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Joined: Jan 2009

Clubs Reviewed: 13
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Club Persona?

Does your personality change when you go to the clubs? If so, is it just an exaggerated version of your usual self? Or do you have a whole "alter ego" for the club?
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Joined: Jan 2009

Clubs Reviewed: 9
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Identical as outside a club.
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Joined: Mar 2000

Clubs Reviewed: 49
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Don't know why it would be different.
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Joined: Jan 2008

Clubs Reviewed: 18
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At work I have a very straight laced persona. I don't make friends or socialize at work. At home, I'm very much a homebody. At the club I'm very quiet and unassuming, until I go into the little room or VIP area. Once there, I'm not shy about reaching into panties and asking for extras. I'm pretty aggressive that way. Several strippers have found that to be surprising about me.
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Joined: Aug 2002

Clubs Reviewed: 37
Total Reviews: 66

I'm in a completely different, contrived environment, meeting women who are acting out a fantasy role for me, so of course I change. For one thing, I'm a hell of a lot more uninhibited in all kinds of ways than I am in most any other setting. What do I have to lose? In my normal life, there might be plenty to lose by acting the way I do in a strip club.
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Joined: Sep 2000

Clubs Reviewed: 33
Total Reviews: 85

Pretty much the same.
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Joined: Dec 2001

Clubs Reviewed: 31
Total Reviews: 186

I just gotta be me. Although ITC I am a lot more open about sex than I would be OTC.
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Joined: Jun 2001

Clubs Reviewed: 3
Total Reviews: 6

I have a persona and an obvious fake name. They don't need to know shit about me.
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Joined: Jan 2009

Clubs Reviewed: 13
Total Reviews: 34

I'm expected to be conservative and button-downed in my corporate environment, so clubbing offers an escape from that. I can't really pull it off, but in the clubs I try to channel snarky Bill Murray.
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Joined: Aug 2002

Clubs Reviewed: 37
Total Reviews: 66

The chance to live a secret life once every few weeks is a big part of the appeal of strip clubs to me. I think of it as kind of an alter ego, although an exaggerated version of myself is probably a closer description. It's not like I'm meek or straitlaced in my normal life then suddenly the complete opposite.

I believe we all take on a role the second we walk into a club, whether we realize it or not. To not take that as an opportunity and have fun with it seems like missing out.
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Joined: Jun 2009

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I try to be a nice guy at all times, maybe a little more so ITC. Last visit the waitress kissed me on the cheek.
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Joined: Jun 2003

Clubs Reviewed: 32
Total Reviews: 99

I'm not a very good actor so its just me.
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Joined: Oct 2005

Clubs Reviewed: 16
Total Reviews: 77

Same persona, just more in a party/relaxation mode. Always curious. That's how you network and get ahead in the real world, and I try to do the same in this hobby.
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Joined: Nov 2005

Clubs Reviewed: 30
Total Reviews: 61

I'm genuine, and I gravitate towards dancers who can also be genuine, even in the fantasy environment. The difference is obvious: I don't typically have sex in public at other places than an SC...
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Joined: Jun 2003

Clubs Reviewed: 10
Total Reviews: 42

At a club, I'm a lot more horny and exhibitionist. A few times I've worn my stretch pants outside the club, with a big boner showing, and I couldn't believe how many girls noticed it and looked me right in the eye.
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Joined: Jan 2004

Clubs Reviewed: 10
Total Reviews: 112

I do behave differently. At work if I see a pretty girl, I don't try to offer her a dollar and hope to see her tits. Meanwhile at a strip club I would if she went up on stage. For some reason, the girl at work I'm wondering if she has a boyfriend or might be interested in someone slightly older than her. Meanwhile when I see a dancer in a strip club, going out with her seems to be something I don't think about anymore. Either I'm not interested in the dancers in a strip club or I'm not really experiencing too much fantasy. I think it has to do with most dancers I'm not really that interested in. Well I do like it if they look good and have a good personality.
Philip A. Stein
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Joined: Sep 2007

Clubs Reviewed: 23
Total Reviews: 36

I know my language is 100 times more raw in a club. I have never told a 23yo hottie that I want to eat her pussy and stick my fingers in her ass other than in a SC.
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