Escorts screening

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Escorts screening

Its very rare that i use sex services in America ......

When it comes to (anything sex) America is a prude nation.......They Actually arrest you for sex.....

All the Strip Clubs,Escorts etc......... just don't give you the same entertainment sex value as (other nations)......

Also : There's this thing that no one talks about ,that everyone is familiar with( Escort screening process)....

Here's the screening process:1)Escort gives her description and rates

2)Whats your race

Blacks are generally excluded..........too much criminal -ism, jiving, rough-housing, and general Nig**rism...........

However, that's not my beef

((As a hard core Monger , The Escort industry in America is the only one i give a thumbs down for their scam tactics and overpricing...))

Its a good thing Massage Parlors are plentiful.... $100 per hour

Unless u like to get scammed for $300 per hour.....

Mexico,Colombia,Thailand,Philippines ,Germany.......even better............

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So many women, so little time
It's quite ironic, the USA has amongst the largest adult entertainment industries but it's virtually illegal to purchase sex services.
Yes it needs to improve here
We have way too many people that think they know what is best for everyone else. It can be the Right with their morality and how the USA can only succeed if we return to GOD bullshit or the left, who thinks they can tell everyone what's right for them, for women, for the environment, for economics, etc.

This country became great when people were free to go out and try new things without the government breathing down their necks with regulations. People could strike it rich with the right idea or fail and starve to death if they made bad choices. Now, we have to have a safety net so nobody every fails and feels bad about themselves. Why? That is the exact reason that evolution works.....those that have the worst genes for the environment die off, leaving behind those who have the right genes...thereby improving the species as a whole. But no, we can't let anyone fail (or succeed as they will make others feel bad).

I we had libertarians in charge, we wouldn't have all this shit. Libertarians are more about the idea that everyone is free and everything is a go as long as the people involved are adults and willing participants. Then you can go after the pimps and traffickers and leave the ladies who want to sell their bodies to do so freely.
Detroit strip clubs
I prefer to meet young ladies in strip clubs where we can screen each other.
But at least a nigga, nigga rich
Its not sex. You can legally buy sex in NV brothels.... You can't engage in unlawful labor practices ie contracting an illegal sex worker.

I think escort agencies and AMPS are both scams...most massage parlors are basically clip joints and escort agencies function the same way. There are so many accounts of men ordering escorts to their rooms, girl comes over. The price agreed to is just the agency fee, she quotes a different price, escort agency thug waits outside...guy gets scammed.

One time in Vegas, I saw an actual escort agency. It was in an old strip mall and there were all these Russian girls getting yelled at by thuggish guys, in Russian. The guy was taking money from them. When he went for one girls purse like a grand worth of coke fell out lol

I think a lot of guys are under the illusion that paying more means they're getting better quality.

Also the no Black men thing is usually BS, its just appealing to white middle class men to know she's not taking black dicks, like that makes the hooker more wholesome.

If I wanted to pay for sex, I'd go to Vegas and pick up a girl at a hotel. Screen her, etc and that's it. Otherwise I'd choose a street walker who looks like she's just starting out. $100 full service...
Somewhere in MO.
AMPs offer excellent FS with beautiful women who will not give up until you are satisfied all for $ 200 or less. Plus, you get a shower to boot! Love the AMP! I have not done the escort thing; mainly because I prefer to go into a building that is located in an area that requires a business license. I like adding to the local business revenue.
I swear, it's just shrinkage due the cold
I have had some amazing experiences with escorts. It depends on your needs and desires.i am light on SCs now but recently escorts have been amazing.
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