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Cafe Atlantis
went there on a thursday night. one floor with lap dance booth on "second floor" which is really just around the perimeter of the place. Had a order of chicken fingers and a diet coke here, about 15 bucks. They have chinese food here, i thought it was odd. I was there from about 8:30 to about 10, when I had to leave I thought the talent is getting better. When I was upstairs for a dance, we got a private booth and the dancer pulled a single sofa to block the entrance to the booth. So there is a alot of privacy available. I was asking one of the more frequener and he was tell me that extra packages are usually available here, hence the privacy. Well, maybe I am picky, but by the time I left there was only about 3 girls I would get the dance from.

Endzone KC
Went there on a Tuesday night after the gun range. arrived around 9:15PM. Stayed until 10:30. During this time there were roughly about 10 dancers that worked the shift. Talking to the girls, weekends are the best, but anyone who works the weekend will be required to work 2 week nights.
Beer was cheap and around $3 per bottle.
Imagine a long single story rectangle. entrance is near the right side with bathroom nearby. Two stages on middle and left. some old couches around the perimeter. The appearance of the club shows wear and it isn't built to be fansy to begin with.
Kansas SC system are private clubs. You need to apply for a membership and some say that there is a waiting period. I did not had a problem getting instant access with my out of town ID. Membership was 11 bucks. I forgot to ask how long was it for. But the guy filled out a card with address and info from my driver licenses.
I don't know if this is a neighborhood issue or a Kansas issues. All girls have tatoos. Allof them spoke english. most are 4 range with a couple of 5 and 6. In a crowd of that talent, I pick the hottest one which happen to come by and sat next to me, a 6.5 and got a few dances. Full contact but no two way feedback. The open dances around the perimeter couches are $10, top stays on and no touches even on legs / hip. $25 in the back VIP area allows touches and top comes off. But the VIP is an area with gaps in privacy guard, some spots are not private at all and fully viewable from the main area.
By the time I left I saw roughly 1:1 dancer:patron ratio. But i wasn't too interested in staying due to quality. I heard over to Bonitas Flat which is right across the street. (go see that review)

Bonitas Flats,
This place is right next to a railroad crossing. There is a non-club 2 story white building in front of it. The club itself is the rectangular part, 1 story, in the back.
Apply for the membership.

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