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Sweaty Dancer

I had a very sensual dance from a good looking dancer. After one dance, she had to go on stage, first on a small stage in the back, then on the main stage. I had wanted her to come back afterwards. Her stage routine was very energetic, lots of moving, twirling, jumping and dancing. When she came back, she was almost soaked in sweat and her rubbing her sweaty skin and boobs all over me was a turn-off, to say the least. I could literally see sweat drops between her boobs.

In hind sight, I should have asked her to just "take a break to cool off" but I didn't and stopped her dances after just two more. Has anyone else had to deal with something like this? How did you do it?
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Usually dancers are aware of sweating and clean up before giving customers lap dances.
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I've noticed both situations. Some dancers are aware that after an active stage show that they should go to the dressing room to freshen up. Some just go right out into the crowd and circulate, asking for dances. If I see a dancer give a very active stage performance and I'm interested in getting dances from her afterward, I wait until a few songs have passed before I'll get dances from her.
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i had a dance with a girl and she started sweating. She apologized and said she is very active and sweats alot. I told her dont worry about it as the sweat actually makes her look more exotic. She smiled and gave me one of the best lapdances in awhile.
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Understand. My situation was a little different since she had asked me whether I'd want her to come back after her stage which I did. She obviously didn't think her sweating was a problem or didn't care or whatever but she would have made a lot more money off me had she not been that sweaty...
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If a man & woman are REALLY having energetic Sex in Bed, would the sweat be a turn off then? I'm thinking not...
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Sweat when yer both naked is nothing. Sweat when one of ya is clothed is something.
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I would have busted a nut all over my fufckin face on one sweet drop of that boob !
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a lot of strippers care about staying fresh & smelln good. If they stink & are sweety thats a loss of $$. @juice just walking into a sc makes you bust a nut
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Often when my favorites come off stage, they are sweaty. I always carry some towelets with me. While they are on stage I dip the towelete in ice water.

By the time they return I have a cool moist towel to rub over their body or if they like, they can rub themselves. Sweat is natural during strenuous activity. Especially sex. Order plenty of bottled water, and you will do fine.
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Strippers sweat. We have an active job. Some people sweat more than others. If its a problem, ask her to go wipe down in the locker room or go put her back under the hand dryer or something
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Bang lol its so true !

St25 I just nutted all over my pants over your post !
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Ewwww, juicebox69. LMAO
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I've yet to meet a dancer who was *offended* by my request for her to clean up before a lap dance. I've also never had anyone fail to do so when I've asked. Most seem happy to do it, possibly because it gives them a chance to chill a bit before getting back to the grind.
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I think sweat is sexy... but there's a big difference between sweat and B.O... or worse.

Once had a dancer switch to an inverted position during a dance... basically stuck her ass in my face with her hands down on the floor. Would have been great, except for the bad wipe-job smell. I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying "Clean up on aisle #2!!!"
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Sweaty, not a problem. Sweaty and smelly, PROBLEM!
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