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Extra milage in DC

Where in Washington DC can you get a little extra touching?
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In my experience, you can't, at least not at a strip club. Take the train to Baltimore!
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Try the building in the center of town with the big dome on top. It helps if you look like a young male page.
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Well, when I was in Alexandria, Virginia, (across the river from DC), I checked out Paper Moon (in Springfield, I think.) I can save you the trouble: THAT place is SO far from "extras" you'd laugh your ass off. Then again the Northern Virginia Yellow Pages had about 20 pages of escort service ads, so that must be the socially acceptable extra method.

FYI: Good food at GREAT prices at Murphy's Irish Pub at 713 King St. (the historic old town area) in Alexandria. I was in there 3 straight nights (ass kickin' pub!) Park on a side street and hoof the last block.

Want to see a baseball game? 2.5 hrs. before the game start, the Nationals' club puts a block of end section upperdeck seats on sale for $5 a piece. Buy at the stadium box office. FYI: One can park on the street 3 blocks away (I did east of the park in a metered location - meter enforcement ceases at 6pm) and it cost a buck or so, saving the $20 of the designated lots. Good way to avoid the post-workday Capitol Hill crowd clogging the freeways around 5pm.

I know I've deviated but sometimes the time/timing just isn't right for extras pursuit. So I thought I'd supply some of the best alternatives I found.

P.S. Restaurants at Baltimore's Inner Harbor tourist trap have, well, a tourist price markup. I'd eat someplace else, unless you go during Happy Hour on a weekday, then McCormick & Schmick's on the Harbor has your back. They have all kinds of Happy Hour food deals.


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From DC's Union Station, take Marc Train to Baltimore's Penn Station ($7). From there you can take light rail or a bus to Baltimore Avenue, where is located "The Block." Or walk, about 1.5 miles. I got more touching there in a half hour than in a decade of visits to DC's strip clubs. Wish I had figured out how to get there without a car years ago.
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I'm local to the area and don't even bother with the DC clubs anymore. I love Showcase Theater in Beltsville, MD. Check out the reviews, I'm sure you'll find a few of mine. Also, visited Paper Moon in Springfield and found it a good time too. Two way contact allowed, but they keep their outfits on. I haven't done a review yet, but Monroe must be seen to be believed! She said she only works weekdays. Jenelle and Tatum were sweet too. Avoid Paige, she's the psycho chick referred to in reviews. As others have said, Baltimore is worth the trip if you can make the trip. I prefer Players Club, I think I did a review there too.
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