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Map of Elgin Strip Clubs

#1. Blackjack's Gentlemen's Club
Star Rating - Exceptional
  165 reviews
7n657 State Route 25
Elgin, Illinois
Blackjacks has been a non-alcohol club for over two years and it is starting to be reflected in less and less customers coming in the...
#2. Louie D's Lounge
Star Rating - Exceptional
  67 reviews
4601 W Lake St
Melrose Park, Illinois
Since Playpen is essentially a backrub bar now, I thought I would try my luck at Louie's - even for a Sunday, I was very...
#3. Admiral Theatre
Star Rating - Exceptional
  303 reviews
3940 W Lawrence Ave
Chicago, Illinois
Another excellent night at the Admiral. It was a bit slow due to the weather but it was a nice night. About 12...
#4. J's Bar & Grill
Star Rating - Exceptional
  14 reviews
2101 N Mannheim Rd
Melrose Park, Illinois
If you want a strip club, don't go. This is a tittie bar, where the "dancers" hang out at the bar with the guys. This...
#5. Playpen Lounge
Star Rating - Exceptional
  151 reviews
1536 N Mannheim Rd
Stone Park, Illinois
I used to go to playpen all the time back in the day. While the quality of the dancers was not always the best...
#6. Scores Chicago
Star Rating - Exceptional
  174 reviews
4003 W Lake St
Stone Park, Illinois
Seems like there are two places to find strip clubs. Sketchy area or middle of nowhere. Scores is not in the middle of nowhere.

We saved...
#7. Bobby's Bar
Star Rating - Exceptional
  284 reviews
2003 Mannheim
Melrose Park, Illinois
My second visit to Bobbie's and I like it. The club is in a crappy strip mall and does not have any indication from...
#8. Heavenly Bodies
Star Rating - Exceptional
  647 reviews
1300 Elmhurst Rd
Elk Grove Village, Illinois
Lots of "girl next door" type talent Tuesday night. The place was fairly empty but the few hotties still managed to spend their time with...
#9. Carl's Lounge
Star Rating - Exceptional
  156 reviews
1714 N Mannheim Rd
Stone Park, Illinois
Was out with some friends and one of them wanted to go to Carl's. I had taken him a few months back for his first...
#10. All Star Bar & Grill
Star Rating - Exceptional
  75 reviews
7949 West 47th Street
Mc Cook, Illinois
Well, I had another great Valentine's Day at All Star Bar & Grill. Had about ten lap dances, which were really soothing, including 5...
#11. Club Allure Chicago
Star Rating - Exceptional
  22 reviews
3801 W Lake St
Stone Park, Illinois
Went here with friends after a party/bachelor party. Parked and was told valet only so had to walk back to my car and get it...
#12. Uncle Paulie's
Star Rating - Exceptional
  21 reviews
2N030 Mildred Ave
Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Being close by and curious, stopped into Uncle Paulies at 7PM. Only one other customer, the bartender (a dude), and no dancers. Definitely just a...
#13. Bella One Spa
Star Rating - Exceptional
  2 reviews
25W319 Lake Street
Roselle, Illinois
So I'd seen their add on the newspaper section "personals" so I figured what the hell! Maybe it's worth a shot. Its location very easy...
#14. Sweet Temptations
5N105 Illinois Rt. 53
Itasca, Illinois
This is not a strip club so much as a massage parlor. The girls appear to be white/black/latina...no Asians that I saw. I...
#15. Chicago Peeps Showgirls
Star Rating - Exceptional
  2 reviews
2217 W. Lake St
Melrose Park, Illinois
I stopped by to check this place out on Wednesday May 21, 2014. It doesn't exist. It is the same building that I see on...
#16. J's
816 Grand Ave
Ingleside, Illinois