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The shocking sex fantasy Americans have
6 Minutes Ago

Don't miss the cake sitting fetish video. :)
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Riffing off the suit discrimination idea
18 Minutes Ago
Another way strippers will look at potential of a customer. Based on my own experience, your watch, your…
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Last Comment 7 Minutes Ago (umpuccs)
how to fuck lots and lots of hoes
25 Minutes Ago
considering how many hoes i've fucked, i consider myself to be a hoe expert, and clearly, there's a…
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How did that get in there?
1 Hour Ago
Woman goes to emergency room, doctors find dead turtle in her vagina
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The world is changing dinosaurs !
1 Hour Ago
Cosby sentenced 3-10 years, there is some justice, occasionally the system gets it right.
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If tuscl had a bullshitting contest
2 Hours Ago
What member would win?
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My Social Experiment: Gonna Start Out as a Trick & Make a Hoe Fall in Love in 2 Weeks
2 Hours Ago
I have some time on my hands and more money to spend since my main bitch is visiting…
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I don't care if this is YouTube or not...
3 Hours Ago
I am Smashing that like button HARD
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4 Hours Ago
....I enjoyed dances from pretty young women and wake surfing in the 90 degree sunshine. Wake surfing…
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Why Can’t You Fart At An Apple Store?
4 Hours Ago
Because there’s no Windows.
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I learned so much from nicespice
4 Hours Ago
She has helped me become an expert at stocking. See video for details...

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5 Hours Ago
I do Landscaping...

Big Dicks Landscaping

We can trim your bush
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Last Comment 22 Minutes Ago (Lil_Baller100)
It's all about the money.
7 Hours Ago
There is an older regular at my favorite club that literally has the girls line up for dances…
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Last Comment 2 Hours Ago (PhatBoy99)
Teacher accused of dropping student’s grades because they stopped having sex
9 Hours Ago
"A South Carolina math teacher is accused of lowering a student’s grade because he stopped having sex…
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What is the smartest thing that ever came out of a stripper's mouth?
10 Hours Ago
Q. What is the smartest thing that ever came out of a stripper's mouth?

A. Stephen Hawking's…
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Last Comment 3 Hours Ago (MackTruck)
TJHK? Heading for the other heaven Frankfurt FKKs
13 Hours Ago
Hola TUSCL amigos! I tried HK now I’m going for the trifecta of heavens boys. Yeah HK and…
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Last Comment 2 Hours Ago (cubbieguy)
A Tuscl encounter
14 Hours Ago
Just spent my night chillin at the club w/ a member. I feel special cuz the only other…
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Last Comment 2 Hours Ago (WillMunny)
san_jose_guy: A Modern Denis Diderot?
14 Hours Ago
Denis Diderot was a French Enlightenment philosopher. Do any of his quotes sound like something our resident philosopher…
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C u tomorrow phagboi99
15 Hours Ago
Ok bye

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Tuscl chivalry
15 Hours Ago
Do you consider tuscl chivalry paying for the babysitter, or paying for her uber to the hotel? …
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Real TUSCL Roll Call
16 Hours Ago
Thread Theme: www.youtube.com

A sister thread to this thread: www.tuscl.net and this thread: www.tuscl.net

How many people currently post at…
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Last Comment 20 Minutes Ago (EchoPizza)
Honk kong
16 Hours Ago
Everyone is always talking bout hk chicas and bad experience and it always involves mongers cutting their prices…
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Last Comment 16 Minutes Ago (Warrior15)
ATF OTC frequency
16 Hours Ago
Is there a limit to how many times you guys try to see your ATF outside of the…
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Last Comment 7 Hours Ago (joc13)
What's the worst thing you've ever seen on a strippers criminal record?
17 Hours Ago
two_bits and I are dying to know . . .
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Last Comment 3 Hours Ago (nicespice)
Going to Reno 9/26 any recommendations
18 Hours Ago
Going to Reno this Wednesday. Looking for recommendations for girls, stripclubs, escorts, whatever fun options I should explore!…
Comments: 17
Last Comment 1 Hour Ago (Dominic77)
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