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14 Arrested In Price Hill Prostitution Sweep

May 21, 2010 • CINCINNATI -- Over a dozen people were arrested by Cincinnati police in a prostitution sweep in Price Hill.

Police say using an undercover officer as a decoy, they concentrated on Elberon, Woodlawn and Price Hill avenues.

The men offered various amounts of money and drugs to the officers in exchange for sex acts from the undercover officer posing as a prostitute. One would-be "John" also offered a bottle of whiskey.

Most suspects have been released from jail after being charged with solicitation.

The suspects charged are Mark Berding, Simeon Gilden, Michael Duwel, David Wilson, Dwayne Smith, Steven Glover, John Spain, Damion Dailey, Carlos Pena, Steve Freudigek, Santos Guiterrez, Peter Borger, Kenneth Stigall and Alvin Gonzales.

fyi: Cincinnati is where the Hustler porn business started. It was originally a go go bar that started a porn magazine and pushed the envelope but including shots of the kitty. Now it is a very conservative town with only one strip club remaining. Deja Vu (nude, 18+, low mileage juice club).

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