Charlotte Men's Club
This is suppose to be the premier sc in Charlotte, and in a way it shows. The building is in a nice warehouse buildout, but they took the time and try to decorate it in a roman strip club classy way. There are light shows on the ceiling, which I thought was a nice touch.
The girls are ok, a few hot ones. But with any Charlotte club, there are more clubs than there are quality girls. So as a result, the few girls that work here are probably the better ones in Charlotte, but nothing breath taking.
The food is actually cook by gormet chef, which i met personally. I thought the food is served until 2 was a nice touch. I actually started to use this place as a restraunt because late night quality food is hard to find in this city. Try the fish, very well cooked.
Shoe shinner adds another layer of convience,.

Gentelman's club in Charlotte.

Endzone in KC

American bush slc
This place got good parking of those fast food joints where the roller blade girls come to you. Funny crap: they got electric car chargers.
Went here on a thurs night and the admin fee was $7. The place is warehouse place but at least they partitioned it well enough. Bonus point for having 2 giant American flag as celing. One small stage and some seats. A bigger room, a pool room, and a small room with couches only playing different music from speaker. On a slow like like thurs, privacy can be had.
Bar is non alcohol drinks only. There were about 7 girls and they all pasties. The only one where lapdance is offered at 20 a pop.
The bad part is girl range from my 4-6. The girls are full of tats, not for me. Got a few lapdances, very good friction but no touching. 20 each with bikini. Not allowed to take off any clothing.

Baby Dolls
first thing you notice, the parking lot is well lit. the none valet parking is in the back, i actually saw security patroling the lot. your car will be safe here.
7 bucks to get in after 10. skip the girl that sells beer at the door.
one big place with really high ceiling. half of the club have a second floor with a grand staircase. bar on second floor too. go there for the dances, little more privacy. but the couches are too close to each other. there will be others getting dance a little too close to you.
big stage up front, i think each girl have to dance 7 songs at separate spots of the club once they needs to go on stage.
personally, i think the girls are ok, it is hard to find a girl without ink at this place. but most have toned bodies, and makeup face. i got a few dances and the milking is allowed. decent two way feed back is in place. Some girls spoke spanish only. the wait staff is friendly and attractive with their uniform. you should have some fun here.

The Loudge
this place is owned by a women and it definely shows. There is decoration everywhere. The front half have a water cave where girls come out and dance as main stage. i saw about 3 or 4 side stage where girls subsequently goes.