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10 Sluttiest (Old) Hollywood Actresses

Last Comment: August 7, 2010

August 4, 2010 • Take a look at the below site and pick the one you'd have most like to pork. Only one!


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August 4, 2010 • none of the above? lol
If I had to, Joan Blondell


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August 4, 2010 • I'd go for the queen, Mae West!


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August 4, 2010 • I agree with samsung, Joan Blondell. Like the song says, "I like my women, a little on the trashy side." Or maybe more than a little.


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August 4, 2010 • Even in her 60's, Barbara Stanwyck was still hot. She was a stunningly beautiful woman, and a smart one at that. I have several of her movies and I'm still seeking a few.

I read up on her in length last year. She was estranged from her son because she worked often and was home very little. He didn't understand why she needed to work so much (in Hollywood it's swim or sink) and I relate to his situation. He didn't even attend her funeral.

Like I said, in her 60's she was still hot, and she never really stopped working in a town that forgets women once they hit their late thirties.


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August 4, 2010 • I'd have to go with Blondell as well. OF the list of picks, hers did the most for me...though that wasn't much.


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August 4, 2010 • Here's some more on Barbara, and that picture of her with her legs in the air is from Fireball.


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August 4, 2010 • i remember seeing mae west movies on tv when i was a kid. never liked her. as for the others i imagine that they all had a good point or two back in their day, lana turner looks good in her pic but none of them really stand out by today's standards.


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August 4, 2010 • Betty Davis is the queen of all sluts LOL


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August 4, 2010 • I would bet that if each and everyone of them were alive today just as there were then, with today's clothing, hair, and make-up, they all look VERY different. To bad I'm not a photo shop guy that could do that.


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August 4, 2010 • Lana Turner, but just make sure her daughter is not around.


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August 4, 2010 • Lana Turner. Keep ringing, Postman...


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August 5, 2010 • I'd have to go with Joan Blondell. The bizarre part about looking at those pictures is that each of them resembles a favorite dancer I've had or have.


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August 6, 2010 • Marlene Deitrich.
I love a lady in a tux.


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August 6, 2010 • I decided, myself, on Norma Shearer. The eyes got me.


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August 6, 2010 • I have to go with Lulu. (And I guess it helps answer the topic about short hair cuts too)


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August 6, 2010 • Lana Turner, fo sho. Would have like some better full-body shots of some of them. Just head shots leaves too much to the imagination.


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August 7, 2010 • Ummmmmm...Lana Turner...when she was alive & young that is?

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