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Chastity's Gold Club

February 25, 2008 • Have any of you regular Platinum Plus, Columbia, SC visitors paid any visits to Chastity's Gold Club lately? If so do you recall seeing a dancer named Anna there in the last 2 weeks?

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How do you hide your TUSCL activities from your SO?
shadowcat • I don't have one. So I don't have a problem.

Tipping again
MisterGuy • Have any of you ever heard of tipping the dancer BEFORE she does a LD with you? There's one club in east-central NY state that…

shadowcat • I am an old fart and even with the help of Viagra I cannot get it up for Fucking a stripper or any other women…

Dancer "Most strippers are BI"
shadowcat • "How could they not be? All of these beautiful women running around half naked"

I heard an admission from wondergrl5 that she was BI.

Key West, Florida?
Doug • I will be in Key West, Florida in early July with some people I work with, male and female. Anybody have any recent information about…

Unexpected meetings with strippers OTC.
shadowcat • This topic has been discussed before but I bring it up again for the newbies and because I had another recent experience. Rule #1 when…

Help In Kansas City
godfatherstill • I will be in Kansas City for the Big 12 basketball tournament in a few weeks. It looks like Bazooka's and Temptation's are within walking…

Fake Ass Cheeks
TimboAtl • I had my first dance on Sat night from a Latina that definitely had fake ass cheeks. I guess she was trying to offset her…

Stripper Songs
godfatherstill • What are some of your favorite songs to watch a stripper strip to?

Many years ago I fell in love with a stripper at…

The Dancer's a Lesbian--Does it Matter
chitownlawyer • From time to time, I have discovered that a dancer with whom I have previously had enjoyable experiences in the club is a lesbian. For…

question for al guys?
soldierswife • Would you rather see a girl in a club that is "easy" or someone who puts on a show on stage?

how to stop trying to save them
shadowcat • The last one I tried to help wound up kicking my teeth in. She had some major divorce problems and I gave her $1000. No…

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Liquor in the front. Poker in the rear.

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