The Variable Mileage Curse

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The Variable Mileage Curse

I occasionally read a post on TUSCL wherein a monger confesses wanting to give up mongering once and for all. Aspiring to defect from the mongering hordes is a courageous thing to admit on this site where many deluded pretenders boast of sexual conquests (paid for or otherwise) even if they probably occurred only in their dreams.

Thus, it is with considerable trepidation that I admit in this post that I sometimes give serious consideration to ending this mongering madness once and for all.

Mongering has simultaneously been a delight and a scourge for about 2/3rds of my already considerably long life. I have no idea how much I have spent on this most unproductive “hobby” but I am willing to bet it’s enough to buy a few choice acres in the Rockies with nice vacation home and a luxurious foreign sports car in the garage.

Mongering is an exceedingly perverse hobby. I am simultaneously proud and ashamed of what I’ve done in the course of my depraved forays into the seamy undersides of the cities around the world in which I have lived or visited over the years.

The only people alive who have any inkling about how badly I have behaved are (1) the women I’ve spent money on in strips clubs and (2) people who read the absurdist posts and reviews that I sometimes contribute to this site. What both groups have in common is that no one in either group has any idea who I am. It is an anonymity I hope to preserve forever.

To be perfectly honest, I have resolved to give up my mongering ways on many occasions in the past. But I have always failed to adhere to my resolution. I blame the highly variable mileage at strip clubs for my inability to stay away.

Sometimes I have a blazingly successful experience in a strip club. It’s as if I am starring in a pornographic video - the ordinary guy who gets desplooginated in spectacular fashion after a prolonged, delicious sexual seduction and tease by one or two shameless and fiery hot strippers who pull out all the stops in sumptuous a VIP room. When it’s all over and I’m driving away it occurs to me that I am wildly unlikely to ever experience a better outing than the one I just concluded. With that thought in mind, I feel like this would be the perfect time to retire from mongering. You know - “leave on a high note.”

But those high notes are extremely difficult to forget and there is always that inescapable temptation to go out and try to repeat that “dream cum true.”

So I eventually get back on the mongering treadmill, hoping to once again find that Holy Grail of divine desploogination by a sexual goddess (who I barely know).

But as we all know, your mileage may vary. So my subsequent forays are more than likely going to be deeply disappointing especially when measured against the outrageous memory of the wank-worthy experience I recently had.

But it would be a crying shame, after all those wonderful sticky experiences, to just drop out of the mongering religion on such a low note.

So I continue trying to recreate that Nirvana.

It might take a long time to achieve, but eventually persistence pays off again and I have another unbelievably fantastic experience in a strip club that I immediately record for posterity and for your reading pleasure on this site.

Again, I consider ending my mongering days on a high note.

But soon I am tempted to recreate it ... just one more time ...

... and so the pathetic saga continues, week after week, month after month, year after year and decade after decade with additional ungodly sums of money down the drain.

Evidently, I am not as wise as a lot of people think I am.

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Lockn down the stripper you wanted/ and being a whiney little bitch
Just take a break I do quite often for two-three days at a time;)
Rhode Island
I've posted this before, but look into "hedonistic treadmill":

Based on my experience here, the guys who make the biggest deal out of giving up mongering (or TUSCL...) have the highest rate of recidivism.

I suspect that it's the guys who just stop posting and/or reviewing with zero fanfare are the ones who are really and truly done with it all. Either because they had a truly catastrophic experience or they've had some other major life change, they're just done.

Every so often, I take breaks. Some are short and some are longer. I don't tell myself I'm quitting so much as taking an open-ended leave of absence. I go back when I feel like it...or not.

One day, I'll just stop. It's not a big deal.
Anywhere there are Titties.
There is only one thing that will make me give up my mongering. As soon as I run out of money, then I'll stop.
North Carolina
What a great writer!
So many women, so little time
I don't consider mongering a waste of money but rather my entertainment expense, though I have wasted money (too much tip, too many drinks, one too many arribas, etc) overall I've felt it is money well spent for great experiences (my priority isn't having things).

I guess I could stop mongering, save that money, buy a fancy car to drive to my bigger house and watch porn on a bigger, higher definition television.

No thank you, I would rather chase the dream until they pour the dirt over my casket.
Pussy on an intermittent reinforcement schedule is a hell of a drug.
New Hampshire
I am not anywhere near considering stopping mongering. If anything, I’m starting to develop a need for it. Previously, I liked to visit clubs but if I didn’t go to one fir a while, it was no big deal.

But then I started spending more time on the hobby, reading about it here and elsewhere. That led to getting digits, then finding CFs, texts back and forth, and finally discovering an ATF. Now, I think about visiting clubs way too often.

Stopping for me won’t be a permanent thing but I’m thinking a long hiatus would be good for me, too, but for different reasons.
The view from the other side of the room
I wonder what you all would call a long break/hiatus?
Obviously depends on one's regular frequency.

I'm an irregular- the deal with wife - so it always feels like I'm on hiatus, except for a few glorious afternoons a year.
You're chasing that Mountain Top experience.
Miami, FL (or the nearest big-booty club)
To me mongering is often the symptom, not necessarily the problem - those that monger on a regular-basis do it for a reason, something is driving them to spend all that time and $$$; stopping the mongering wouldn't stop/make-go-away the underlying reason why one mongers - ceasing the mongering often means one is left with the underlying unmet need vs meeting that need - I don't think ceasing the mongering will necessarily make you happier.

If you are enjoying it, or don't have anything else to meet the need that mongering satisfies, then might as well enjoy it while you can - there may come the day when you may not be able to do it for w/e reason (health, finances, etc) - there may also come the day when it's not (as) satisfying anymore (burnout) - as long as you're enjoying it and feel the need, then abstinence may not necessarily be better (although there are often multiple variables/reasons at play).
LDK or bust!
I was a regular PL going a few times per week until my wife had issues with it. I took a six month hiatus and about three weeks ago I went to a club again with her approval since she was having a "girl's day" with her BFF. I saw a past fave and had a typical experience - boner teasing in the main room for about 30 min then a three song private dance w/LDK. It was a good time and all, but it wasn't something that I just "had" to do regularly anymore. The time off gave me perspective and I realized that going regularly was a bit of a "rut", even though it was still enjoyable.

I'm like gSteph now where I go infrequently. And with that I view the infrequency of going as a rare and special treat and it is more enjoyable that way.
Miami, FL (or the nearest big-booty club)
^ good description - like many things, SCing can def be habit-forming and the more one does it the more habit-forming it can become

Some people talk badly about "escapist" forms of entertainment like mongering but I think escapism is actually healthy for people who really have a problem that can't be solved. At least, mongering is usually a much more healthy form of escapism than say heroin would be. Truthfully, being able to escape sometimes can sometimes make living with the problem for the rest of the time much more manageable.
Too much of a good thing is never enough
If given the option of spending your money on experiences or possessions, I recommend experiences, especially if the involve sexy young women and reenactment of your best porno dreams.
Verified and Certifiable Super-Reviewer
That was very melodramatic. It also had a bit of a creepy vibe to me for some reason I can't put my finger on.

But putting all of that aside, chasing after old experiences can lead to a lot of bad decision making. The only thing we can really do is enjoy each new experience for what it is. If doing that is difficult for you right now, then you might want to consider taking a break to reset your expectations.
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