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Strip Clubs in North Oxford, Massachusetts

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1. Mardi Gras Oxford


139 Southbridge Rd
North Oxford, Massachusetts

Club Type: Nude
Reviews: 58 • Last Review: July 7, 2014
Overall Rating: 5.95 • Dancer Rating: 5.95 • Dollar Value: 5.99 • Club Atmosphere: 5.92

Strip Clubs Near North Oxford, Massachusetts

2. Rhode Island Dolls


579 Front St
Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Club Type: Nude
Reviews: 196 • Last Review: July 12, 2014
Overall Rating: 7.65 • Dancer Rating: 7.42 • Dollar Value: 7.63 • Club Atmosphere: 7.89

3. Centerfolds


229 SW Cutoff
Worcester, Massachusetts

Club Type: Nude
Reviews: 150 • Last Review: July 12, 2014
Overall Rating: 6.25 • Dancer Rating: 6.32 • Dollar Value: 6.92 • Club Atmosphere: 5.52

4. Mario's Showplace


147 Thompson Rd
Webster, Massachusetts

Club Type: Nude
Reviews: 426 • Last Review: July 12, 2014
Overall Rating: 6.82 • Dancer Rating: 7.26 • Dollar Value: 6.06 • Club Atmosphere: 7.14

5. Magic Lantern


399 Boston Rd
Palmer, Massachusetts

Club Type: Nude
Reviews: 53 • Last Review: July 9, 2014
Overall Rating: 6.77 • Dancer Rating: 6.96 • Dollar Value: 6.85 • Club Atmosphere: 6.49

6. Hurricane Betty's


350 Southbridge St
Worcester, Massachusetts

Club Type: Nude
Reviews: 71 • Last Review: June 8, 2014
Overall Rating: 7.07 • Dancer Rating: 7.47 • Dollar Value: 7.21 • Club Atmosphere: 6.53

7. Lamplighter II


187 SW Cutoff
Worcester, Massachusetts

Club Type: Nude
Reviews: 73 • Last Review: May 30, 2014
Overall Rating: 5.47 • Dancer Rating: 5.4 • Dollar Value: 5.62 • Club Atmosphere: 5.39

8. Riviera Show Club


241 Southbridge St
Worcester, Massachusetts

Club Type: Unknown
Reviews: 6 • Last Review: April 23, 2014
Overall Rating: 5.84 • Dancer Rating: 6.17 • Dollar Value: 5.18 • Club Atmosphere: 6.17

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Highest Rated North Oxford area Clubs

#1. Rhode Island Dolls
  196 reviews
579 Front St
Woonsocket, Rhode Island
For a change, I decided to visit Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket during a visit to the Ocean State, rather than one of my usual...
#2. Desire
  537 reviews
1 Franklin Square
Providence, Rhode Island
I went to Desire mid day Wednesday after noon and it was quite busy. Had a beer at the second bar and watched so me...
#3. Foxy Lady
  373 reviews
318 Chalkstone Ave
Providence, Rhode Island
I spent an afternoon this past Saturday at the foxy. I have not been here in a while, but the talent seems to be improving...
#4. Mardi Gras
  317 reviews
91 Taylor St
Springfield, Massachusetts
Mardi Gras remains by far the best strip club in the Springfield area. But its had its ups and downs over the past few years....
#5. Foxy Lady
  258 reviews
265 N Pearl St
Brockton, Massachusetts
After being totally disappointed in a club nearer to home, I went back to my favorite club and was not disappointed here. I hadn't been...
#6. Electric Blue Cafe
  764 reviews
62 Merrow Rd
Tolland, Connecticut
Was there on Friday night about 9 o'clock and the place was loaded with girls. I like the girls here cause I'm into Latino and...
#7. The Club
  110 reviews
130 Frost Rd
Tyngsboro, Massachusetts
ENTER THE CHAINDOG! I came up about shift change time, circa 8:00 P.M. 5 dollar cover charge, A beefy bouncer working the door. Cute scandly...
#8. Club Fantasies
  765 reviews
28 Sims Ave
Providence, Rhode Island
i use to go to this club a lot on Sundays for the two for one dances and use to be several hot girls to...
#9. Cadillac Lounge
  625 reviews
361 Charles St
Providence, Rhode Island
Went to caddy a few weeks back when they had a feature dancer, Kagney Lynn Karter was in town. Waited around for the feature and...
#10. Mario's Showplace
  426 reviews
147 Thompson Rd
Webster, Massachusetts
This is more of a public service announcement than a review,but Mario's is now back open.As a previous reviewer wrote,it was closed for 10 days...
#11. Mac's Two Lounge
  173 reviews
176 Boston Rd
North Billerica, Massachusetts
I love going here, my favorite has always been the private dance. They all love to rub their tits in your face, and they grind...
#12. Centerfolds Boston
  196 reviews
12 Lagrange St
Boston, Massachusetts
I was very disappointed in this club. I went in the evening when I was in town for work. The layout is nice, and upscale....
#13. Centerfolds
  150 reviews
229 SW Cutoff
Worcester, Massachusetts
Went to Centerfolds not expecting much as it is on rt 20 on Worcester. I was really surprised by the quality of the dancers at...
#14. Club Alex's
  180 reviews
584 Washington St
Stoughton, Massachusetts
Had another quality visit on a recent Friday night. There was a smaller crew than I am used to on a Friday, as they only...
#15. Mickey's Valley View Pub
  76 reviews
46 Carpenter St
Cumberland, Rhode Island
Due to the prolonged crackdown in the Providence clubs, once again, I visited Sticky Mickey's on a 2 for 1 night ... The game was...
#16. Glass Slipper
  114 reviews
22 Lagrange St
Boston, Massachusetts
I've been in Boston now for about three years and patronized this fine establishment at least 5 times. Four of the visits were fucking...
#17. Satin Doll
  158 reviews
35 Aborn St
Providence, Rhode Island

Satin Doll has recently changed its business model. On Thursdays after 7 PM the...

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