and getting wetting and told me to cum. I finally gave up and busted a nut in her mouth but she didn't swallow. She smiled and kissed me and said I was her puppy dog. I only saw her a couple times at the club after that. I saw her a lot at her house though and it was really awkward whenever I saw her husband. But she is the reason I have a thing for pale redheads and Strip Clubs.
in a sc somewhere.
The first few times I went into a strip club I had no idea that real contact (and later on) extras were even available. I thought it was more simply visual (with slight contact if you were really lucky.)
Haha nice, thanks for making me recall my
First dance in Vegas. I too thought at first it was just a visual thing little did I know contact and extras were readily available
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