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August 15, 2010 • Can somebody outline the differences between a girlfriend experience and a pornstar experience?


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August 15, 2010 • IMNECTHO, GFE would be good sex, with some post coital cuddling, conversation, and the appearance that she's actually interested in you, rather than just your money. PSE would be balls to the wall, full contact, anything goes, plain, pure fucking.


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August 15, 2010 • i did a search and came up with this from

(of course i would say that it's not an exact science and definations will vary depending on who's defining it)

PSE vs GFE Female Escorts

When you’re looking through the different websites of female escorts such as craigslist or cityvibe, they may give descriptions of themselves as providers of PSE or GFE caliber. There are also sites that post female escorts that could give a GFE and PSE type of experience. But what do these terms actually stand for? Some would say that GFE and PSE are individual experiences, but most providers interpret GFE and PSE in a specific manner.


GFE stands for Girl Friend Experience, and these escorts provide a service much like its name: acting as a girlfriend. Those who usually book these type of female escorts want someone who could be with them and be like the girl next door. For the sex part, they also provide what every girlfriend would do for you. A true GFE experience should be very passionate. Usually the experience with a GFE could include dinner. True GFE is devoid of the cold, emotionless sex that is often associated with basic prostitution.

Many female escorts claim that they offer GFE, but then don't kiss, or allow their clients to touch their pussies, or give bareback blow jobs. This is NOT true GFE, because if you have a real girlfriend, most will allow you to do these things. When hiring a female escort who advertises GFE, always keep this in mind. Only a small amount of escorts advertising GFE services actually provide "true" GFE.


On the other hand, PSE stands for Porn Star Experience. When you take a look at cityvibe escorts, PSE providers are rare. Because of that, they could command a relatively higher than normal price. If you have been watching today’s hard core adult themed videos, you know how a porn star could be different from a girl friend experience. Another reason why PSE can be expensive is because the porn star experience is often provided by porn stars themselves.

Basically what you’ll get in PSE is much like GFE, with a little bit of a twist. Usually a GFE will just give you straight up sex with an experience that could probably match a great honeymoon. However, a rare female escort that provides PSE experience could even give a bareback experience with all the additional things you could just dream of.

Greek experience (anal), deep throat, and even Russian (doing her tits) are among the things that you could experience with a PSE. Oftentimes, they would be more than willing to let you come in their mouth or in their face. An escort for PSE will always have that edge since it doesn’t just give you an erotic experience, but a full sexual adventure that explores every part of your body.

Like GFE, most of the escorts offering PSE today are not the real deal. A PSE escort will not have a laundry list of rules. She will typically offer facials, or she will swallow your cum or spit. She will also be more likely to offer anal and even bareback full service.


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August 15, 2010 • I am guessing the main difference is that PSE includes anal and GFE does not. I don't know though...


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August 15, 2010 • Sam, that and the fact that the GFE includes nagging and the requirement that you 'change' to be a better guy....



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August 15, 2010 • I dunno, PSE and GFE blend together. In the end more money makes a girl more enthusiastic.


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August 15, 2010 • If your girlfriend is a porn star, then GFE might be like PSE for you.


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August 15, 2010 • I saw this online

Girlfriend Experience. The provider/escort will provide a girlfriend experience meaning she may do some are all of the following, further determining if she is a FULL GFE or Light GFE.
Talking first then playing, Kissing, bbbj, dfk, letting the client go down on her, cuddling, no rush, no clock watching.

Some GFE's do not like to kiss but will give a bbbj, this makes them a light GFE, vs. a FULL GFE will perform as well as RECIEVE!

sepearating this from a PSE (pornstar experience) is that a PSE will not talk first like a girlfreind, they just get straight to the sex part, and Never use a condom. that is a PSE.
gfe pse girlfreind experience true gfe full gfe
by escort agency owner Apr 23, 2009 share this


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August 15, 2010 • I'm with gatorfan. But I think it can be distilled to, "If she won't do DFK, she's not a GFE." (I read somewhere that uninhibited kissing is extremely intimate for a woman...and my experience supports this).


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August 15, 2010 • I dunno, the more money, the more enthusiastic the girl is, GFE, PSE, is the same, what you want.


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August 16, 2010 • harrydave, passionate kissing is as intimate as it gets. And that does make GFE what it is, in my book.

As for bareback, I do not understand the logic in the link posted by troop. A girlfriend would be as likely to ride bareback as a pornstar, and that's a part of the fantasy that most guys would avoid anyway. PSE would seem to involve no-holes-barred inhibition and overzealous verbal feedback...


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August 16, 2010 • [previous post should say "...lack of inhibition..."]


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August 17, 2010 • I agree with How. I've never linked PSE with the use/non-use of condoms during FS. I've always linked it with the no-holes-barred approach and availability of BBBJs, CIM and facials.

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