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Clubs Near LAX?

I'm planning a trip to LA and I have a room near LAX? Are there any clubs there? If so, what are their names and addresses?
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Why not just look at the reviews for the Clubs near LAX ?
I enjoyed Bear Elegance and the Wild Goose in Inglewood and cannot recommend the The Century near the LAX airport.
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Last year I went to Bare Elegance, near LAX. It is on the high end in terms of cost, but every dancer I saw there was model quality. Mileage is on the average to high-average side (lots of fondling, one-way with all dancers, some dancers limited customer contact, and extras seemed unlikely), and I found a great variance among dancers in terms of the degree of contact that each would allow.

I stayed at the Airport Sheraton, and it was a $20 cab ride a driver who got lost, and a $12 ride back with a better-informed cabbie.

I was surprised when they called "last call" at 1:00 am--1:30 a.m. closing time.
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I live near LAX and frequent the Wild Goose & Bare Elegance weekly (The Jet Strip occasionally). Rather than going into a very lengthy review here, just check out zbone's site @ www.zbone.com for all the info you could ever need.
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