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Map of the Top Irvington area Strip Clubs

#1. Titillations
Star Rating - Exceptional
  214 reviews
6 Willow St
Bloomfield, New Jersey
Abundance of women, lot of dancers, the dollar parade can be annoying at times. They do have pool tables and off bar seating that...
#2. Rick's Cabaret
Star Rating - Exceptional
  247 reviews
50 W 33rd St
New York City, New York
Overall great club experience. Would go back.

Dec 2014, visiting NY from overseas with only limited SC time possible. TUSCL members posted some helpful...
#3. Show Palace
Star Rating - Exceptional
  67 reviews
42-50 21st Street
Long Island City, New York
this is an average club in LIC. Positives are that it's in a relatively safe location, close to train station as well as easily available...
#4. Flashdancers
Star Rating - Exceptional
  661 reviews
1674 Broadway
New York City, New York
Went here on a thursday night last week and boy was this fun. I probably saw at least 30+ dancers. I think this place has...
#5. Go Go Rama
Star Rating - Exceptional
  497 reviews
RT-35 & Laurence Pky
Laurence Harbor, New Jersey
This club is pretty good, definitely the best in the area. The entrance fee is $10 and you have to buy a drink when you...
#6. Sapphire New York
Star Rating - Exceptional
  97 reviews
333 E 60th St
New York City, New York
Tried this place after seeing other reviews and I have to say that the girls here are amazing. I'm use too going to clubs in...
#7. Stiletto Gentlemen's Cabaret
Star Rating - Exceptional
  208 reviews
180 E Route 59
Nanuet, New York
This was the second club we went to that evening, and the first time here since the renovation. The insides look very nice, with one...
#8. Gallaghers 2000
Star Rating - Exceptional
  431 reviews
4319 37th St
Long Island City, New York
Gallaghers remains a great local NYC club and preferred to many of the big name city clubs. Just a few miles from NYC, and plenty...
#9. Beamers
Star Rating - Exceptional
  185 reviews
206 Richmond Hill Ave
Stamford, Connecticut
Beamers is one of the fancier clubs in Fairfield county. The girls are usually from 4's to 8's with a 9 or 10 every now...
#10. New York Dolls
Star Rating - Exceptional
  124 reviews
59 Murray St
New York City, New York
Went on a Monday night, some dancers were very disappointing looks wise, had a good time with a dark haired Russian and another Eastern European,...
#11. The Harem
Star Rating - Exceptional
  110 reviews
100 Rt 17 South
Lodi, New Jersey
I've been wanting to visit The Harem for a long time, but it's just a little out of the way for me. Stopped by...
#12. Clancy's
Star Rating - Exceptional
  73 reviews
144 Broughton Ave
Bloomfield, New Jersey
Visited a couple times in the last month. Experience was fair to good. Parking was not convenient. Limited seating so if it's busy you will...
#13. Private Eyes
Star Rating - Exceptional
  227 reviews
320 W 45th St
New York City, New York
First visit to Private Eyes in almost a year and a half.......
Same $3 coat check charge...Got a comp admission....Same $13 for a beer.....
It was Monday...
#14. The Den
Star Rating - Exceptional
  173 reviews
31 Victory Plaza
South Amboy, New Jersey
Ok, so again made it to this club: Layout has been described before. Got here around 7pm, only about 4 dancers on shift,...
#15. Vivid
Star Rating - Exceptional
  23 reviews
61 W 37th St
New York City, New York
Upon a recommendation from a hotel coiencierge( plus free passes) we decided to visit one of manhattan's newer gentlemans club vivid. The club is in...
#16. Johnny A's Hitching Post
Star Rating - Exceptional
  96 reviews
95 Barclay St
Paterson, New Jersey
Feel like the girls here have really been top notch lately. The top girls at the Post could be successful anywhere. Any friends...
#17. Satin Dolls
Star Rating - Exceptional
  94 reviews
230 State RT 17 S
Lodi, New Jersey
This place is not worth the trip. It is a covered titty bar... they say it was where Badabing strip club was base on in...
#18. Riviera Gentlemens Club
Star Rating - Exceptional
  57 reviews
3458 Steinway St
Astoria, New York
Wow I don't know what happened to this place!! Came here with my boys one night and all of the girls in here were mad...
#19. Cabaret Go-Go
Star Rating - Exceptional
  41 reviews
50 Cianci St
Paterson, New Jersey
Stopped by on a Thursday after getting back from the city, it was damn cold out about 10 with wind chill. I stepped inside after...
#20. Diamond Club
Star Rating - Exceptional
  150 reviews
689 8th Ave
New York City, New York
This place has a bar in the front, and a single open room in the back. There is a mandatory coat check and...
#21. Vic's Place
Star Rating - Exceptional
  122 reviews
395 Stuyvesant Ave
Irvington, New Jersey
I actually went by Vics twice, once on a Friday after work and once on Monday after work. I'll review the Friday and mention the...
#22. Delilah's Den
Star Rating - Exceptional
  120 reviews
22 Washington Ave
Manville, New Jersey
After hitting DD in TR a few times - thought I would give this place a try... maybe it was just dealing with the day...
#23. Temptations Go Go Lounge
Star Rating - Exceptional
  50 reviews
426 Van Houten Ave
Passaic, New Jersey
Glad to see this club open again. I think its been open for about a month now. The close was nothing legal related, the owner...
#24. Stiletto
Star Rating - Exceptional
  132 reviews
325 Paterson Plank Rd
Carlstadt, New Jersey
Came here before not bad. Been to a few of stilettos clubs. I personally like this one. Have a lot of different girls working here....
#25. Cheetahs Gentlemen's Club & Restaurant
Star Rating - Exceptional
  59 reviews
252 W 43rd St
New York City, New York
There are lots of free admission deals you can find for this place, or so I've heard, but I skipped all that and paid the...
#26. Jiggles
Star Rating - Exceptional
  58 reviews
105 Mohawk Avenue
Hawthorne, New Jersey
The neighborhood is safe. I never had a hard time finding parking. The inside of the bar is outdated. Old pool table, Old man bartending....
#27. XXXV Club
Star Rating - Exceptional
  49 reviews
7090 State Route 35
Sayreville, New Jersey
This place reminds me of the Players Club from the movie lol. It's huge inside they should def host parties here.

It's BYOB so that's...
#28. Showplace Go-Go Bar
Star Rating - Exceptional
  169 reviews
347 S Salem St
Dover, New Jersey
Its a shithole of a building, there's no getting around that. But its safe and I've never seen any trouble. Its also...
#29. Harry O's
Star Rating - Exceptional
  155 reviews
137 Selleck St
Stamford, Connecticut
I worked in Stamford for 20+ years but left 4 years ago . I was in Stamford for the first time in a while and...