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Prince George's County, Maryland Strip Clubs

Last Comment: August 30, 2014

March 21, 2011
I've been to every strip club in Prince George's County, Maryland, and almost all of the rest in Maryland, and I would like to give those who don't know or those who are visiting in D.C. a run down on how these clubs work.

For those who don't know, Washington, D.C. is about the worst place for strip clubs, especially if you want lap dances. In D.C. there are NO lapdances allowed. If you want a lapper you have to either go into Virginia (not my thing) or go into Maryland. Prince George's County is right on the line out of D.C. and if you don't want to make that hour long trip to Baltimore listen up.

Most of these clubs are BYOL (Bring Your Own Liquor) and lap dances are pretty cheap. For those who don't care too much for African American girls, well, Prince George's County is mostly black so most of the clubs are mainly black. Showcase is the only one that's mostly a white club. If you want extras, well no problem there.

If you're one of those guys who concern yourself with the safety on the area, well sorry, but this is Prince George's County, but here are a few clubs you shouldn't have problems with.

Showcase: In a industrial area, it may not look safe but it's all business out there. My father worked over there for many years.

Fuego: Has a lot of police force always on site and lots of security inside as well.

Besides those two clubs well it's on you. Really you shouldn't have a problem with most of the clubs but those are the only clubs I can safely say nothing will happen to you.

For those of you who are looking for cheap lap Prince George's County is the place to be. Sensayonals, Bazz n Crue, Puzzles and Chica Chula all have $5 lap dances. Yes, you heard me right, I said $5 lap dances! Most of the others have $10 lap dances. Even in a place like Mustang you can get a $10 wall dance. At Showcase the lap dances are $20.

Now on to the actual dancers. Dancer quality vs. dancer attitude is different in Prince George's County. Just based on looks Fuego is #1 by far with Mile High, Bazz n Crue, Showcase and Sensayionals right behind them. After that the rest the clubs vary in quality from night to night. For me, the attitudes of the dancers at Bazz n Crue tops my list, followed by Mile High and Sensayonals. At most of the other clubs the girls tend to not pay much attention to you if there are regulars around.

Here is my personal overall top ten list for the clubs in Prince George's County:

1. Bazz & Crue - Girls always have a positive attitude, cheap laps, and I always have a good time.

2. Mile High Club - It's got more of a local bar feel. The girls are just as good looking as any I've seen in other clubs and I've never come out of there with an empty wallet.

3. Fuego - This club has the best looking dancers but on busy nights gettin' a lap dance can be a chore instead of something fun, but can still have a good time. Heads up: cell phones with cameras are not allowed in here.

4. Sensayonals - This club has cheap lap dances and phat asses. There is not much bad to say about this spot except that they have a huge turnover in dancers.

5. Irving's - Some of the girls here will try to hustle you, but still this is a great spot for some laps and extras if that's what you're in to. Pick your girls carefully if you're going to indulge in extras.

6. Chula Chica - A newer club but it does have the potential to be as good as its sister club Bazz n Crue. Cheap lap dances in a big, spacious club.

7. Puzzles - This reasons this place makes this list is because of the cheap lap dances, the cheap $10 cover and some of the extras. The high value makes it worth a trip.

8. Showcase - I personally don't care for Showcase because of the lap dance prices and the lap dance area. If the prices were lower and the dance are better, with the looks of some of these ladies I'd be inclined to come here more often.

9. Extasy - Right up the street from Harley Riders and Mile High this club is a suprise for the area that it's in. Looks like a whole in the wall but it's a clean, spacious club and the dancers aren't too bad.

10. Harley Riders - This spot has nothing glorious to it but if you want girls that will give you your money's worth , Harleys is it.

I hope this list helps you guys figure out which clubs to go to. If you have any questions hit my inbox up and I'll do my best to answer.


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March 28, 2011 • Good article.


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March 28, 2011 • Nice job, I can tell your intel is reliable based on the # of these spots I've visited. And I second your strong endorsement of Fuego. Still have a few of these left to check out myself.


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March 29, 2011 • I just had a family member placed in a nursing home in Rockville and will be visiting the area quite a bit. Curious as to whether or not being a middle aged white guy is an issue in these clubs? I don't have issues with other people and am street enough to be pretty much fearless, but I don't need a hassle on my free time and can stop at go go rama to and from if race is an issue in these clubs, so is there an issue?


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March 29, 2011 • Loaded question, skibum. You might get a funny look or two, but if you can stomach that, you should be okay. It's not an issue as in you're gonna get jacked. Nothing like that will happen. It's basically all in your head - do you feel secure enough as a white dude to enter a place where you might be the only white face? If the answer is yes, you'll be fine.


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March 30, 2011 • Question to rell, the original poster.

First off, good content, thanks for sharing.

I went to the showcase years and years ago. I remember the lap dance sofas seem to be right in the relative open space, so my question is, you state in your first paragraph "showcase has extras, no problem there" , so are you saying the extras are done pretty much in the open?



