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Atlanta: Blaze vs Pinups Afternoon Shift?

Last Comment: January 11, 2017

January 11, 2017 • Looking for a goood AA $5 club with high mileage for an afternoon run this week. I hear Blaze has higher mileage but Pinups has better looking women. Is that right? What do you recommend?

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January 11, 2017 • Go to Blaze. Slightly higher mileage and much more quantity of dancers on day shift. Stick to the lower level of the club for the best mileage.


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January 11,


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January 11, 2017 • In my limited experience Pin Ups dayshift has low dancer #s and lower mileage and again in my limited experience also extras at Pin Ups is rare.

Blaze way more dancers on dayshift and w/ so many dancers you're bound to find a some nice looking ones - problem is ATL is low-mileage overall w/ the exception of Follies (Follies is mixed during the day but w/ a good # of AAs and more AA at night and $10 dances) - at Blaze often the better looking girls don't give as much mileage/contact - the "unofficial" rule of thumb at Blaze is that the prettier girls that don't as much mileage hang upstairs and the more-mileage girs hang downstairs (just a rule-of-thumb not that every girl acts the same way upstairs or downstairs) - when you come in the club you are in the upper level


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Clubs: 92
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January 11, 2017 • Blaze has a fairly private VIP w/ a $35 house-fee I believe, a lot of girls are not down but I've fucked in that VIP

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