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Pornstar/model working at clubs

Last Comment: February 13, 2011

January 23, 2011 • Hello all.
I know some SCs throughout the country have porn-star feature days and whatnot. But are there any clubs where pornstars work as dancers permanently? I have been going to a local club as a regular recently, and I noticed that there's a ex-pornstar/ex-model who started dancing a few weeks ago (message me for intel). She is definitely a 9 on my scale with 34-24-34 figure. I tried just one LD with her intention of luring me into VIP (i turned VIP down 'cause i already spent some $$ before her). I thought I have gotten better dances before, but damn! just touching around her body was an exquisite experience. i wonder what it'd be like to go beyond LD with topnotch pornstars.
At any rate, my questions is 1. Why would such stunning ex-models work as dancers (or go back to dancing again)? I have my own thoughts about this; I figure she only performed in girl-girl porn (possibly being lesbian), and she began getting lots of tats. hmmmmm... would that be reasons to ditch porn/modeling to dance?


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January 23, 2011 • I am guessing in California/LA. Lots of the porn companies are based in that area.


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January 23, 2011 • Lucy Thai used to work at Christie's Cabaret in Cleveland.
Gauge used to or still does work at a club in Little Rock I think.


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January 23, 2011 • A new glut of young porn actresses is pushing the old timers out, faster than they want to be old timers. It's a young woman's game. What can a girl do when she is over the hill at 32 or 35, but wants to stay in the adult industry?


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January 23, 2011 • I'm inclined to agree with SuperDude. Aggressive searches for new, and younger talent by existing studios, and the ready availability of porn, professional and otherwise, on the internet, seems to have had the effect of aging these girls out of the industry sooner than they would have even 20 years ago.

As for why strip clubs specifically, it may not only be *wanting* to stay in the adult industry. Many of them may feel that they have no other marketable skills, and so *must* stay.


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January 23, 2011 • Let's face it, it's a young girl's WORLD out there now. Being young and hot is what's out there now. And there's just so much porn being made now in conjunction with the fact young girls now are a lot more provocative than they've ever been. And 30 is considered old now for a woman's looks (which is the bane of their existence now) in porn or any aspect of life. If you really want to get some time with a porn star many working porn stars supplement their income by escorting. You can usually find them on or if they have a website (almost all do) often they post their schedules there. Obviously you will have to be prepared to spend $$$ but if you really want to have the experience go beyond a SC VIP room that would be it. If you actually have that kind of disposable income during these times more power to ya. That would be a nice treat for yourself, an hour with a pornstar in a luxury hotel suite.


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January 23, 2011 • An item to think about:

In the early 80's, I befriended some people in porn. For most, it was just was just a friendship thing, but a couple of times I got to "enjoy a porn star".

What they're used to are guys who completely lack technique. What they really love is a guy who takes his time and gets her there before he starts his own pleasure.


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January 23, 2011 • There was a girl who used to work at a local DJV who was a porn star. In fact, I had seen her on film before I even met her in the club. She was actually quite friendly and down to earth. Why was she working there? To make money. I get the feeling there was a brief window where she was doing private shows, charging a fortune, but I was asleep at the switch at the time, so no luck! Probably one of the few girls in the world who could conceivable be worth >$500.

Word has it, that some of the girls who worked at Rick's went onto porn careers. I can't verify that, and the names I remember were not that hot.

If you want to bang porn stars, the moonlite bunny ranch always has plenty on hand.


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January 23, 2011 • Gossage54: " And 30 is considered old now for a woman's looks (which is the bane of their existence now) in porn or any aspect of life"

Don't know about that. Cougars and MILFs seems to be all the rage these days.


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January 23, 2011 • There was a black porn star that worked at christie's cabaret in brunswick, oh...don't remember her name but if anyone cares read through the SCL comments and you'll find her name...


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January 23, 2011 • Gossage54: maybe in porn but in every other aspect of life it seems women of a certain age (whatever that age may be) have it better than ever. Look at how many top tier "sex symbol" stars are not just over 30, but over 40.

