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Long Island Strip Clubs

March 30, 2004 • Which dtrip club would you consider the best on Long Island? and why. Thanks for the feedback

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Where are the customers who PAY STRIPPERS FOR CONVERSATION
RomanticLover • There seem to be not that many responses from customers who PAY STRIPPERS FOR CONVERSATION? Why is that? Are there customers out there who PAY…

How would you feel about your SISTER being a STRIPPER?
Clean and Sober • I think I would do everything in my power to convince her not to do it.

Recomendations for the Big Island of Hawaii?
TopGunGlen • I am going to the Big Island of Hawaii, staying in both Hilo and Kona, and was wondering if anyone had a good place to…

Hustler Club New York City
assking • I think the new Hustler club is open. Anyone been to it yet?

Sexual Concerns
Clean and Sober • The assault may disrupt the sexual life of the survivor because sex, which usually involves pleasure, was instead used as a weapon to humiliate, control…

Here is a quote apparently written by a stripper
RomanticLover • "but don't you know what people think of men who go to strip clubs? PATHETIC and forever UNDESIRABLE. No women [sp] has or will ever…

Comments Needed On Can Can Room In Vegas and Dancing Lessons
Adultstarassistant • Hi there kids

I am Goddess Cleopatra's Personal Assistant
Erotic Alan

She is having a showing at the Can Can soon this month…

Women and Pornography
Mouse • I’m amazed by the numbers of different women doing pornography today – both young and old. Check out the internet and porn shops – it’s…

Cut the chase: How do you get the best bang for your buck?
Hugh_G._Rection • Okay, what do you think is the best way to maximize what you get for the dollar spent in strip clubs?

looking for 411 on Club Babylon
greystormrising • Looking for info on Club Babylon. 45 Kean Street West Babylon, New York 11704 ... It's not reviewed or even listed on this site. I've…

Are we there yet ?
pinhead • It seems like alot of guys like that laid back, friendly neighborhood atmosphere. How far do you travel to find it ? Is it close…

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