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Would your ATF really step over your body for a sip of wine?

Posted: 4 Hours AgoComments: 5Last Comment: 3 Hours Ago

zipman68 • There have been two threads of the Google exec that died of an OD administered by his OTC girl (or with drugs they were sharing at the very least). On the last jerikson40 said:

"No story underscores the bottom line on stripper/hooker vs customer/PL relationships better than this one. The ... more...

TUSCL Meet in Detroit--Update # 3

Posted: 5 Hours Ago

jackslash • The Detroit TUSCL meet will be held on Friday, July 18, 2014, at the Flight Club, starting at 4PM.

Flight Club
29709 Michigan Ave, Inkster, Michigan 48141
The Flight Club is on the south side of Michigan Ave, just west of Middlebelt Rd. It is located in a commercial area with a large U-Haul center directly across ... more...

Skill Level

Posted: 6 Hours AgoComments: 7Last Comment: 37 Minutes Ago

jerikson40 • One topic that, IMO, is very important when strippers or women in general are concerned is the area of sexual skill level. But as important as it is, I never hear it discussed. You always hear how hot a provider is, but that's just not the whole story. You could have a 10+ girl who ... more...

ot: the neighborhood busybody

Posted: 11 Hours AgoComments: 1Last Comment: 11 Hours Ago

crazyjoe • Every neighborhood has at least one person that tells everyone everything about everyone else. They are usually pretty well hated. How do you handle that individual where you live? Do you ignore them? Do you tell them things that will male a fool out of them when they repeat them? Do you try to be ... more...

Teacher Sex

Posted: 13 Hours AgoComments: 10Last Comment: 21 Minutes Ago

shailynnnews.yahoo.com/hot-english-teacher-victimizes-two-18-old-males-232008224.html more...

Christy Mack: Before and After

Posted: 13 Hours AgoComments: 8Last Comment: 2 Hours Ago

sinclair • Back when I used to party hard in Indiana 3-4 years ago, I ran into a young model by the name of Christy Mack. She was pretty hot, but not doing a whole lot to help herself. I remember her telling me she was partially blind in one eye. I don't know if that was ... more...

Definition of a PL (and I'm not talking about LMN)

Posted: 13 Hours Ago

shailynn • I caught this review on the homepage and I thought OMG. Either this guy needs some strip club advice or I've got a bridge to sell him.

Username: drt

Club: Hustler Megaclub in Las Vegas

"I went twice on a Monday and Tuesday night. Both nights were dead and probably only had about 10 dancers working. ... more...

Minneapolis TUSCL Gathering

Posted: 15 Hours AgoComments: 1Last Comment: 15 Hours Ago

sinclairwww.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh9hXRNxm0KnGrlk7s more...

bikini clubs - wtf?

Posted: 15 Hours AgoComments: 8Last Comment: 3 Hours Ago

LMN • My "favorite" stripper, ironically, doesn't actually strip any more. She alternates between doing nothing and living off what I pay her for otc or occasionally works at a "bikini" club/bar.

I was discussing with her what exactly the bikini club entails and it boggled my mind why anyone would pay for this. They (obviously) wear ... more...

past aliases

Posted: 15 Hours AgoComments: 4Last Comment: 31 Minutes Ago

crazyjoe • What happened to some of the past aliases that said some really funny stuff like Dalex, txtittyfag just to name a couple. Did they all get banned or are they waiting for an opportune moment to return? more...

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