Back to pornstars working in clubs, there are plenty of dancers who have done porn films, photo shoots, escorting, or whatever else. Whether they're stars or not is another story. For most actresses, a scene in a porno pays no more than she could make in a good shift in a SC. Only when she achieves some kind of stardom does she make more money. So yes, there are lots of girls who are doing both.

A friend who is a cinematographer has shot some porn to pay the bills. We were out clubbing one night and he ran into a dancer that he had shot some scenes with. First she avoided him, then they wound up talking shop for like half an hour.


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January 23, 2011 • maybe she's there because like every other industry these days, there's not that much money in porn. so if she's used to being naked in front of a bunch of people she doesn't know, what better place to work than a SC?


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January 24, 2011 • I've rarely if ever seen any good reviews of pornstars who also do escorting. Apprently they feel they deserve the money for just looking good.


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January 24, 2011 • ^^^^
funny thing is that most of them don't look good, imo anyway.


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January 24, 2011 • Troop: Agreed, at least with regard to the one's I've seen locally. The resemblance between the person in the movies or on the posters and the one on stage appear to be purely coincidental in many cases.


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January 24, 2011 • r1" "work as dancers permanently".................
In a field with an average turnover of 3-6 months, that is the oxymoron of the day. Yeah, in my clubbing career, I am aware of half a dozen or so instances where clubs had a pornstar as a house dancer. (If you want to define pornstar as anyone who is listed in database). In most cases, dancer used just her first name, not whole "handle", so you really wouldn't know unless she (or someone else) told you. Not all were "regular", one would only show up at the end, or begining of month when bills were due. In L.A. area, 4Play, Bare Ellegance, and SR-COI have had pornstars at 1 time as house dancer. Happy hunting...


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January 25, 2011 • SuperDude: "what can a pornstar do when she is over the hill at 35 but wants to stay in the industry? She can "do" Tom Byron in his "Seasoned Players" porn series.


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January 26, 2011 • My favorite club has one dancer who is a retired porn star. Less than 5 feet tall, under 100 pounds, but with 32ddd implants. She's pretty striking. Better than that, two of their former dancers are now pornstars, and Ol' Pothead has tapped them both. I think that's cooler than having sex with an active or retired porn star. LOL


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January 26, 2011 • The SR in WPB has had a few runs with a few porn stars regularly working there. Regularly as in at least once a week. Several months ago they had a current girl in as a "featured" dancer who drew in a pretty big crowd, and most of whom wound up fighting for a shot at with retired girl. I haven't seen her in a few months. She did well on stage, in lap dances, and held a conversation like a normal adult.

As far as why they do it, isn't it obvious - Its the way they can make the most money with the least effort. Coincidentally, that's why I do what I do as well.


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January 26, 2011 • You'd actually be surprised. Porn doesn't pay as much as you'd think. The industry has become oversaturated with performers over the last ten years and nobody buys the dvds when you can download torrents for free or watch free streaming sites like Redtube. I remember Carmella Bing saying she rather escort than do porn. No testing, no dealing with contracts, no taxes, quick cash etc. After all both are sex for money. I think alot of these porno stars just do the films to get their names out there and build up fanbases, then make money off of feature dancing, escorting, webcams, merch, etc. Cody Lane wanted to have sex with me for eight-hundred.


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February 13, 2011 • "But are there any clubs where pornstars work as dancers permanently?"

Sure, just go where a lot of porn stars are the LA area.

"Why would such stunning ex-models work as dancers (or go back to dancing again)?"

Because the money is pretty good.

Rosemary Radeva escorts for $1000/hour. Lyla Storm will "schedule a scene" for a little more than that. Eden Von Sleaze & Kimber Peters dance in the LA area. Indigo Augustine dances in the NYC area. There used to be a tattooed porn star that worked as a dancer regularly at Balloons in RI.

Just follow your favorite porn star on Twitter & see what she's up for.

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