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Map of the Top Southgate area Strip Clubs

#1. Penthouse Club Detroit
Star Rating - Exceptional
  605 reviews
20771 W 8 Mile Rd
Detroit, Michigan
Stop by last Thursday around 10PM. Supposedly after a quiet couple weeks due to the cold (from what the dancers were telling me), a sizable...
#2. Ace of Spades
Star Rating - Exceptional
  86 reviews
19245 W 8 Mile Rd
Detroit, Michigan
Went in with a buddy on a Wednesday. My buddy and I were the only white guys. Felt comfortable.
Nice bar area. Drink...
#3. Silver Criket
Star Rating - Exceptional
  294 reviews
25231 Michigan Ave
Dearborn, Michigan
I must say I dig this spot. No valet, but a mostly secure parking lot. No cover during the day. Hot and...
#4. Flight Club
Star Rating - Exceptional
  1088 reviews
29709 Michigan Ave
Inkster, Michigan
Started the afternoon at Bogart's but the talent was less than stellar. I was on my way to Henry's but noticed the Flight Club...
#5. Coliseum
Star Rating - Exceptional
  405 reviews
11300 E 8 Mile Rd
Detroit, Michigan
Met up with a buddy for dinner but our usual dinner spot is close for the day. We ended up at Coliseum for some steak...
#6. Players
Star Rating - Exceptional
  219 reviews
13710 E 8 Mile Rd
Detroit, Michigan
Saturday afternoon visit for lunch and entertainment. $6 valet, mandatory coat check, $3 beers. Ordered the special "Cajun Rib-Eye". Great lunch for...
#7. Déjà Vu Showgirls
Star Rating - Exceptional
  186 reviews
31 N Washington St
Ypsilanti, Michigan
Stopped in on a Wednesday evening on my way through town. Have been there usually during day shift, and the place is rather dead....
#8. BT's Executive Club Dearborn
Star Rating - Exceptional
  312 reviews
14417 Michigan Ave
Dearborn, Michigan
Went to BTs on Tusday evening a few weeks ago. Got there around 8. No noticeable changes in the club in general from what's stated...
#9. Trumpps
Star Rating - Exceptional
  129 reviews
21413 W 8 Mile Rd
Detroit, Michigan
Trumpps is now a shadow of its legend, with the occasional beauty spicing up a mediocre lineup of mostly older dancers. Fully half the...
#10. Subi's Place
Star Rating - Exceptional
  134 reviews
12916 Northline Rd
Southgate, Michigan
I went to this club on a Friday night. Parked at the club valet is only $4 dollars. Thie club is a smaller venue but...
#11. The Landing Strip Lounge
Star Rating - Exceptional
  416 reviews
36431 Goddard Rd
Romulus, Michigan

Last Saturday I decided to pay the landing strip a visit. A friend of mine recently told me the talent level was on the rise...
#12. Scores Detroit
Star Rating - Exceptional
  52 reviews
6200 E. 8 Mile Rd.
Detroit, Michigan
The club is spacious, with three two-story poles on the main stage,
And some of the girls really use the whole pole.

Most of the girls are...
#13. La Chambre
Star Rating - Exceptional
  274 reviews
14100 Telegraph Rd
Detroit, Michigan
I was driving by on a Friday afternoon on my way to another club and decided to stop in for one drink. I was...
#14. Bouzouki Club
Star Rating - Exceptional
  162 reviews
432 E Lafayette Blvd
Detroit, Michigan
This club is located in the Greektown area of downtown Detroit right by the casino. I went on a Friday night and it was quite...
#15. Toy Chest Bar & Grille
Star Rating - Exceptional
  236 reviews
18728 Ford Rd
Detroit, Michigan
Went here after a boring visit to the cricket. Found Toy Chest to be much better. Most of the ladies are attractive and several were...
#16. Bogarts Lounge
Star Rating - Exceptional
  976 reviews
30100 Michigan Ave
Inkster, Michigan
It's a strip club for sure. BUT there are a lot of opportunities when getting dances. I forgot which dancer I went with but she's...
#17. Traffic Light
Star Rating - Exceptional
  135 reviews
24500 Henry B Joy Blvd
Mt. Clemens, Michigan
Went here Monday afternoon for lunch with 2 male co -workers and 1 female. Decent neighborhood. I felt like my car was safe. We got...
#18. Henry the VIII South
Star Rating - Exceptional
  370 reviews
15480 Dix Toledo Hwy
Southgate, Michigan
Long time lurker, first time poster here.

I had not been to Detroit in several years and had a decent time at this club when I...
#19. John's Hot Spot
Star Rating - Exceptional
  172 reviews
50778 Michigan Ave
Belleville, Michigan
Had been a year or so since I visited this old favorite- not much ever seems to change but it has it's good days.

#20. Henry the VIII Lounge
Star Rating - Exceptional
  375 reviews
1715 Middlebelt Rd
Inkster, Michigan
Visited on a Monday afternoon as those are the $10 dance days and the talent tends to be marginally better than usual on Mondays.

Went in...
#21. Club Venus
Star Rating - Exceptional
  116 reviews
9506 Michigan Ave
Detroit, Michigan
Stopped by Club Venus the Saturday before last (now almost three..four… weeks ago-sorry for the delay) during the afternoon. It was quite a large crowd...
#22. BT's Executive Club Detroit
Star Rating - Exceptional
  108 reviews
12210 E Eight Mile Rd
Detroit, Michigan
I stopped by to give the place a chance I usually go to Players to see a dancer I know. She wasn't working that day...