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How to get the best lap dance

Last Comment: January 30, 2010

October 22, 2009 • When you want a good lap dance and don't have the time or money to try out several girls, then follow these simple steps.  If upon entering a club, you are greeted by a so-so girl, but not the hot one you wanted, politely decline a dance for now and say you want to watch for a while.  This buys your time to check out the girls.  Next, watch closely how each girl dances on stage for a dollar.  This gives you a great idea of what they will do in private.  If she stands 3 feet away the whole time, avoid her in private.  If she puts her hot breasts on your face the whole time, then go for her in private if thats what you like.  Girls that grind on stage, grind in private.  So now that you have stage tipped and found a good dancer, simply tell her to meet up with you after she finishes dancing.  Getting a hot lap dance favors the bold customer.  If you don't ask her to come over and she has a lot of attention from other guys, you probably won't see her anytime soon.  Enjoy the dances!


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October 23, 2009


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October 23, 2009 • A good article with some really good points.  The dancer who is stand-offish during the stage tip is not going to amount to anything.  On the other hand, if she starts feeling Mr Happy (like my current fav) be sure and tip her big and do everything you can to get her to your table.


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October 23, 2009 • GOOD SUGGESTIONS


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October 24, 2009 • Great points!  I've used this technique many times, and the majority of the time i've gotten good to great results.  But don't stop there, many clubs have a lap dance area that is open to everyone in the room, little to no privacy.  You all know the basic dance routine, give a lapper facing you, at some point the dancer turns around and continues the dance with her back to you.  I've see many dancers, including the one dancing for me, just looking around, looking at other dancers, uninterested in there own customers.  I'll sometimes do the same, start looking around, seeing which dancers are giving the best dances and which one's seem to be going through the motions.  Take every opportunity to narrow your search down.


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October 25, 2009 • Your ideas are good, but to be completely honest, I've found the ones who give the best "private" dances are the ones who make lots of eye contact with you while they're on stage and you're 'at the rail'. If she'll linger in front of you and more-or-less teases you, that usually means that the performance 'in back' will go up another notch. As with anything, though, YMMV, so check with dealership on freight, tax, license........


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October 26, 2009 • I agree with a lot of the original poster's thoughts.  Especially about refusing a girl that hits you up a minute after you arrive.  First off, my eyes need time to adjust to the darkened environment in most clubs, especially during a daytime visit.  The dancer that solicits you when you walk in is probably desperate to make a sale.  Ask yourself why.   She may not give the kind of dance that keeps the customers buying. 

I also agree that the dancers that are shy on stage are not likely to become high-mileage in the private dance area.  Unfortunately, I don't think the opposite is necessarily true.  Dancers that give a lot of contact from the stage are not guaranteed to give any more than that during a lap dance.

But one piece of advice that I can add is to not overlook the girls that are less than a 9-10 in looks.  The best looking girls seem to get money thrown at them, but the 6-7-8's tend to work harder for it.   Bitterdbag gave great advice in his post:  If you can observe the dancers in action doing a private dance, then that intelligence is better than anything you can presume from the stage or the main floor.

I once had a short asian girl solicit me for a dance while I was looking for my at-the-time favorite, a tall, thin Russian.  The asian was not exactly my type.  But after I told her I was looking for the Russian, she offered to find her.  She went away, looking, and came back to  tell me the Russian was not in.  To thank her for her time, I took a dance from her.   And another.  And another.   A new favorite was born.   I've probably danced with her around 15-20 times since then.  Last time, she told me "Bring a condom next time.  I will fuck you."    My jaw hit the floor.   Anyhow, I'm not sure I'll do that, but the idea here is that you never know what may happen based on your first impressions.

big johnson

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October 26, 2009 • I'll ask guys at the club if a dancer I like give a good dance.    Most guys will let you know if it is good or a waste of time and money.


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October 28, 2009 • the girls who stick their crotch in your face when you are tipping at the stage tend to give the best VIP


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October 29, 2009 • In my experience, if she hands you a condom when shaking your hand the mileage will be pretty good


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October 31, 2009 • OP's points reinforce the basic idea that stage shows are an "interview session" for laps/VIP's. By extension, basic tier dances are interview sessions for VIP upgrade. One basic caveat: Things don't get (much) better in VIP. If she's NFZ in regular dances, so it will go in VIP. Likewise, a "pre-dance" hustle can be thought of as an interview session. Like 3-Legger, I generally like to settle in for a few minutes prior to getting dances. For the hustlers, I say "I'm not getting any dances now, here's a dollar for your attention". How they respond to that will help determine if they get future attention from me. The ones who just grab the dollar flunk the test. One dancer who took my hand holding the bill, and guided it "down south" got some multiple dances on the spot.


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November 22, 2009 • I've started to develop a rule that if she doesn't sit on your lap while hustling you for a lap dance, she immediately goes to the bottom of the list.   I'm finding it harder and harder to find fault with this rule.  Every time I break it and go with the girl who just runs her hands through my hair and touches me on the shoulder simply because she is outstanding looking, I end up disappointed..... 

If she sits on your lap and nuzzles, strokes, etc.  It's only going to be better once you get to the LD.


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January 30, 2010

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