Amsterdam is for Tourists, not Mongers

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Amsterdam is for Tourists, not Mongers

There is no listing for the outdoor strip show known as the Window Girls of Amsterdam, so I thought an article describing my experiences will fill the bill. My experiences range over a 12-year period, but this article focuses on a recent visit with a little compare and contrast. This was written in July, but had to be held until the Articles feature was made available.

Spent a few days in Amsterdam in June during a European trip that included Germany (Frankfurt FKKs) and the Czech Republic (Pilsen and Prague, both a lot of fun). I had been to Amsterdam four times before over the past 12 years, living there for a few months at a time. Started my mongering career in Amsterdam when I thought 15 minutes with a 20-year-old beauty for 50E was as good as it gets and then it was pretty good. And back then, 15 minutes was all that I needed. Some girls would go longer for no additional fee. All of the previous times I was there, during the day there were about 60 girls. At night there were about 100 girls in windows in the Wallen area. It was always busy, but you could get around comfortably. I would have one girl in the early afternoon and another that night every other day for about three to six weeks at a time. (I was making great money that I should have invested in stocks and living locally, but instead invested in memories of banging hot women.)

My experiences were primarily with Eastern European girls, but my very first experience was with a blond Dutch girl. I told her it was my first time and in addition to giving me an excellent session, she gave me tips on how the get the best from other girls. Went back looking for her and never found my blond, sweet angel.

Another memorable girl from an early Wallen visit was Polish, with a natural hour-glass figure, black hair, and very personable. Initially I walked past her, because the crowd was pushing me through the narrow alley lined with occupied windows. Her big natural boobs and big smile caught my attention and I fought the crowd back to her. (Those who have been to Amsterdam know the alley I am referencing.) She was excited to receive me. She had been working in Amsterdam for four years and her English was excellent. Great sense of humor. In addition to giving me two pops for 50E over a one-hour period, we chatted between sessions and was great fun to hang out with. Unfortunately I had found her on the last day of that visit, so I was never able to see her again.

Did about a dozen other girls. Most met expectations. A few disappointments (rushed service or not really into it). There were sections for different tastes, Black girls concentrated on the harbor side, Blue Jean Alley, even a few guys and a row of TSs for those into that sort of thing. (Glad I did advanced research. Some of the TSs looked pretty good, but I am not into surprise packages.)

A Spanish girl in the De Pijp area seemed to be a good choice and enthusiastic. Since I speak a little Spanish, I thought we could connect. She got me off for the standard fee, but was rushed and once she stripped down, not as attractive as I thought she would be from what I saw in the window.

That was six years ago. Fast forward to June of this year.

This time it was down to maybe 40-50 girls in the Wallen area. I was told by a local friend that the city has been trying to trim down the number of windows. However, there were a lot of for rent signs, so I am guessing that business is down overall, possibly due to the draw of the FKKs. Or maybe the city is successful in making the girls uncomfortable. My friend said that the city is also giving the canal boat owners a hard time. He said the city is heavily dependent on tourism, so he is baffled why they would compromise these tourist draws.

The first girl I engaged with was French, which should have been a red flag, as I have not had good experiences with the French on almost every encounter and every country. (Although I am planning another trip to France next year.) She wanted 50E for a hand job and an additional 50E to take her clothes off and allowing me to touch, and another 50E for any other service, such as a BJ of FS. I felt her boobs, which were soft and larger than her outfit revealed, but they were gritty (for the lack of a better word) and felt like they were filled with sand. I could accept that times and prices have changed, but what she was asking was a long way from when it was 50E for everything. Walked away from this one thinking that there must be a way to get to Germany for an evening, but I had meetings scheduled with others the next day, so I was stuck.

Went to the De Pijp area, as it is more of a locals’ area and where I have had successful sessions during past visits to the city. The problem here is, although it just takes one gem, options in this area are limited. On my previous visit there was a cute little Dutch girl, all natural, B+ cup, sweet personality, and anxious to please (read, not a clock watcher). CFS and CBJ (which was unrushed and excellent) for 50E. She had a 4-year-old daughter, but showed no baby damage. I had at least four afternoon sessions with her during a previous visit.

