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Do some clubs always ask to see your ID?

Last Comment: April 19, 2005

April 4, 2005 • Just wondering if some clubs always do this in case they are raided by some kind of ID police or if everyone always get asked to show ID in some clubs. ?? I keep getting asked to show my ID and I an nowhere near 21. Can a club get cited if someone doesn't have their ID on them if the police come in looking for underage drinking?


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April 5, 2005
At one of the clubs I liked security would give a full body search and purse search and metal scan of THE DANCERS as well as the customers. Some of these dancer were real tough and bloody thirsty if need be. Mainly they were so sweet and loving and romantic. An excellent deal. The real problem besides loud music was the high level of uniformed police presence. It would surprise me if even more police weren't undercover doing their job. Drugs everywhere so if that is your game that was the place.

Times change and city seems to be getting fewer and fewer free spirits and consequently less acts of government defined crime. :(


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April 5, 2005 • My local area seems to be scanning and asking ID's mainly I believe to stop underage drinking or police doing a raid trying to catch those underage (not sure on that one) and to stop at one club religious fanatics that think it's ok to go into a strip club with a camera and show all (as if they can shame people for going to a strip club). That sounds crazy but that's the way those kind of fanatics behave.

I believe the religious fanatic tactics if they succeeded would actually backfire on them. I remember one time when some girls at one place I worked at found out I was going to a strip club. I was suddenly approached and asked what I thought about them becoming a stripper because they heard I went there. Of course I didn't want to encourage someone with a steady job to suddenly become a stripper just because I was going to a club on occasion. Of course now that I know more, I probably would tell her now that she could practice at my house to see how see likes it and I could pretend I'm a customer.


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April 5, 2005 • Every BYOB club I have ever visited has asked for ID, for an obvious reason. Every club here in Nebraska I have gone to does so all the time, just because Nebraska police are paranoid.


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April 6, 2005 • The club I frequent has a metal detector at the entrance. And if you set it off, which my belt buckle always does, you get firsked. I actually like that, otherwise the place would be full of armed customers. It's the only place I know of that has this much security, but it's also the only inner-city GC that I go to.


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April 9, 2005 • The Minx Showpalace in Des Moines, Iowa is #38 on the top 40 list and a place you automatically get frisked at the entrance. Actually, I think it's a good thing to prevent the dancers from meeting the criminals RL doesn't want them to date, but can't do anything about. :-)


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April 10, 2005 • RL can get through the metal detectors because he BUILT HIS OWN SWITCHBLADE! For materials he used a CLOTHESPIN A RUBBER BAND AND A PLASTIC KNIFE he stole from the local highschool cafeteria. He is one BAD ASS MO-FO! (And it didn't cost anywhere near $5.)


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April 14, 2005 • The reason for asking for the ID each and every time is because they have a stocking problem. The girls have restraining orders on fifty guys each. Some are legitimate (just think about having RL, or someone half as fried, on your tail). Others are the strippers "playing the system." In plain language, they've screwed a guy with a false romance scheme and use the restraining order as a tool to forestall retalliation. In the state I live in, the People's Republic of Massachusetts, restraining orders are given out like candy. Other states with pussy whipped judges too scared to stand up to the PC feminist lobby are almost as bad.


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April 18, 2005 • I agree on the signing forms, I find that totally inappropriate. One club that was here years ago used to always have you do it (I think it was one of the Deja Vu chain), but thankfully they got bought out and I have not noticed any others do it. The only thing now is when using a free pass, they make you sign the back of it -- all I do with those is just scribble, the doormen never give a shit.

A lot of the clubs here are in a really poor neighborhood, but only one of them frisks you. What they do is have the girls rotate working the door all night, and they basicly give you a flirtatious frisk grabbing you in all the right places. Not sure if they do it for any serious security reasons, it very well could be more of a way for girls to say hi to guys and get their foot in the door when it comes to hitting them up for privates.

If a club seems decent but they frisk, I would not be to worried. I would satisfied knowing they are proactive about security... better safe than sorry.


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April 19, 2005 • I've never been ID'ed, never been frisked, never seen a metal detector, and only asked to sign once. I walked away. Way to many clubs to choose from the put up with BS!

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