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Male bartenders/waiters at a strip club

Just wondering what do you guys think of male wait staff at a strip club? Do you turn around and walk out when you see a male bartender? I think it is usually a bad sign when you see one (staffing issues) but I will put up with it.
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I have never seen a male waiter. Don't think I would like it. I have seen male bar tenders. Usually with another who is female. I am OK with that.
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I never thought much about it one way or the other. I guess usually I see female bartenders, and always female wait staff (waitresses). I, of course, would prefer female bartenders, especially when they're as hot, or hotter, than the dancers. But I've seen enough males making drinks at SCs that it doesn't phase me.
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The last male bartender I saw was OK in my book. I paid for a single drink and had three. I have known him for about 15 years, but had just run into him at a club.
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Male bartender OK. Waiters rather than wiatresses, more unusual. Bear in mind that if the club had an absolute must be female rule on anybody other than the performers they would be open for sexual discrimination lawsuits.
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And conversely Sam, how about female bouncers?
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haha I heard the local female "bouncers" are strict and check up on you during LD so I try to avoid them.
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Bartenders I don't mind really. Waiters? I've never seen it but I think it would turn me off a bit.
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I've only been to one place that ever had a male waiter and he was essentially the bartender forced into it by the lack of a waitress that particular day. I've been to a few places that had male bartenders, and it never bothered me in any way. Often in those cases, they are management. I do remember one, though, who was openly gay.
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DandyDan, you met that one too. LOL. One gay bartender tried to pick me up once, I told him I'd be happy to pour VERY HOT coffee on his balls. Other than that, I prefer hot barmaids, but a male bartender is OK.
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I have no problems with male bartenders. In fact, I find that they are generally more generous in the "buy back" department than female bartenders.
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I'm used to male bartenders in SC's. Male waiter-I would have issues with. I might leave the club .
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Why would one care about the gender of the wait staff at all? As long as the dancers are female, what difference does it make who brings me a drink? It's not like one typically goes to a SC to see waitresses, after all. And why leave the club, especially? That makes no sense to me at all. Forgo groping naked women because the person who brings me NY drink is XY instead of XX? I don't think so.
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Male bartenders are okay. I prefer waitresses but I would not object to a waiter. However, if I see a male dancer, I'm going to figure I stumbled into the wrong kind of club.
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We want to see as many hot women as possible in the club, clothed, naked, dancing or waiting tables. A token male bartender is OK, especially if he has the right info on dancers.
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I've seen lots of male bartenders, but I can't ever remember seeing a male waiting tables in a SC. Wouldn't cause me to bolt if I did, though. Assuming he was hetero, I'd probably ask his advice on dancers.
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Not one person chimed in about Tijuana. In Tijuana, all the bartenders and waiters are men. This prevents any confusion.

If you are a woman in the club, you are a stripper.
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Seen plenty of male bartenders & busboys. No male waiters yet. No female bouncers yet.

I gotta get out more.
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I've never seen a male waiter, only bartenders. And all of them were assholes, while only about half the women bartenders are.
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if they're doubling as security, I guess it makes sense. after all, who's going to notice a problem quicker than someone working the tables? that said, only saw a guy working tables once, and he usually checked the dancers in and out of the private rooms. slow night, so they had him out clearing tables. he was a dick, so it worked for me.
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More women around = more pleasure. The ultimate setting, in my mind, is all the staff, management, and dancers are all women and having just the bouncers be men. When you have men working in valet, front door, bartender, and managment, the excitement drops down. This is all excluding male customers. Women should be over numbering the males in the club. I wouldn't feel comfortable if the only females around would be the ones doing the stage dances.
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