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6 Hours Ago On a scale of 1 to 10 What would you rate her?
11 19 Minutes Ago
7 Hours Ago Writer Looking For Info I'm writing a story that involves a strip club, but I'm having trouble finding basic information. Short of… 10 5 Hours Ago
8 Hours Ago Male teacher charged with sodomy, sex acts with student during school hours. Wait did it get that right. Male? www.wkrg.com 1 4 Hours Ago
9 Hours Ago Extras on I35 I'm doing a cross country trip from Minneapolis to Austin and I'd like to get some extras along… 7 6 Hours Ago
9 Hours Ago when your favourite dancer is with other patron I think most of you have gotten into this situation: you are attracted by a dancer on the… 17 1 Hour Ago
9 Hours Ago Crazy Brawl at LAX www.tmz.com
They acting CrazyJoe style
6 20 Minutes Ago
12 Hours Ago Changing the "relationship" dynamic A current favorite asked me to return to the club the next night so that she could leave… 35 4 Hours Ago
12 Hours Ago What should I do about this dancer? Need your advice, fellow TUSCLers. There's this dancer at the club, let's call her Bridget, who has… 16 2 Hours Ago
13 Hours Ago Fake body parts Most of us say we prefer natural, but at the end of the day do we really care… 22 1 Hour Ago
13 Hours Ago On a scale of 1-10...... What would you rate her?


I'd give her a 9.5
45 6 Hours Ago
14 Hours Ago JUICE NEEDS OUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been awhile since we have heard from Juice, myself and a few others have become concerned.

Crazyjoe did…
21 8 Hours Ago
18 Hours Ago Tax Season Hey Everyone. I am a baby stripper (only started about 3 months ago). Tax season is here. Yay… 36 9 Hours Ago
20 Hours Ago Please tell your stories of Cops comming into the club? In my area there is a local club where cops come in occasionally and look around for a… 17 13 Hours Ago
22 Hours Ago South Carolina trying to keep up with Floriduh. Fines for sagging pants? South Carolina Democrats support proposed new state law.

9 8 Hours Ago
22 Hours Ago A new alliance Australia, India, Japan, and the US are close to completing an agreement that would vastly increase free and… 38 13 Hours Ago
Yesterday Sugar relationships in public Not long ago, my wife and I were dining at an upscale restaurant. Our table was adjacent… 21 9 Hours Ago
Yesterday Club patron booted, returns with weapon From the photo, do you think the patron won the fight?

8 14 Hours Ago
Yesterday Here’s the giant project that could replace that strip club on NE 163rd Street "Most strip clubs have reputations for being shady, crime-ridden, sleazy joints."

I'm OK with that.

10 8 Hours Ago
Yesterday Michelin Star Rate Strip Clubs If you were rating strip clubs according to the Michelin star system, which would you give stars to?

7 18 Hours Ago
Yesterday I'm not moving to Floriduh. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — The Florida Legislature is declaring pornography as a health risk.

The state's House of Representatives approved…
13 13 Hours Ago
Yesterday Nashville strip club advertises AR-15 on street corner www.wsmv.com 4 21 Hours Ago
Yesterday Long time CF I have been seeing my long time CF OTC for the last 5+ years on the average of… 23 7 Hours Ago
Yesterday Figure Skaters: Hot or Not? Katarina Witt was smokin' back in the day.

Sasha Cohen was hot.

Tara Lipinski got pretty hot, though…
21 32 Minutes Ago
Yesterday My Girfriend is a Dancer This song should be a reference stickie for all those questions on "should I date a stripper?" Dan… 2 Yesterday
Yesterday Is it illegal to stiff a whore? I was going to take this question to group, but thought I'd run it by you guys first.

15 19 Hours Ago
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