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Price For Couples OTC

I’m in the Boston area and my wife and I met a smoking young dancer at the club who offered to met up with us OTC for a threesome. Haven’t set up anything yet or discussed price just told her we’d let her know. Based on the high mileage dance she gave us there is no doubt she had the skills for the job and a genuine interest in other women. It’s also not easy to find a dancer to do OTC with a couple as most just are willing to meet up with other guys. She’s 23 and I’d rate her an 8. I want to go back to get with an offer but debating on what to come in with and looking fir some opinions. We wouldn’t want her for a full night. A few hours at the hotel would do it and we’d take fir dinner if she’s interested. Given our location I’d guess around $1K to do both of us. Any opinions appreciated

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But at least a nigga, nigga rich
Just ask the hooker how much she's charging.....
Sittin' at a bar on the inside. Waitin' for my ride on the outside
My OTC offers always run around what I'd give her ITC, including the room. For the right girl, I'll round up to my cost for the trip to the club all in. For example, If I'd spend $100 on parking/cover/drinks/sundries then another $100 on the room and $200 for her my offer would be $300 and I'd be willing to go to 4. If it was a shittier club where the room was $25 and her end was another $125 I'd start at $150. I know ITC girls tend to double up on prices, meaning dances are 2x per song if you're both in there, but I think that's a function of club greed charging the girls 2x so they just pass it on. I'd expect the upcharge OTC for having a girl with you to be moderate, but far from double. I can't say I know that for sure though.

I find the "just ask her" can be problematic sometimes, but if you really don't know the market it's not terrible advice. The reason its problematic is girls tend to come out with really high numbers, bringing them down to reality is a hit to the girls ego and makes things awkward. Coming in with the logic of "This is our entertainment budget, we really like you and want to spend it all on you instead wasting it on club fees and things" tends to work better for me. That approach tends to stroke the ego a bit or at the very least not put you in a position to have to sound like she's not worth the crazy price she's quoting, even though that very well may be the case. It also reminds her of the fact that she's also saving a few bucks on house fee's, tipouts, etc.
In a VIP near you
My method works better. Just pay the amount that is asked of you, and add incentives. If she is that hot then go for it, or let the a relationship develop over time. When the girl is comfortable with you, and knows that you make good money the they will make a sales pitch.
Let her bring up money. And 1,000 is on the very high end.
What I’ve encountered in the greater Boston area has been when I’m paying for two females whereas your proposal is for just one. I’ve paid $600 to $7500 for two. If she doesn’t bring up money and you want no misunderstandings I’d start at $400 and wouldn’t go over $500, unless there’s anything intriguing in her rejoinder.
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