Seeking Arrangement experience in Vegas

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Seeking Arrangement experience in Vegas

Ive seen the question come up a few times here. What’s the SA experience in Vegas?
Well...... Here’s my story.

I was traveling to Vegas for a weeklong trade show. Boring work stuff all day. Decided to give SA a try.

First, you have to create a profile on SA. You include basic info such as birth date, ethnicity, height, body type ( not weight).
You write a brief blurb about yourself and what you are looking for. You can upload pictures - not required.
IF you don’t upload a picture, you have to buy a $89 monthly membership to message girls.

You also have to put your annual income and net worth.

I’m actually 48, but I said I was 43. I’m assuming damn near everyone lies. The girls lie too.
Lied a lot about my income.
I posted no pictures.
I gave a brief description, nothing too wordy. I actually found that most girls i communicated with didnt even read my profile.
$89 per month. Paid with a visa gift card from CVS.

I started browsing for potential girls about 3 weeks before my trip.
This was probably too soon for most girls. Just like strippers, most SA girls dont know what they are doing tonight, let a lone next week.

About 2 weeks before the trip, I started messaging girls that looked my type.
I limited my search to those under 30 and white. I usually searched based on girls that had been recently online. No sense messaging someone who has not logged in for weeks.

I started with something brief, a little compliment on their looks. If there was something in the profile of interest, i might mention that.
If they replied, I would give a pretty standard canned statement that I was looking for some company during my trip. Dinner, drinks, and see where things go. I got about 70 % that seemed interested. This actually surprised me that it was that high response rate. About 10% were obviously not interested in a short term “arrangement” i was proposing. Some even expressed their offense.

At least once a day I would get a random message from a girl that was obviously just looking for a trick. Right now.

I chatted up at least 20 girls. Most all of them wanted to move the discussion to text before discussing any money. Apparently SA frowns on PPM ( pay per meeting ) arrangements. But somehow pay for longer relationships are ok? I dont get it, but ok.
I texted back and forth with several girls. Got a pretty good feel for what was on the table. As i said, about 70% were down for a one nighter. Only 2 or 3 came out and said what they would and wouldn’t do. I assumed ( correctly) that FS was included if it wasn’t mentioned otherwise.

Price. That was the big variable.
I had offers of $250 - $3000. Yes, 3K

The 3K girl told me she was a dancer and she usually made 2-3K per night and to leave that she would need the guarantee.
I’m guessing there was room to negotiate, but not to my range. This girl’s pictures were possibly the most beautiful I have ever seen. This girl was 25 ( stated age ). Alas... I didnt have 2k in my budget.

Another dancer (21 ) was asking 1500. Again, this was a hard pass. She reminded me of the hottest cheerleader in a college game.

I settled into conversations with girls that were requesting 300-1000. There was a little negotiating, and I felt comfortable with the 400-500 numbers. Ages ranged from 18-29. I just couldn’t pull the trigger on the 18 year olds. Just too young. One problem i encountered was making too many plans. I had tentative plans with 7 or 8 girls. 2 of them were really mad when I cancelled. One “reported” me to SA... I’m not sure under what grounds. But I never heard anything. Another 3 or 4 I had gotten to the point in discussions where we were tentatively planning to get together, and then I just quit responding. I know, dick move on my part... but after the 1 girl reported me, it seemed easier to just ghost them.
I did get a couple of texts .... Hey, what happened? I just ignored them. I was a little worried that some of the plans I had made would no-show, or cancel on me. Backup plans were made, but thankfully not needed. I wish i had had more free time actually.... there were 2 or 3 girls I really would have liked to try out in the 400 range.

Pictures of the girls were almost universally hot. I was really worried that there would be some false advertising and I’d get a fatty or fugly chick. There are a few that are solid 10s. And they know it. Most I would say were in the 6-9 range. Interesting trend i noticed, 99% of the girls say they are non-smokers. Even one girl who had a picture of her holding a cigarette.

In the 7 nights I was in Vegas, I ended up with 4 “arrangements”. Girls were aged 23-28. Each met in the lobby of the hotel. I think they all ubered there. Each started with dinner. 2 of the 4 were actually better looking in person than in their pictures. One was about right on what i expected. The last one was 15 to 20 pounds heavier than her photos. 3 of the 4 showed up right on time. 1 ( the heavier one ) was 40 minutes late. She told me she was running late, about 5 minutes before our dinner reservation. 2 of them were students. I think that was true. 1 was a dancer at Sapphire. The last one, I’m still not sure what she does. Maybe escort is her full time job? Three of the girls were ready to go right to the room after dinner. The 4th wanted to go to the bar in the casino for a while.

Room action was as expected. None of them were rushed. Actually 3 of them, could be repeat customers next time I’m in Vegas. I get to Vegas 2 or 3 times a year for business meetings or conventions. Or maybe ill just keep seeking more variety?

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Good write up 3131. Interesting read!
Nice write up. How did you know that one girl reported on you? I usually worry about that kind of move on their part.
@clres007 she was mad I canceled. She told me she reported me. I never heard any more of it
Anywhere there are Titties.
Glad you had a good time. But that seems like an enormous amount of work.
"In the 7 nights I was in Vegas, I ended up with 4 “arrangements”.:"
Glad you put "arrangements" in quotes, because the way you used the site was indistinguishable from calling an escort. That's undoubtedly why someone reported you. Not telling you how to have fun -- but I can see why the girls constantly complain about the men on the sugaring sites.
Miami, FL (or the nearest big-booty club)
Worked out better than I would have thought
@papi honestly I was surprised it worked as well as it did.

