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Las Vegas
Is prostitution legal in Mexico?
1 Hour Ago
Is there any chance that the street walkers could be undercover cops or can I be pretty explicit…
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Last Comment 1 Hour Ago (nemesisk7)
Why go to "meh" clubs when you have better options?
3 Hours Ago
As i become picker and my standards and expectations continue to increase as i continue this hobby/habit, i…
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Last Comment 1 Hour Ago (WillMunny)
Do ugly dancers work harder?
5 Hours Ago
I was looking at t-shirts on my favorite site and saw one that read "I work harder than…
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Last Comment 3 Hours Ago (rh48hr)
Columbus, OH
Is ‘Cassie’ still @ Sirens? Different club in Central Ohio?
5 Hours Ago
Hello does anyone know if ‘Cassie’ still works at Sirens? Had a great experience in April but…
The block off dancers
6 Hours Ago
I wanted to talk about the "block off" dancers . The ones that come to your table…
Comments: 9
Last Comment 47 Minutes Ago (DandyDan)
Serena williams is my idol
Cant send him these pics
6 Hours Ago
Want to send my crush these pics , but it is too embarassing to ask.him if hes alone…
Comments: 7
Last Comment 29 Minutes Ago (skibum609)
OT: The future of marriage in the US?
6 Hours Ago
The percentage of people married in the US has dropped by 9% in the last 25 years after…
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Last Comment 6 Hours Ago (Clubber)
Elizabeth NJ 2AMer.
7 Hours Ago
ELIZABETH, NJ — A Plainfield man was found fatally shot outside of a strip club in Elizabeth on…
Why don't dead clubs hire ringers?
7 Hours Ago
There are a few clubs in the Phoenix valley that are floundering. Walk in and there are…
Comments: 12
Last Comment 1 Hour Ago (EzilyConfuzd)
Do Club Owners/Managers read their club reviews?
8 Hours Ago
One would think they do, but you gotta wonder since they don’t seem to improve.
Comments: 10
Last Comment 1 Hour Ago (Liwet)
Baseball Hat
9 Hours Ago
I tend to wear a baseball cap pretty much all the time- so much so that it’s second…
Comments: 10
Last Comment 5 Hours Ago (Clubber)
Cleveland, Ohio
My atf/sugar baby
10 Hours Ago
The ex is back out of jail. Since I dont like him, he's a violent parasite... I won't…
Comments: 14
Last Comment 6 Hours Ago (Call.Me.Ishmael)
Cleveland, Ohio
10 Hours Ago
Serena williams is my idol
No such thing as beta males, but rather only dumbasses
10 Hours Ago
Given what i have seen discussed on this site as well as in other places, there is no…
Comments: 16
Last Comment 8 Hours Ago (max_starr)
Time isn’t wasted when you’re getting wasted
No cum on my cake
10 Hours Ago
It might be the marijuana, but I thought this was funny.

Comments: 5
Last Comment 5 Hours Ago (Bj99)
The "you're such a gentlemen" dilemma
15 Hours Ago
Any of you other PL's deal with this?

When I meet a high talent new-to-me dancer I won't be…
Comments: 33
Last Comment 7 Hours Ago (lopaw)
When will BJ....
15 Hours Ago
Let us know where she works so we can get non-extras lap dances? I have frequent flyer…
Comments: 21
Last Comment 4 Hours Ago (larryfisherman)
Lets discuss this... use of the "N" word in music.
17 Hours Ago
I read an article where Kendrick Lamar stopped a show because a "white" person he invited up on…
Comments: 35
Last Comment 3 Hours Ago (Electronman)
Plastic Surgery Central
Uh oh, not another dating strippers thread!
18 Hours Ago
The other night I was talking to a regular customer at one of my favorite clubs. He’s in…
Comments: 20
Last Comment 4 Hours Ago (larryfisherman)
Joke of the day
18 Hours Ago
What did one tampon say to the other tampon?

Nothing, they were both stuck up bitches
Comments: 1
Last Comment 15 Hours Ago (flagooner)
Austin, TX
out of topic: where do you guys find escort
19 Hours Ago
A lot of guys here mentioned they had experience of doing escort.

Compared with SC, I don't understand…
Comments: 12
Last Comment 1 Hour Ago (Liwet)
Chasin' pussy with Juice
Parents Attempt To Evict 30 Year Old Son From Their Home
21 Hours Ago
SJG is praying his mom doesn’t see this article.

Comments: 11
Last Comment 8 Hours Ago (ime)
Serena williams is my idol
Saw an pic of serena williams.i want to look like her.that is all.
23 Hours Ago
Comments: 10
Last Comment 19 Hours Ago (Longball300)
Detroit strip clubs
Remember when Nightline called Portland 'Pornland?'
23 Hours Ago
"Portland became so famous for its strip clubs, that back in 2010 ABC's 'Nightline' dubbed the city 'Pornland.'…
Comments: 8
Last Comment 6 Hours Ago (Hugh_G._Rection)
Flight booked
Deutschland here I come. 7-9 June.

Lopaw, get your ass across here for some great pussy :-)
Comments: 14
Last Comment 9 Hours Ago (mjx01)
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