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I was on the site and noticed the advertisement for the Erosguide site. Is this really legit or just a good way for cops to make easy arrests?

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Eros is usually more expensive than backpage or strip club OTC...and yes cops could use it to make arrests. Always do a check on TER before hiring an escort on there.
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But can you trust TER? There is an agency on there from the Dayton area that looks way too good to be true.
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There is a much more reliable review site It's mainly for U.K. girls but there are reviews for girls world-wide including the U.S. though not a huge number.
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Is anyone else from London? I was curious if Londonguy was it.
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Eros guide is legit, just like backpage is, but obviously both can be scoped by the fuzz, so use discretion. I think like any of this, doing what we are doing here is what helps, and then I notice that on backpage if a dude finds a scammer, he posts it on there to let guys know and we need to do the same for each other. Typically, or I guess recently, I will visit a few clubs and backpage when I am in a town. I usually prepare a few weeks ahead of time for the "donatable" services of a young lady, checking out if the ad is up on the site daily or at least frequently. If I arrive in town and a new post goes up with some unbelievably "too good to be true" info, I just pass it up.
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"But can you trust TER?"
TER can give you a good idea but it's not totally reliable. There are a lot of fake reviews and the staff will edit some real reviews to make providers seem better than they are. I once submitted a review on a provider that had several reviews prior and gave her a decent but not great review. When it posted it was a 10/10 rating and my rest of story had parts removed/edited. is a very good site depending on where you live. I'm sure there are fake reviews there but at least what you write gets posted. They are a discussion board also so you can usually find some friendly people to help w/ your questions etc.
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eros is legit but they cater to the higher $$$ girls. many of them are pornstars or well established escorts.
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I've scoped out and used eros. they're 100% legit, but as others here say, don't rush into an ad that's just up. would disagree with the notion that they're just for the high-end providers, as at least in the Chicago area they usually list lots of asian providers at reasonable prices. where you're at might be different, but they're at least a good, relaible place to start.
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I've personally had good luck with:
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