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Strip Clubs in Andover, New Jersey

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1. X-Rays Lounge


641 US 206
Andover, New Jersey

Club Type: Nude
Reviews: 11 • Last Review: March 9, 2014
Overall Rating: 5.24 • Dancer Rating: 6.2 • Dollar Value: 3.97 • Club Atmosphere: 5.54

Strip Clubs Near Andover, New Jersey

2. Club Fifteen


619 State Route 15 S
Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey

Club Type: Bikini
Reviews: 42 • Last Review: July 7, 2014
Overall Rating: 6.41 • Dancer Rating: 6.92 • Dollar Value: 5.94 • Club Atmosphere: 6.37

3. Lace


24 Galesi Dr
Wayne, New Jersey

Club Type: Bikini
Reviews: 38 • Last Review: July 1, 2014
Overall Rating: 7.58 • Dancer Rating: 7.28 • Dollar Value: 7.4 • Club Atmosphere: 8.05

4. Round Valley Inn


1090 US-22 (W)
Lebanon, New Jersey

Club Type: ??
Reviews: 22 • Last Review: June 30, 2014
Overall Rating: 5.77 • Dancer Rating: 5.39 • Dollar Value: 5.55 • Club Atmosphere: 6.38

5. Showplace Go-Go Bar


347 S Salem St
Dover, New Jersey

Club Type: Bikini
Reviews: 140 • Last Review: June 24, 2014
Overall Rating: 5.21 • Dancer Rating: 5.21 • Dollar Value: 5.82 • Club Atmosphere: 4.61

6. Club 31


157 State Route 31
Hampton, New Jersey

Club Type: Bikini
Reviews: 34 • Last Review: June 24, 2014
Overall Rating: 5.88 • Dancer Rating: 5.38 • Dollar Value: 6.86 • Club Atmosphere: 5.4

7. Smiles II


1135 US-46 (W)
Ledgewood, New Jersey

Club Type: Bikini
Reviews: 44 • Last Review: June 23, 2014
Overall Rating: 6.11 • Dancer Rating: 5.45 • Dollar Value: 7.41 • Club Atmosphere: 5.49

8. Rumors


130 Landing Rd
Landing, New Jersey

Club Type: Bikini
Reviews: 37 • Last Review: June 4, 2014
Overall Rating: 6.52 • Dancer Rating: 6.88 • Dollar Value: 6.88 • Club Atmosphere: 5.8

9. Daily Planet


526 Roosevelt Ave
Oak Ridge, New Jersey

Club Type: Bikini
Reviews: 10 • Last Review: May 17, 2014
Overall Rating: 6.63 • Dancer Rating: 6.39 • Dollar Value: 7.5 • Club Atmosphere: 5.99

10. Rest-A-Bit Tavern


221 Us Highway 46
Mine Hill, New Jersey

Club Type: Bikini
Reviews: 19 • Last Review: May 9, 2014
Overall Rating: 6.34 • Dancer Rating: 6.19 • Dollar Value: 6.48 • Club Atmosphere: 6.35

11. Wedgewood Inn


2156 Route 57
Broadway, New Jersey

Club Type: Bikini
Reviews: 2 • Last Review: February 26, 2014
Overall Rating: 7.14 • Dancer Rating: 7 • Dollar Value: 8.42 • Club Atmosphere: 6

12. Stage Dolls


318 US-46 West
Great Meadows, New Jersey

Club Type: Bikini
Reviews: 8 • Last Review: November 23, 2012
Overall Rating: 0 • Dancer Rating: 0 • Dollar Value: 0 • Club Atmosphere: 0

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Highest Rated Andover area Clubs

