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Midnight Express
Star Rating - Exceptional
  29 reviews
3847 Sparta Hwy
Smithville, Tennessee
I say if your an attractive female be wary of visiting...especially if the owner/ manger is working. He will be very friendly and if your interested in a job he will serve you tequila and lead you up stairs making you think your filling out an application when really he just wants pleasure. He did it to me and after...
Black Orchid
Star Rating - Exceptional
  2 reviews
2080 E Brooks Rd
Memphis, Tennessee
This club is newly named and under new management. This is an urban club so if you are. Looking for something posh or upscale or more variety of dancers then this would not be the club for you, primarily if not all black dancers. Because of the new laws in Memphis this is strictly a bikini club. It is not...
Exclusive Lingerie Boutique
Star Rating - Exceptional
  44 reviews
77 7th St
Rockford, Illinois
After reading several reviews and being coupled up in a car, I decided to stop in and check this place out. Facility itself was pretty run down, but the service was worth it. There were three girls on staff. I OPTED FOR the tall blonde, don't recall her name. She had a firm body and but a small...
Dolphin II
Star Rating - Exceptional
  134 reviews
10860 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy
Beaverton, Oregon

I visited on a Tuesday about 6pm. There were about 6 dancers and not too many customers. Dancers were rotating on the main circular stage, 2 songs per, nude, and on one small side stage. Dancers were 6-7 with 1 or 2 8s, out of 10 in looks, with a few older gals. One...


Avatar4 PM'er
by tumblingdice
Atlanta: Oh, I left the toaster oven on....
AvatarWhy am I now getting a certificate error when I come to this site?
by mikeya02
Founder, is there a reason? I still use Windows XP. Could that be it?...
Avatar"Just don't cum inside me, ok?"
by rickdugan
Seriously now, do any of the girls who say this really believe that a guy is going to pull out...


AvatarShould our Wives be Glad we Go to Strip Clubs
by motleycool
I often think women have the wrong perception of Gentlemens clubs and whether their husbands should go. My view...
Avatar40 years of Strip Clubbing
by TheFword
I'm looking back at almost 4 decades of going to Strip clubs in one form or another. My first experiences...
AvatarThe Origin Of The Lucite Heel
by SlickSpic
Many, many moons ago in a plverse, far, far away, lived a stripper named Princess. Not Princess Leia. Not Princess...