There are about 20 windows and about 12 girls available in the De Pijp area this time. This is down just a little, as I would guess that on my last visit there were about 24 windows, with four of them being around the corner from the main street. On this visit, pickings were slim, but the monger competition was slight and it just takes one. A few mongers were strolling the sidewalk and staring in the windows, but some of them looked like they could not afford to look, much less participate in the offerings.

A Bulgarian 36-year-old MILF saw me checking out the windows and coaxed me over. For her age, she was in outstanding shape with natural D boobs and a tight tummy. She offered standard covered services for 50E, and for another 50E a BBBJ. I thought it was a little overpriced, but I accepted the offer. So glad I did, as she gave me one of the best BBBJs I have ever had. Long, deep strokes. Ball licking and generally providing a playful experience. She was watching the time fairly closely, which I did not think was necessary, as there were maybe three other mongers on the street and thought she should be more concerned about customer service. OTOH, she didn’t say anything to me about it or otherwise appear to be rushed. About 20 minutes in I pounded my way to bliss and she cleaned me up, which I thought was a nice touch.

The next night I cruised the Wallen area, but did not find anything of interest. Lots of tourists just looking and annoying the girls. In some places it was elbow-to-elbow. I am used to crowds, but this was crazy crowded. Couldn’t tell the mongers from the gawking tourists. I can understand how the girls would get hard case/jaded in that environment.

Back to De Pijp thinking that a repeat session with the Bulgarian would be fun. She wasn’t there. Stepped across the street so I could see the windows on the second floor. A Dominican spotted me and was doing her best to get my attention by doing a sultry dance, smiling, waving her barely-covered ass in my direction. Most of the girls smile when you walk by, but do not show much enthusiasm. Maria was the exception. She was wiggling her ass, playing with her boobs, and flashing…a big smile. She offered CBJ, touching, and CFS for 50E.

She was thick, and I liked the big ass and natural DDD boobs. She did not speak much English, but I speak enough Spanish (learned in TJ) that we communicated our desires. She provided excellent service and did not seem to be concerned about the time.

Overall I had a good time, but it wasn’t easy having been spoiled by the German FKKs and the sauna clubs in the Czech Republic I had visited earlier in this trip. If it had been my first time in Amsterdam, it would have been a huge disappointment. However, having some experience I was able to ferret out some good times. Bottom line, if you are considering mongering in Amsterdam because of its reputation, reconsider. Just about anyplace else is better (except the USA, which you already know is the worst in the world).

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Yeah USA is a shithole .
Miami, FL (or the nearest big-booty club)
Nice breakdown - never been to Amsterdam - but it seems perhaps a place whose time has come and gone as a top monger destination - perhaps like many other businesses that have been displaced by the internet, perhaps the internet has made available other and perhaps better alternatives - perhaps Amsterdam's old ways of doing things are not competing as well as other venues that have gotten on mongers' radars via the information-age/internet.
Miami, FL (or the nearest big-booty club)
Although I've never experienced it, the Amsterdam window scene seems/feels more like a street-walker scene.
The Greater Detroit Area
Thanks tahoeruz, you brought back 30 year old memories!
Location: Rather Not Say
Good read, thank you.

You talked about the blond Dutch girl giving you "tips on how the get the best from other girls." Please elaborate on what she said.
West Coast
Recognize that it was my very first mongering experience, so her comments were simple and basic. She said she liked my approach, being up front and honest about it being my first time. Also that I was polite, which has not been her experience with most Americans. To be up front about what I wanted and my expectations.