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March 30, 2011 • Great article. A few questions..

Fuegos Cell Phone strict is this? As I ride a Harley...its not like I can leave my cellphone in the car.

Also which clubs offer extras?


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March 30, 2011 • well you cant bring your cell phone into fuego if it has a camera on it .. so if your phone doesnt have a camera in it u can bring it in.. if not they wont let you bring it in .. that is 1 drawback to that place


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March 30, 2011 • About 10 years ago there was a place called Waldos. Has that morphed into another name?


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March 31, 2011 • i forgot to mention there are membership clubs here too... clubs like bazz n crue and chula chica u have to be a member they actually photo copy ya drivers license and all of that but once u do that its cheaper ever time u come back

harleys has a phoney system but its still a membership and on sundays u can get in free with that card


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April 1, 2011 • Re: Harley Riders that worth frequenting? I am all the way up in Rockville, but would like to check it out because Ive read some good reviews on the well as I would be taking my Harley there.


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April 1, 2011 • Cuckold..... Harley Riders is just the name of the club, that's all.

This club isn't exclusive to bikers.... And, neither is there a motorcycle club theme.
Don't think, if you roll up in your Harley (bike) that you are going to get some kind of a valet service or whatever (btw, half of the clientel, probably don't own or ride a bike).

As for the extras.... They are to be (easily) had; of course, with negotiations.
A word of advice, "Always negotiate and have an understanding, prior to going into the private lap area." If not, you will surely spend more than (you) expect.
Thus, disappointed and.... less satisfied!

Have fun!


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April 6, 2011 • I have been to Showcase Several times and quite confident that there is not extras to be had-


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April 10, 2011 • sweet review if i am in that area i will check some of these clubs out


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April 10, 2011 • seems to be some confusion with they way i worded one of my sentences.. when i refered to showcase and then i said if you want extras no problem there.. i ment to say that in general about the clubs in this area.. not about showcase in general


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April 25, 2011 • Anyone know the hours of these clubs? Particularly looking for the hours for Sinsaytionals.


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June 5, 2011 • It would be even wiser to read rell's reviews on these clubs. His reviews have streamlined my strip clubbing maturity, making my experience nearly hassle-free. thanks rell, and other contributers to PGC clubs. There is no other resource out there for this kind of info!


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June 18, 2011 • thanks chumchum .. i figured since im a young single man that likes to go to these strip clubs i figured id share my experiences and insight as well as see other peoples


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August 18, 2011 • Any updates for the whole baltimore scene?


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August 18, 2011 • i can do one on the baltimore scene but im not up there as much as i used to be but i can put a little somehting together


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September 22, 2011 • wow i wrote this article and my top 10 list has kind of changed
1.fuego- busy as hell on the weekends but get in before midnight and its not too too bad
2.bazz n crue- cover charge and lap dance prices have both gone up. kind of puts the value of this club down
3.extasy- such a sleeper club
4.showcase- reopened after a fire closed the place for awhile $20 lap dances is the biggest drawback to this place
5.irvings- a staple in pg county.. not the best looking dancers but i still have a good time here
6.chula chica- not even a year old yet.. pretty good looking dancers and a spot that people really havent found out about yet even though its sister club bazz n crue promotes it alot
7. sensayonals- $5 lap dances.. need i say more
8.puzzles-the most overated strip club in this area . its small and crowded but cheap laps at the door and extras to be had.... cant be mad at that
9.mile high club- this club has gone DOWN!!! big time youll still see some great stage performances but this club is always hit or miss and lap dances are $30 and they arent much to speak off
10. harley riders- still the same deal with this club as i mentioned before


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August 9, 2014 • wow I wrote this like 3 years ago... I should do a update ...
1.fuego- mind this is a weekend late spot but when its hot its hot.. and the only club in the area that offers a lot of latina dancers if that's your thing
2. club extacy- at one point this would have been #1 but its had its ups and downs but theres a few all stars there that make the trip worthwhile
3. Ebony inn.. which was not even on the list 3 years ago and that was before I experienced the day shift
4.bazz n crue- rule changes and price increases have put this club down from what it used to be but for this area still a good club
5. club plush (formally irvings)- redone interior much nicer looking club .. dancers are hit or miss but it seems like they are trying to make a comeback
6.sins- the dancer quality has been hit or miss lately but Im sure it will rise again
7. showcase- the only club where youll find mostly white dancers there in pg county.. decent club but for the area lap dance prices are a little high
8.mile high- if your not looking to get lap dances and want a more laid back environment with dancers.. this might be your spot
9.puzzles- may be getting shut down soon due to permits but too many fights breaking out and the dancer quality going up and down
10.harley riders- they have opened up and day shift which kinda makes the club a better draw than it was just a few months back


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August 30, 2014 • Yeah, pretty straight forward. I have never been to Mile High or Showcase though, Rell.

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