Strip Club Memories Part 1 1969-1972

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Strip Club Memories Part 1 1969-1972

Recent life events got me to thinking about a lot of things in my history, part of it was the early strip club experience. Hard to believe so many years have gone by and all the changes, but to the memories!

My first visit to a strip club was in San Diego, well it really was a burlesque venue. Some friends told me about this "place" so we went, paid our admission, and sat thru an old comedian, telling old tired jokes. Then the stripper came out, she had an elaborate costume that came off in pieces over several songs, to reveal an old tired body, topless at the end of several songs, but kept on her panties. Then the comedian came out again and told more old tired jokes, then another old stripper, same basic routine, and same old tired looking lady, but to a group of 18 year old guys pretty exciting! There were several topless bars in town, but since they served liquor we could not get in. Also a place close to the Navy base that had a big sign that said "GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS" Never made it there as I was only in San Diego for a very short time. We did catch the bus and saw a similar show in LA, but it was not as good in our minds.

One of the guys who had a car decided to drive to TJ, so off we went a short time later. We went to several bars where we had some beer, and one had a "show" if you could call it that. Lots of gringos watching the Latino girls dance/walk around on a stage area. Not strippers, or taking off much in the way of clothes, but what I do remember was some of the guys with long neck beers would give their bottles to the "dancer" who would pull down her panties, and stick the bottle in her pussy, walk around with it, and then hand the beer back to the guy who gave it to her, most of the time he would then take a big swig of beer-yuck- grossed me out then, and still does, but got to admit it was interesting to watch. The gals would come up and try to get you to go to the back for a quickie, but none of us had not consumed anywhere near enough beer to make them look attractive even in the dim lights.

Late in 69 ended up in Vallejo, CA that too was an interesting experience. Still not old enough to legally get into the bars, several of us "kids" came up with a plan that worked at several of the strip clubs in town. We would go later at night, wait till we saw a couple of guys exit, and immediately go in and on week nights when there rarely was a doorman, we would look for a table in the back with some empty glasses on it, and sit and pretend we had been there for a while. Since the dancers also worked as servers, we would just ask for another glass of beer when one walked by, worked most of the time. At the time we thought we were so clever, but looking back, the girls just wanted their tips and did not care. After we got a fresh beer we would work our way towards the bar area where they danced, and eventually sit at the bar. One of the places was a lot of fun when we got away with it. Sitting at the bar, you would put a quarter between two fingers and with your elbow on the bar the dancer would squat down and with her pussy lips snatch the quarter from your fingers.

While in Vallejo we would make an occasional trip to San Francisco to Broadway street. There were tourist trap clubs up and down the street. Some were very strict, and a few would not check, as long as you had money, and tipped they looked the other way. The ones I remember being in had dancers who did strip out of a costume, but do not recall any dancing at the table in front of the customers. One of the ones we frequented a few times had a gay bartender, so when a customer would go to the bathroom, the bartender if he could would make a beeline for the bathroom. It was very funny to watch, not sure what happened inside, but the patron would almost immediately leave with a disgusted look! We devised a plan to tie up the bartender when one of us needed to go, and worked well till he figured out what we were doing and he told us to leave and never come back. Sometimes when we were very low on funds (often) we would find a place to buy beer, and go park in the area of Turk and Eddy streets, and watch the street walkers and others, great fun, but defiantly not a smart or safe thing to do!

By 71-72 I ended up in Seattle, lots of "clubs" in downtown Seattle, some just peep shows, some with dancers, and stripping consisted of taking off the bikini top, and a fairly young age group stripping. By now there was "table dancing" what consisted of the dancer dancing at your table, almost no contact as she would dance standing up between your knees. Seems like the table dances were $2 or $3 and rarely for a full song. Oh have we progressed.

Hope this brings a chuckle to a few of you, have fun out there and be safe!

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San Diego > ALL
Great memories but all of mine SCs memories are erased by TJHK.
in a sc somewhere.
interesting how it was back then.
Thanks for taking the time to write that, much appreciated!
Stimulating clits and making women squirt since 2018
Thanks. As we get older, we always enjoy going down mammary lane. Takes me back to my first strip club experience at age 17 when I was still in high school (they didn't check ID at this dive bar if you were close enough to 21). First time I ever saw naked breasts and i was mesmerized. Funny, like you said, the lady was not attractive, looked like a crack addict, but to us, almost any naked woman was a sight to behold back then.
Not sure if you've been to TJ since, but I can assure you they've upgraded the talent level since then (SHWING!)
This was a great read; look forward to more installments!
Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. 
This. Is. Awesome!!!
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