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How To Tell If A Stripper Genuinely Likes You

Last Comment: April 23, 2004

April 22, 2004 • Alright, I've met my fair share of strippers in my time, and I still haven't figured this out yet. Maybe people on this site can give me their input on the subject. How can you tell if a stripper really likes you or if she's just playing you for your money?

I almost never confuse the fantasy of a strip club experience with reality. But every once in a while, I do get tossed for a loop, like when something unexpected happens. Normally, you expect to get complimented on something when by a stripper; that's a given. They're there to make you feel good about yourself and get you to spend some cash on dances. But what happens when she says that she's really into you and gives you her number or asks to see you outside of the club.

Well, here are few warning signs that I've compiled:

1) She tells you her real name, but doesn't even remember yours. That is a bad, bad sign.
2) She gives you her phone number, but only wants to hang out at expensive restaurants or clubs.
3) She calls or writes you, but keeps asking when's the next time she can she you at the strip club.
4) You share what seems like meaningful conversation, but she barely remembers any of it and has a tendency to ask you the same questions over again.
5) She tells you to see her somewhere, but then cancels. This isn't really a strong indicator, but if this happens more than once, you know you're in trouble.
6) If on a date, she's constantly answering her cellphone. Maybe this isn't a sign that she's playing you, but hell, it's just bad etiquette.

Is there any others that you guys (or ladies) would add?


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April 22, 2004 • When a stripper likes you, she will act like any other women who likes you - she makes herself available to you and doesn't break your dates. The M.O. of a lady who likes you is that she goes out of her way to help you to be with her. She will also kiss you - on the lips at the end of the first date. Indeed, most will sleep with you within 3 dates. If you're suspicious of her motives, withdraw the MONEY and see what happens, and in the vast majority of instances the stripper will disappear.


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April 22, 2004 • The first thing you must understand is that a stripper can genuinely like you and still be playing you for your money. It's business, I like lots of people I do business with-especialy the women!

If you are seeing a dancer outside of the club and she really cares about you she won't want you in the club at all, much less spending money on her.

Mouse is right, remove cash from the equation as soon as possible and see what happes.

The only time I'm ever positively sure a dancer isn't after my money inside the club is if she stops dancing and we remain friends.


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April 22, 2004 • I've been seeing a dancer on the side for about a year now, were both in shit marriages, but trapped for a while longer.. we do see each other more outside the club then at it. but how I finaly knew she was realy into me and not for the money was she called and asked if there was a way I could give her a ride to a friends after work that day (she had car trouble and hubby wouldn't pick her up). by the way this was are first meeting outside the club.

so after having a few drinks and some laps her shift was over, after getting in my car she wanted to stop for a drink, I said it was my anniversary and had to get home, wouldn't you know it. at that point she leaned over and gave me the BJ of a lifetime, swallowed looked up at me and said now you know where your future is!!!! So I guess you could say thats how I knew she likes me, the action hasn't let up since!


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April 22, 2004 • I guess, you're right, Yoda. I suppose a stripper can be really interested in you but also want your money. So, the real question is how to find one who could care less about the cash and still like you. Unfortunately, the girls wouldn't be strippers if they didn't need/like the money. Also, how can you ever be sure that she isn't putting this routine on a dozen different guys? Do you trust her when she says that you're only guy she's ever asked to see outside of the strip club?


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April 23, 2004 • They don't and you can never tell. It's all about the money.


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April 23, 2004 • JD: I didn't say interested, I said "like". There is a huge difference. And I can guarantee you they ARE saying all the same things to dozens of other guys. Dancers sell Fantasy, it doesn't mean you will never find one who is genuinely interested in you but it's rare. Too many guys go to these clubs and assume it's like a regular bar(wich, by the way, is also usualy a lot of bs). It's entertainment for us and WORK for the girls. Anything else that happens is the exception, not the rule.


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April 23, 2004 • When deciding if a girl REALLY likes you, judge by her actions toward you, not by her words – TALK IS CHEAP! Actions always speak louder than words, volumes louder. Women who like you don't break dates and don't make excuses - they want to be with you! If you’re getting excuses, delays, and/or broken dates, you have nothing but bullshit. Don't waste your time, money, emotions, or other resources on a woman who doesn't like you from the get go. I believe this is the biggest mistake men make courting women (i.e., chasing women who really don’t like them much). Anything less than clear-cut high interest throw away her phone number, expunge her from your mind, and find a new girl - ONE WHO LIKES YOU! And, the more she likes you from the start the better.

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