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Aruba "Strip Bars"

Dear Founder...any thoughts of adding the beautiful island of Aruba to your Caribbean section...lots of fun to be had there...I don't have specific club names, but I could help you out with the details if you added a category for Aruba. Hope you're well. Cheers!

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Aruba Ron: I was in Aruba last year for the first time. I requested information on this forum before I left regarding strip bars in Oranjestad/Aruba. I didn't really get any help. I think about the only answer I received had to do with the brothels in that small city outside of Oranjestad (can't think of the name of the city; I think it's San Nicolas). Anyway, are there strip bars in Oranjestad/Aruba or only brothels?
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Hey ArubaRon,
Give a name or more of these strip clubs in Aruba inclunding a city and I will be more than happy to add them. Thanks, Editor
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