Vegas Strip Clubs

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Vegas Strip Clubs

I wonder why some clubs in Vegas become intensely motivated to completely commercialize, which eventually ruins, their own reputation with customers. Obviously, the drive is based on profit, but, when they charge outrageous covers and insist on having regular events such as porn star features, the intimacy of moment is ruined and the clubs feeling becomes more public.

Clubs that enter this realm Make me want to leave and never come back. I wonder if anyone else experienced anything like this in Vegas and what, if anything, are clubs doing to bring these customers back. I’ve always talked with my buddies about opening our own club someday in Nevada because we would make it how we want it to be... very hot chicks and a relaxed atmosphere with no tricks.

Fancy bells and whistles at a club like caged up dancers, enclosed showers and swings are a tried - but - not - method of being original. I once saw a larger dancer break one of these swings ( luckily she wasn’t hurt), and I felt awful for her but couldn’t help wondering if more of this is happening all over the country. With prostitution being illegal in most of the country, strip clubs are trying to attract men in other ways and it’s just not working.

So my question really is.... what would you do if you had the opportunity to open a strip club? Where would it be, how big, any gimmicks? Or just a plain ole gogo bar with hot girls who are free to be themselves without any silly games?

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Me (someone who frequents 'extra available' clubs): Keep the stage active. I know at extras clubs, this can cut into a dancers ability to get vip's (at least this is the reason that was explained to me why the stage isn't always busy at such establishments, by the last dancers who's company I enjoyed). Its a very strange situation when you walk into a club and even though you are just waiting there to find someone to vip with, it would be nice to have something to do, besides sit there twiddling their thumbs......I'd gladly wait at the tip rail with singles in hand to enjoy the show, before I enjoy the other show......
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I would say this biggest thing. I would not charge high house fees. I would great environment for dancers to make money, if there are a lot the money will be flowing. It’s a God damned guarantee. I would also be picky with who I hire depending on the market. And lastly I would sell alcohol. No BYOB. No gimmicks. (Like Tip parades). I would do a VIP membership, I think those are a great deal for both parties.

If I have hot girls, they will come. And when they come they will buy beer. Now I’m no manager I like clubs like this.
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Weed is legal in Nevada (and Vegas) now, so I'd probably add rooms where you can smoke with your favorite dancers. Playing video games with your favorite dancers has been tried and though it wasn't unsuccessful it really wasn't all that successful either.

The big problem with a lot of Vegas clubs comes from management trying to get between the customer and his dancer of choice, from trying to add fees to the dances (VIP drinks), or not letting low key interactions happen ($20 floor dances). Some clubs try to regulate the dance too much which sours my enjoyment of those clubs.
Miami, FL (or the nearest big-booty club)
Vegas is a different animal - anywhere there are a ton of tourists, things are often gonna be overpriced and they are often gonna try to gauche the custies since most of them are not gonna be regular customers so they wanna squeeze what they can out of them while they are there - and most tourists wanna have a good-time and not looking to save-$$$; i.e. many tourists are not gonna sacrifice a good-time b/c they have to pay more.

Also - most of the strip-club clientele, more-so in Vegas, are not regular/educated SCers and many don't know any better and do the strip-club thing once-in-a-blue-moon so they are more easily-taken, and as tourists and infrequent/uneducated SCers are more apt to just accept what the club has to offer.

Many experienced SCers are not down for the Vegas SC experience - but experienced SCers are a minority of SCers probably more-so in Vegas.
Miami, FL (or the nearest big-booty club)
Seems many clubs try to get the most out of custies and dancers, to the point of gouging custies and dancers - I'm of the school of thought that if you offer custies the most for their $$$, instead of the least, then you'll end-up w/ a more successful business and make more $$$ in the end - often times clubs w/ good-value are the ones I see more people buying dances vs being spectators.

But strip-clubs are a seedy and thus different type of biz, so not sure the same-rules apply to strip-club bizarro businesses as to regular businesses.

I'm not a business-guy nor do I think I have that talent - it's one thing to look at things from a custy's POV and think what would be best - but it's probably another thing trying to actually run/own a strip-club and make-a-profit/be-successful.

To me - the most important thing is for the dancers to see it as worth dancing at the club - happy dancers are the most-important thing for a fun club worth visiting - I would try to come up w/ a system where it wouldn't be as bit of a risk proposition for dancers - i.e. not having them pay a huge house-fee given there are no custies in the club or spending custies - i.e. come up w/ a system that the club makes $$$ off the dancers if the dancers are making $$$ - i.e. have a low house-fee (like $20) and then increase it from their to a particular amount based on how well she did - but this may just be Robin-Hood type dreaming and perhaps not feasible/implementable.

I would also try to keep costs down for the PLs and try to make the $$$ on volume/repeat-business vs nickel-and-diming or overcharging PLs.

I would think the biggest headwind to providing a good-experience is often local-ordinances that kinda handcuff how a strip-club is ran. I also think many owners/managers may not be SC-enthusiasts themselves and thus don't make good decisions that will better the custy-experience.
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Why is this an article and not a discussion thread?
I think Vegas gets a lot of patrons who don't club back home. they are drawn to sizzle, not steak
in a sc somewhere.
after my separation from my wife i quickly developed a very unhealthy addiction to strip vegas. lasted over three years. probably spent about 300,000 there. had lots of fun in vegas but it helped me wipe out my savings. the main draw of course are the ladies. and the closeness to my home.
in a sc somewhere.
playful steve makes a good point. continuous entertainment.
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