What's a healthy number of hobbies to have?

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What's a healthy number of hobbies to have?

Too many hobbies and you're too busy and never have time to relax, too few and you are boring. What's the magical Goldilocks number or number range for hobbies one should have? For the purposes of our lives, does going to strip clubs and posting on internet forums count as "two hobbies" or does a hobby not really count if you can't discuss with other people what you do?

I suppose then that three hobbies you can discuss with other people is a good number? What about hobbies you've had in the past that you can sort of briefly get into if you meet someone who's into it even though you don't necessarily make it a part of your daily life?

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Somewhere in MO.
A hobby is basically anything you do for your own enjoyment regardless of whether or not you wish to share or discuss it with others. You can never have too many nor too little hobbies. They are for your personal relief/satisfaction.
TEXAS BY GOD! N iceyphagboi iz my neu mane bitch!
It dependz on how u define hobby cuckcuck. Most ov us dont consider playin xbox sploogin all over the walls n midnight trips 2 walmart 2 buy paper towels hobbies.
Rhode Island
Depends on the hobbies and how one defines "hobby".

Why can't you figure this out for yourself?
in a sc somewhere.
I have one hobby.
But at least a nigga, nigga rich
However many you want or can handle. The point of a hobby is to relax with it.
Sitting in the back doing tequila shots with your ATF
A always have a bunch of hobbies, but I can't be balls-out on more than a few at a time; the rest I just enjoy whenever. I don't consider SCing a "hobby", and kind of wince when people refer to mongering/SCing/etc as "the hobby". Just like, going out for beers with my buddies isn't a hobby, just a social activity I enjoy.
@subraman I'm like that in the sense that I tend to get really obsessive about a hobby when I am focusing on one. I don't split my interests all that well.
But at least a nigga, nigga rich
I like working out, clubbing, weed, bitches, being lazy lol
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