What was most interesting to me is her acknowledgement that I would be having sessions with other women. She was so casual about that. As an American raised to be monogamous and used to living under Puritan philosophies, it was an interesting cultural shift.
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Thanks for another great read, Tahoe.
Never mongered in Europe but I sense you're correct about Amsterdam probably needing to re-invent itself in some way to compete with other destinations, like German FKKs, and how the Internet has exposed us to so many options (for example, I had never heard of Club Hong Kong, Allure Massage in Toronto or FKK clubs before joining TUSCL three years ago).
And you're also spot on about the U.S. Never ceases to amaze me how an otherwise advanced country can be so fucking backwards about legalizing p4p. It doesn't have to be on every street corner, but a few cities scattered throughout the country so that anyone can be within an hour or two flight from such services. I truly believe it would result in less depression and mental illness. But it'll never happen here. I'm still hoping it happens in nearby Canada, which seems more progressive in that regard.
NNJ/NY getting extras cause I'm soooo good looking
I visited Amsterdam 20 years ago. As a recent college grad on a European summer vacation I went there for the legal cannabis but I took advantage of the sex scene too.
I spent 5 incredible nights there and I hope the place hasn't changed too much. My days were spent in coffeehouses, smoking hash & eating edibles, then going to the museums, where I'd spend hours in awe of the masterpieces, contemplating the meaning behind the art. When I got hungry I'd get a paper cone of pomme frites with mayo and hang out in a park or on a canal cruise till night.
In the evening I'd go on walkabout thru the red-light district. The OP's description of the window girls is right in line with my recollections. Some areas were full of gawking tourist, usually they were in front of the most beautiful girls or the windows with two girls. I noticed that there were "neighborhoods" with themes too, the prettiest girls were up near the front, if you walked in a bit there was a section with black girls, one with older MILFs. It was fun to walk and browse, and when you saw someone you liked all she had to do was open the door let you in and close the curtain behind you. No drama at all. I found the ladies and their rooms to be very clean and friendly. The spaces were small but nicely decorated, similar in size to the hostel room I had, with a private bathroom so you could clean up afterward. I found the prices to generally be higher than I wanted to spend, my priority was weed so paying 100E for sex wasn't really in the budget but I did enjoy the company of a busty black French woman and on another night a young English waif. Both insisted on condoms and I wouldn't have it any other way. The overall impression I got from the experiences was that it was as safe as any one night stand. Although, after the British girl and I finished our business, due to the lateness, she suggested I sleep over promising we could go again in the morning for a discount. I didn't feel comfortable with that idea, my worst concern was that I'd get robbed, now I fear I'd have been chopped up for the global organ black market.
There were sex shops everywhere, never being in one at home I had to stop in, I passed the shelves of mags and VHS tapes and went to the video booths in the back. What I saw there was enlightening, the stuff they had playing was hardcore euro porn, unlike what I'd ever seen before, even in the pages of the Swank and Hustler. I flipped through the channels for a few minutes, and saw the entire range of human perversion, shit and piss vids, orgies and gangbangs, gay sex and straight sex, beastiality vids with dogs, sheep, and horses, it was eyeopening, stomach churning, and not something that needed to be repeated, I walked out feeling dazed and confused.
I also took advantage of two of the other interesting sex novelties I'd seen signs for, the live sex show and the banana show. Both were as straight forward as the names suggested. I forget the prices but 20-30E was probably in the ballpark. The banana show was a strip show but you got a banana with your ticket and at the end you get to eat it out of the dancer's pussy. The dancers came out on a raised catwalk/dancefloor with seats along the length just like in a strip club. The girls were nothing to write home about and you got whichever was in front of you, mine was a MILFy asian. She didn't dance, none did, but they did seductively strip naked in front of you. Once she was nude she sat down and spread eagle, she took the banana peeled it 3/4, and stuck the unpeeled bit in and let me eat the rest. I don't know if I was taking too long or if I wasn't doing it right but when I got near the peel she grabbed the back of my head and smashed my face into her pussy and rubbed it around so I walked away covered in banana and pussy juice. I noticed that some of the other girls were doing the face rubbing thing so it may have been part of the experience. Interestingly some girls were in a face down ass up position during the banana eating, I guess that was for the non-novices. The live sex show took place in a small theater on a stage in the round, there were about 10 other people there, I remember a loud group of Asian business men. The girl came out first, she was in her 20's thin and bank eyed, the guy came out next and they had some extremely uninspired sex, changed a few positions, some oral, missionary, doggy, cowgirl. One of the Asian guys even walked up to check for penetration which caused the whole act to come to an end as the guy lost his bone and the girl started yelling at the guys in the audience.
Anyway those were my experiences and I hope that one day I'll get back to see what it's like today.
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