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BBW Strip clubs

Is there any BBW strip clubs near and around Chicago.
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Clubber, it's an acronym for Big Beautiful Women.
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i thought it was for "bats been wild"

joking ;)
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i have never heard of a strip club specializes in BBW but I have noticed the dives there is usually at least one porker and she makes the most money because she is easy for extras lol
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heartland, if your travels take you out to Milwaukee go to the Hillside - I think they have a 220 lb minimum weigh-in requirement and there should be at least a few to choose from.
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Sorry I asked!
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Simple idea. Go to the lower rated dive clubs. Almost guaranteed the girls will be heavier if not BBW.
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Shangrila and Honey's in Gary always have a porker or two on duty.
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Dive clubs usually have a number of these. Just be careful they don't sit on Mr H as this could cause injury.
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