#1. Titillations
  193 reviews
6 Willow St
Bloomfield, New Jersey
I have been to many strip clubs. This place has some of the best looking women around the area. They have clocks in the rooms...
#2. Rick's Cabaret
  215 reviews
50 W 33rd St
New York City, New York
From the moment you get there a host greats you and is really friendly. You are lead down a small hallway to a beautiful...
#3. Platinum Plus
  186 reviews
1253 Airport Rd
Allentown, Pennsylvania
It seems that every visit to a club is random. My prior 2 visits here were hit and miss. This time it was...
#4. Flashdancers
  620 reviews
1674 Broadway
New York City, New York
Very attractive dancers not all tatted up as I was told from talking to someone at the club they won't hire girls who don't follow...
#5. Stiletto Gentlemen's Cabaret
  193 reviews
180 E Route 59
Nanuet, New York
Came to the stiletto nanuet club on a Thursday evening to hang out. They redesigned the place to have one huge stage in the middle...
#6. Johnny A's Hitching Post
  82 reviews
95 Barclay St
Paterson, New Jersey
I am liking the hitching post more and more. I usually go on friday morning because i like the morning thing. I stopped...
#7. Private Eyes
  208 reviews
320 W 45th St
New York City, New York
I've said it before: poor sister to Flashdancers. But I will add: my experiences have been uneven here. I went a couple of weeks ago...
#8. Sapphire NYC
  83 reviews
333 E 60th St
New York City, New York
The quality of the dancers are as good as it gets. The club is nice as is most upscale the NYC clubs. Lots of dancers,...
#9. The Harem
  98 reviews
100 Rt 17 South
Lodi, New Jersey
Tried out this club after reading a few of the reviews on this place. After settling in a cute brunette sat down next to me...
#10. AJ's
  58 reviews
201 Secaucus Rd
Secaucus, New Jersey
I have been going to AJ's for many years. The club is a nice size and there are usually a few really nice looking girls....
#11. Delilah's Den
  110 reviews
22 Washington Ave
Manville, New Jersey
Haven't been at this location in a while and it's my home town where I currently live. Go there with cash or stop at an...
#12. The Fox Gentleman's Club (was Tattletales)
  78 reviews
104 E Main St
Bath, Pennsylvania
More like a bar with strippers than a BYOB nude club. Right in the center of town. Drinks are moderately expensive, like $4 for beer,...
#13. Satin Dolls
  75 reviews
230 State RT 17 S
Lodi, New Jersey
Had a pretty good visit to Dolls after a long hiatus. Outside of the building has had an overhaul, the white walls are gone...
#14. New York Dolls
  116 reviews
59 Murray St
New York City, New York
Came on a wed. night and it was relatively busy. The girls were mostly Eastern European like at their sister club Flashdancers. One dancer told...
#15. Vic's Place
  110 reviews
395 Stuyvesant Ave
Irvington, New Jersey
I went to this club on a Tuesday around 3pm. The place was a little crowded so payed my $5 cover and I found a...
#16. The Den
  158 reviews
31 Victory Plaza
South Amboy, New Jersey
I was visiting New Jersey and was well aware of the lame strip club scene in North East.
Still - the Den popped up while driving...
#17. Lace
  103 reviews
725 7th Ave
New York City, New York
You can generally get in with free admission by finding a guy outside the club with a promo card. I went in during late afternoon...
#18. Stiletto
  122 reviews
325 Paterson Plank Rd
Carlstadt, New Jersey
There were a lot of strippers when I came in and filled up a quarter of the room. The great thing about that was how...
#19. Temptations Go Go Lounge
  42 reviews
426 Van Houten Ave
Passaic, New Jersey
Part 4 of my mongering, already been to Riveria, jiggles, and, ragtime. Walk in, there are a couple guys at the bar, the bar tender...
#20. Spanky's East (CR Fanny's)
  63 reviews
1700 Butler St
Easton, Pennsylvania
I have always been a big fan and a regular customer of this club. I've been coming here since it was C.R. Fanny's and I...
#21. XXXV Club
  39 reviews
7090 State Route 35
Sayreville, New Jersey
I decided that I was going to check out some other strip clubs in the area and my buddy told me about this club and...
#22. Showplace Go-Go Bar
  140 reviews
347 S Salem St
Dover, New Jersey
Zoinks!!!!! Like all of the other reviews you see here, this place makes you feel like you have entered another dimension in space. ...
#23. Bottoms Up
  73 reviews
1180 Springfield Ave
Irvington, New Jersey
BU is still pretty much the same. Same bar layout, same bartender, same old man keeping time and running the lap dance room. Parking can...

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