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Whisky a gogo
went there on a wednesday night. the place is fairly large but old and reminds you of a run down bar with higher ceiling. the center area is lowered so the elevated stage is on the same height as the rest of the club. didn't dirnk.

the talent here on a wednesday night is really not my cup of tea. full of tatoos, overweight and some just down right ghetto. i stayed there for about 5 minutes, and left

Brass rail
went there on a wednesday night. from what i understand brass rail and for your eyes only shares the same owner and the talent just rotate between the two point,.
the place have a second floor and a downstrairs. downstairs is free and upstairs requires a 20 cover. from what i was told, upstairs is not really worth it since the talent eventually comes down stairs.
stage in the middle, hard seating to one side and bar to another. stella beer is 12 bucks. each end of side have a lap dance area.
There are alot of girls there. I was about to sample dances from two of them. Good contact and my hands roamed for a while. girls are in shape, and spoke good english, able to conduct in a fun and stripper-classy manner. They also put a cloth on your lap to grind on. lap dance are full nude, 20 bucks each.

Cafe Atlantis
went there on a thursday night. one floor with lap dance booth on "second floor" which is really just around the perimeter of the place. Had a order of chicken fingers and a diet coke here, about 15 bucks. They have chinese food here, i thought it was odd. I was there from about 8:30 to about 10, when I had to leave I thought the talent is getting better. When I was upstairs for a dance, we got a private booth and the dancer pulled a single sofa to block the entrance to the booth. So there is a alot of privacy available. I was asking one of the more frequener and he was tell me that extra packages are usually available here, hence the privacy. Well, maybe I am picky, but by the time I left there was only about 3 girls I would get the dance from.