@randommember I think 70% of the women understand what SA really is. (At least in vegas)
Great article. Were these overnights?
Nice, thanks for sharing. I've never used SA, the cost has always kept me from diving in. It's not that much but ...
@OP: "Apparently SA frowns on PPM ( pay per meeting ) arrangements. But somehow pay for longer relationships are ok? I dont get it, but ok."
What's not to get? S(A) is doing everything in their power to avoid being shut down under SESTA/FOSTA.

@OP: "About 10% were obviously not interested in a short term “arrangement” i was proposing. Some even expressed their offense."
Well, what do you expect? Many, of these girls are not looking to come to come back to your hotel for money and never see you again. One of these girls most likely reported you.

@OP: "As i said, about 70% were down for a one nighter."
At least you're upfront with these girls about being in town for one week -- but you'll end up with escorts, pros, and former Backpage girls. If that's what you want, there's a mutual understanding, and you can get away with it, then fine. However, I can assure you that S(A) doesn't want that kind of reputation.

I admit that I don't know anything about the Vegas market, and maybe it's a different scene. The 70% number sure doesn't match my experience.

IMO, S(A) would be better off doubling or tripling the membership fees so that it discourages the site from turning into a glorified Backpage.
@jamessd none stayed overnight. I didnt ask them to.
@random I haven't tried other cities yet, but in browsing other locations I'm going to guess SA is not nearly as easy access as it is in vegas
@3131 SBs are available on major cities and college towns but whole process takes up lot of time so it's not for everybody.
Vegas Baby
Nice write up. I’ve thought about SA but have had so much lucky lately getting OTC with dayshift dancers that I couldn’t rationalize doing it through a site. When I travel I try well reviewed clubs and hope to set something up that way.
in a sc somewhere.
I’ll try this some day when I get brave. (I wonder what the success rate is for an old fart thats 69 years old like me...)
Thank You Founder for reopening our threads, this will make for a big improvement
Face to face first meetings best. Find the right strip club dancer and she can be everything you want.

@misterwonderful tell them you are 52. They all lie too. My "25" year old hottie..... is clearly 30 after checking out her Instagram
@sjg I agree for long term. My success with take out when traveling has been erratic at best. If I've only got 1 free night..... I want a sure thing
New York
nice write-up, thanks
Good write up 3131. You are a good man to treat the ladies to dinner. I just buy them a drink at the bar. I've been using SA during trips to Vegas since 2012 I believe. It works great. 4-500 seems to be enough to get most of the girls to meet. 2-300 used to get it done, but that seems increasingly rare.. I've met a Golden Nugget Blackjack Dealer, verified. Several Strip Hotel Bartenders, a surgeon's ex-wife-At least according to her, she carried herself well and it seemed believable, park ranger, strippers, likely a few pros, a marketing exec, anaccountant, and an Xray Technician who showed up in her outfit after just getting off of work.
I will be interested to see how SA works in other locations. Just browsing so far, but it appears there are considerably fewer 20s white girls in other metro areas.
Anywhere in the USA on any given day
Vegas is different than what I have found in the Northeast and MidAtlantic areas of the country.. For one thing the women seem to understand they are going to find guys who are coming to town for a week at a time and not looking for anything long term. The reverse of this is many of them really don't live in Vegas either. They come into town to work--it could be dancers, could be convention work, and go back home....lot of LA girls and Arizona as well.

I've used SA in Vegas twice. The first time it started off a little cold....sent out ten messages and got a couple back. For me that is a low hit rate--but then later after I sent a second ten out I started to get hits back from the first group--four/five days later.

Unlike you I'm looking for someone for the dinner, drinks, shows, pool time. whenever I'm not working I'm up for someone to be a tour guide and companion. 2.5 K for the week seems to work for me.

First time I ended up with a tall hispanic girl that was a physical fitness nut--about the only time we were not together is when she was at the gym working out.

Second time out I was more familiar what to expect so I adjusted my approach. Ended up with a nurse at one of the local hospitals. Same rate for a week. Only difference with her is she worked during the day as well but I have no complaints either time.

Both of them were fit and fun and not afraid to let their hair down.
in a sc somewhere.
at 2.5k a week?

i think i’ll continue my present pattern.
Anywhere in the USA on any given day
2.5 k a week is less than 500 per day. For the one girl the day started about 10:30 AM and ended sometime after midnight.

I ended up getting a tour guide, a dinner companion, and someone who was hot enough that every night out other guys were hitting on her.

I understand some guys want variety and there are times I do as well but the "mileage per dollar" for the week was outstanding.
So I stumbled upon this article, a couple weeks ago and decided to give it a, my feedback...turns out there are alot of girls trying to pay rent at the end of the month.
short and sweet version: Signed up friday, met girl saturday, 1 drink, she wouldn't let me pay. Then back to the hotel. Few hundred well spent :-)

Heading to vegas in a few weeks, already have a couple lined up...this is going to be a fun hobby :-)
in a sc somewhere.
then probably much better than itc experiences in vegas. i need to try this sa idea out.
ITC in Vegas is tame . I would bet that the OTC is much better.

I think SA has gotten more people that would do PPM because of SESTA/FOSTA. I know pros that told me they created an account on SA when that went into force and all of the listing sites shutdown.

My experience with SA is old. Some were into PPM but at that time most were not.
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